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Looking For That Special Part That Will Complete the Assembly of Your Old or New Bed?

Let us help you locate that piece that allows you to convert your hook in headboard/footboard to a bolt up frame. Perhaps you simply need nuts and bolts. Maybe you want to attach a full size headboard to a queen size mattress set. Whatever you are looking for, if they make it we probably have it.

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6A Bed Frame Fast’n up Bed Kit


fs_prod1 (1)

Have a hook in type headboard and bolt up metal frame and want to use them together? The Glideaway Fast’n Up Bed Kit is the modern trouble free way to correctly fit and attach most every twin, full, and queen size headboard to any bolt up type of steel bed frame. A Fasten Up Bed Kit includes 2 extra strong steel brackets (left and right). NOTE: If your headboard is larger and heavier you will want to choose our Down Hooks as a better choice for conversion.
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8A Bed Frame Mounting Plates


fs_prod1 (1)8A Bed Frame Mounting Modification Plates
For adapting and attaching old full size headboards to queen size frames. You can also modifiy a queen size headboard to bolt up to a full size frame. Very easy to install. Only a screw driver and pliers are needed. Slots permit vertical and horizontal adjustments for perfect fit.

2 Modification Plates per package and includes nuts, bolts, and washers.
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Down Hooks


fs_prod1 (1)Glideaway Down Hooks
are two ingenius modification brackets that allows you to convert hook in headboards / hook type headboards and foot boards to be used with a bolt up type bed frame. It does this using 2 sturdy steel modification plates that hook in and down over 2 standard pins in the vertical slots of your headboard. You will need to order a quantity of 2 for a total of 4 brackets when using your headboard and footboard.

Not sure this item will fit your bed?

Download and print this template before you order.
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No. 9 Swing Hinges


fs_prod1 (1)The No. 9 Swing Hinge accessory kit from Glideaway allows for two metal bed frames in twin size to connect to 2 twin mattresses and boxsprings. They are built using heavy gauge steel with nylon bushings for silent hinging operation. Packed in pairs with hardware
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bed risers

Slip Stick Bed Riser


The SlipStick Bed Riser is a problem solver designed to raise your bed frame or furniture to the height of your desire. This heavy duty bed riser is compatible with bed frames with wheels, castors, or feet. It can also be used under furniture such as office desks, sofas, living room tables, and much, much more

NOTE: Price is per SINGLE Riser. Check your bedframe to confirm the number of legs so that you order the correct number of risers.

Slipstick Gripper


Wouldn’t it be nice to keep furniture in place? There is nothing more irritating than household items moving and sliding out of their intended position. You can now defend your vinyl, tile, laminate, marble or hardwood floor with square or round SlipStick Universal Grippers. They can shield damage to costly floors that have paint / stained finishes that become scratched and dented. Installation is as simple as placing it under each foot exactly where you want it. No glue, adhesives or nailing needed and most importantly no sticky residue. Fix slippage issues and keep your bed or other furniture staying exactly where you intend for it to stay. No more sitting down and sliding across the room.

The SlipStick Gripper is designed to protect and reduce movement on:

  • Hardwood Floors
  • Laminate Floors
  • Tiles
  • Slate
  • Parquet
  • Table Tops
  • Laminated bench tops

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2.75” Diameter

NOTE: Price is per SINGLE gripper.  Check your bed frame to confirm the number of legs so that you order the correct number of grippers.

Universal Headboard/Footboard Nuts and Bolts Package


Our package is designed to fit most headboards. Whether your headboard is thick or thin we intentionally include two different length bolts inside the package. Included is Four 2½” bolts for thinner headboards. Also included is four 4″ bolts to accomidate thicker headboards. You will need to choose one our the other when you receive your package. Decide which set from the package will work best for your application the longer or shorter bolts and then connect your headboard to the slotted bolt up style side rails. Also includes eight nuts and eight washers.

If you need to connect both headboard AND footboard, you will need to purchase a quantity of 2 universal sets.

Versalegs Bed Frame Alternative

Versalegs Bed Frame Alternative


fs_prod1 (1)A Smart Solution To Your Current Bed Frame Problem

They are different. They are stylish.They strong.

Use them to replace your existing steel bed frame.

Sit them inside you current headboard and foot board with wood or metal side rails.

Free stand the mattress set with NO head or footboard

Use with a headboard only. NOTE: Headboard Mounting brackets required and are optional.

Bed stands come in 4 heights allowing you to have your bed sitting at the height you desire.