Bariatric Heavy Duty Mattresses

Our bariatric mattresses also feature a range of pressure relief options, including gel-infused memory foam and air-flow technology, to help reduce pressure points and improve circulation. In addition to our standard bariatric mattresses, we also offer adjustable beds that can be paired with our heavy-duty mattresses to provide even greater comfort and support.

Why Buy A Bariatric Or Heavy Duty Mattress


Welcome to the Bariatric Heavy Duty Mattress category page at STL Beds! Our selection of bariatric mattresses is specifically designed to support individuals who are heavier or larger in size and those who demand a longer lasting bed.


Our heavy-duty mattresses feature extra thickness, reinforced construction, and high-density foam to ensure maximum support and comfort for individuals up to 600 pounds. The reinforced edges also provide added stability and help to prevent sagging.


Initially designed for large/plus-sized people, our Heavy Duty (HD) mattresses also meet the needs of those simply looking for a longer-lasting bed that resists body impressions.


With the use of superior quality building materials, these beds are built to provide extra strength, better durability, longer life, and comfortable sleep. Learn more about heavy-duty and adjustable mattresses with STL Beds.

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