Medicoil HD 5000 Heavy Duty Pillow Top Mattress

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Super Duty Is NOT Like The Other Mattress Brands

  • Pillow / Euro Top That Doesn’t Sag, Get Deep Divots, and Fail.
  • Stop Body Impressions That Don’t Support You and disrupt sleep.
  • Barrel Roller Tested to Withstand 350 LBS On Each Side (700 lbs. Combined).

Heavy Duty Mattress Guide


Medicoil 5000 No Flip Euro Pillow Top For Big, Heavy Weight & Plus Sizes

Tired of mattresses that wear out before they should? How do we put a stop to this waste of money? Stop buying beds that are not up to the task


Built Better To Last Years Long!

In the beginning, Therapedic™ felt that people of the size needed something better than the generic quality being offered by retailers. That something needed to incorporate the most durable coil springs, highest density foams, and quality insulation that can be put inside a mattress. Introducing the Medicoil HD 5000 Heavy Duty Pillow Top Mattress.  While this mattress was first introduced to address the neglected and ignored plus-sized person, they quickly learned the value for people of all sizes and those who simply desired one and demanded high quality.


The key was to design a bed that can hold up and perform for all situations night after night and year after year, regardless of a person’s weight, while still being priced for the masses competitively. Competitor’s mattresses are known to prematurely fail under the average person so why settle? Fed up savvy shoppers who have dealt with beds that get deep body impressions and that don’t hold up buy the best at the best price, and they are now choosing the HD 5000 Heavy Duty Pillow Top sleep system.


Sub-par mattresses incorporate less than adequate building materials and for some reason, have become the industry norm. The Medicoil HD 5000 Pillow Top Mattress isn’t put together like the cookie-cutter brand name mattresses.


Just look at what’s inside of them: super heavy-duty springs, high density, and resiliency foams, and natural latex rubber.


Featured Mattress Firmness: Medicoil HD 5000 Two Sided Mattress


Firmness Rating: 6.5

This mattress delivers extra firm support with a bit of cushioned top for comfort without the overly soft feeling.


Understanding Mattress Firmness:
A Quick Guide Of Our Firmness Rating Overview (1-10 Scale):


Firmness For Water Mattresses:

1: Ultra-Soft, our softest option. Imagine lying on a gently bobbing boat; this is our softest, cloud-like water mattress.
4: Firm, the firmest among water mattresses. This is where water meets firmness – still with that gentle water feel, but with maximum support.


Firmness For Coil Spring Mattresses:

5: Firm, marking the entry point into our coil spring range. It’s firmer than our firmest water mattress but maintains a gentle feel, providing a nice balance for those transitioning from water to coil spring mattresses.
10: Ultra Firm, the hardest mattress we offer. The epitome of firmness; think of lying on a firm, supportive surface that holds you perfectly without any sink.


OPTIONAL FOUNDATION: Upgrade your sleep experience with the unparalleled support of our Super Heavy Duty Foundation Click Here to see video. This is the ultimate foundation that promises enduring stability and unmatched comfort for your mattress.

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Additional information

Weight 125 lbs

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Product Features

Learn why they call it the durable mattress by looking inside


Pillow Top:

Euro Style One-Sided No Flip Design Included



  • TheraTuft™
  • Stretch Knit with SurfaceFresh™


  • Safe FR
  • 2″ Superior High-Density Foam 1.8 Pound Density

Pillow Top:

  • 1″ Plush Natural Latex,
  • 2″  3.0 Pound Density TheraFoam®

Top Upholstery:

  • 1″ Plush Natural Latex,
  • 2″  2.5 Pound Density TheraFoam®

Mattress Spring Unit: Performance System

368 12-1/2 gauge Double Off-Set

  • Twin–253
  • Full–368
  • Queen–450
  • King–575

Bottom Upholstery:

  • Core Support Balanced Base Foam

Edge Support:

  • Sides-Excellent Edge
  • Warranty: 20 Years Limited


Check Out Our Super Heavy Duty HD Foundation:

Optional Available: opt for our robust foundation available in two heights!


  • Elevate your bed height for appeal or comfort with a Heavy Duty High Profile Foundation 9″ Tall
  • Streamline your design for easy access or sleek design with a Heavy Duty Low Profile Foundation 5″ Tall



Medicoil HD 5000 Mattress Weights–

  • King Mattress–180 pounds
  • Queen Mattress– 150 pounds
  • Full Mattress– 120 pounds
  • Twin Mattress– 90 pounds

HD  Foundation Weights–

  • King Foundation Shipping Weight with box: 130 lbs.
  • Queen Foundation Shipping Weight with box: 110 lbs.
  • Full Foundation Shipping Weight with box: 95 lbs.
  • Twin Foundation Shipping Weight with box: 80 lbs.

Total Mattress Thickness Approx. 15.5″ from the very bottom surface to the very top surface (Includes Pillow Top)

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