Heavy Duty Mattress Foundations Vs. Standard Foundations for a good nights sleep. Can White Noise Help You Sleep?

Heavy Duty Mattress Foundations Vs. Standard Foundations

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When deciding which mattress foundation you need, it’s important to choose one that’s right for you. It’s common for people to simply opt for the cheapest option. We understand the desire to save money, although there are certain products that are worth putting more money into. Your mattress foundation is one of them. We are comparing heavy duty mattress foundations and standard foundations today.

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Why Is A Mattress Foundation Important?

The short answer is that a mattress foundation helps to maintain the structural integrity of your heavy-duty mattress. You can put an old mattress on a new foundation, but you should never put a new mattress on an old foundation. The type of mattress you have determines what kind of foundation you need.

If you’re a heavier person, you’ll need a heavy duty mattress which requires a heavy duty boxspring. If you’re a lighter person or a child, you’ll need a smaller mattress with a standard foundation. Purchasing the wrong foundation for the type of mattress you have may result in a broken mattress sooner rather than later.

Why Do I Need A Heavy Duty Mattress?

What’s The Difference Between Standard and Heavy Duty Mattress Foundations?

Heavy duty mattress foundations are built differently than the standard mattress foundations found in most mattress stores. For example, our Serta and our Sealy, are very similar to one another. Then if you take a look at our Medicoil HD, you’ll notice how different it really is.

Differences Between The Two Types Of Foundations:

  • A heavy duty mattress foundation weighs approximately 56 lbs, while a standard foundation only weighs about 25 lbs.
  • A heavy duty mattress foundation has 14 slats that are 2 1/2 inches wide, while the standard foundation only has 8 at about 1 3/8 inches wide.
  • A heavy duty mattress foundation has thicker slats with a heavy duty beam (similar in function to a floor joist).
  • The 14 slats found in a heavy duty mattress foundation are braced by two by fours.
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Better Sleep is Built on a Solid Foundation.

Try to think of your mattress foundation as the foundation of your home. Without a good foundation, your home will have poor structure and will probably have all kinds of issues down the road. You need to make sure that you start with a solid base that’s well built to support the weight. If you do this, you should have a bed that performs and lasts for many years to come.

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