Why buy a latex mattress?

Extensive user life, fewer body impressions, less heat issues, excellent value, attention to concerns of harmful off gassing. Latex mattresses are known best for their above-average owner satisfaction thanks to the durability of ventilated latex rubber that breathes for a more balanced sleeping temperature. The material shares comfort and support advantages of memory foam without many of the drawbacks like softening and potentially harmful chemical off gassing. As a rule of thumb, quality is a result of the additional layered rubber instead of layer substitutions of cheap fillers like polyurethane foam and coil springs that have sketchy reputations for being less dependable.

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Tranquility Latex Mattress

Tranquility Latex Mattress


Perfect for Children and Smaller Adults

Configure Your Mattress by selecting the size and layers you want!

Savvy Rest Tranquility Mattress is purely the most healthful mattress available from the most trustworthy natural bedding manufacturer in the organic mattress business.

Unlike other mattresses, this organic bed is put together with a modular design, meaning that it is made with replaceable or exchangeable parts.

Whether it wears out over time or you simply want to change the feel of your mattress, it is what makes the Tranquility Organic mattress a perfect choice. It’s also the perfect choice for those who are both concerned about harmful toxins being emitted into their nightly sleep environment as well as the threat all mattresses pose to our outdoor environment as they are tossed into landfills.

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Radiant Diamond Series Mattress

From: $1,374.00

Restonic® constructs their beds with 3 high end building components that will last for many years to come and will save you your hard earned money. How you ask? Using a top of the line Omalon core foam, Talalay Latex, and an Outlast Stretch-knit cover. If were considering an all latex mattress, but were deterred by their high cost we encourage you to consider a really high quality hybrid alternative the “Radiant” Diamond Series Mattress. Below we have shared all the important details to learn and educate yourself about then compare it to the competition. We know you will agree that this is a much less expensive alternative to an all-latex rubber mattress that feels just like the real thing and in many cases a whole lot better.


Emerald Diamond Series Mattress

From: $1,262.00

Our Finest Latex Hybrid

Restonic® makes theirs hybrid latex beds better by using only 3 premium building materials; Omalon core foam, Talalay Latex, and an Outlast Stretch-knit cover. Learn the important details about how we build this very unique bed and design the Emerald Diamond Series Mattress below and what makes this high quality latex hybrid mattress sleep, support, and feel so different from all other beds.


Princess Diamond Series Mattress

From: $1,154.00

Our Very Best Latex Hybrid

The best beds start with the best materials and the Diamond Series from Restonic® is the best and cheapest solution to a mattress made entirely of latex rubber, while still maintaining that fabulous latex feel. All natural latex mattresses are expensive so removing some of the latex to make it affordable for all and maintaining the quality, comfort, and support was our goal. Learn why this Princess Diamond Series Mattress is so different below.


Briolette Diamond Series Mattress

From: $1,374.00

Briollette from Restonic® Premium Latex Hybrid Mattress

Restonic®  includes only 3 premium building components inside their mattress; Omalon core foam, Talalay Latex, and an Outlast Stretch-knit cover. We are excited to show you how we design and construct the “Briollette” Mattress, one of our Diamond Series Collection below on this page so you can compare it to our competition. We know you will agree this high quality latex hybrid is truly different and is an excellent low cost alternative to an all-natural latex rubber mattress with the same feel and support for less money.

SerenityMattress01Savvy Rest All Dunlop Latex Mattress

Serenity Latex Mattress


fs_prod1 (1)The Savvy Rest Serenity Mattress offers its sleepers possibly the most healthful advantages available in a modern mattress. The bed originates from most responsible natural mattress manufacturer in the organic bedding business Savvy Rest. This organic mattress has a versatile modular design that allows a person to exchange or replace parts if it were ever needed.  The Serenity Organic mattress is exactly what you are looking for if you are trying to avoid harmful flame retardant toxins, chemicals, and voc’s in the bedroom. You will also sleep easier knowing that the threat posed on environment and landfill space is addressed with the purchase of this bed. Natural rubber is sustainable and it lasts longer, but if a part or piece were to wear out, you need only replace the piece instead of an expensive bulky mattress.

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Savvy Rest is GOTS Certified

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Pamper 8″ Latex Mattress


These mattresses are unbelievably different.

The Pamper Talalay Latex mattress from Pure Talalay Bliss is true to the Pure Talalay Bliss (PTB) Brand by continuing to offer bottomless pressure relief and uplifting support for your entire body. They do this by using the Talalay method engineered by and Talalay Global of aerating natural rubber. Because it is not cheap petroleum based polyurethane foam that mattress keeps it shape stays feeling better for longer. This truly unique mattress uses no fluffy fiber that flattens out and no foam that quickly fatigues, sags, and develops body impressions like so many brand name mattresses.

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Beautiful Latex Mattress


fs_prod1 (1)

  • Plushness Rating ( See our Comfort Scale)
  • Reduced exposure to allergens– You’ll feel like a weight has been lifted off your chest knowing that you breathe easier thanks to an allergen free setting that fights mold & mildew
  • Cool as a cumber– By driving away heat that builds up this mattress naturally can even out sleeping temps so you can rest sleep comfortably
  • Watch out for dust mites– Yikes, their microscopic critters you can’t hide from, but we can help with a mattress that leaves a bad taste in the little critters mouth driving away one of leading causes of congestion, runny noses, even asthma attacks
  • Slow down the spread of unsafe bacteria by naturally defending against anti-fungal & antibacterial matter
  • It not hazardous in there– Europeans have trusted third party verification of OEKO-TEX® certified latex and so should Americans. They test for potential harmful toxins found in the mattress and off gassing. Don’t trust your family’s health to petroleum polyurethane foam.
  • Strong as an ox– Latex rubber is remarkably strong and able to bounce back time after time, after all that’s what rubber does. For this reason minimizing body impressions to a mere 1″ indention is an easy promise to guarantee.
  • We support you– All the way through the night Talalay Latex supports you with unmatched uplifting total body support and
    unparalleled pressure relief
  • Guaranteed-Fifteen year non-prorated warranty against workmanship & material defects
  • Size matters-Obtainable in the size of your choice
  • We can do the heavy lifting-We can supply you with quick delivery to your home
  • Customize the feel with one our removable toppers

Best support available the optional Forever Foundation Max Basic

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Nature Latex Mattress


  • fs_prod1 (1)Plushness Rating ( See our Comfort Scale)
  • Allergen free environment– As you would expect better resistance to mold & mildew so you can breathe easier
  • Sleep cooler– Naturally dispels body heat that can make you uncomfortable
  • Dust mites don’t like them– Being exposed to these microscopic critters can play havoc on you and your family causing symptoms like runny noses, nasal congestion or asthma attacks thanks to affected environments
  • Transform your sleep sensation with one our removable toppers
  • Naturally shield against anti-fungal & antibacterial matter that is known to help protect against the spread of possibly harmful bacteria
  • Inherently hypoallergenic in contrast to polyurethane foam mattresses our OEKO-TEX® certified latex is tested for harmful toxins limiting you and your family’s exposure to dangerous toxic off-gassing
  • Exceptionally strong and bounces back with fewer body impressions insuring no more than a 1″ indention limit in your mattress
  • All night long Talalay Latex delivers uplifting total body support and unsurpassed pressure relief
  • 15 year non-prorated warranty
  • Offered in all sizes
  • Fast delivery to your home offered

Maximize your support with the ultimate base,  Forever Foundation Max Basic

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Earthspring Latex Mattress


fs_prod1 (1)

The Savvy Rest Earthspring™ is a cost-effective innerspring mattress with an organic twist. The Savvy Rest Earthspring™ offers great comfort but does it with a sleeping surface that yielding. The top surface provides enough soft cushioning for people who like to sleep on their sides while the coil innerspring core system offers resilient support. The mattress can used on a platform bed or on a Savvy Rest optional foundation (5” or 9”).See construction details below.

Total mattress height: 9 inches
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Nutrition Latex Mattress


  • fs_prod1 (1)Plushness Rating (Check out our Comfort Scale)
  • More allergen free setting-Breathe easier by Limiting exposure from mold & mildew often found in mattresses
  • Looking for a cooler mattress? By dissipating built up heat naturally you can rest assured that sleeping cooler is not just a dream.
  • Ick dust mites– Who wants these microscopic critters sleeping with them? Congestion, runny noses, even asthma attacks are just some of the results of these little bed buddies and they don’t like latex mattresses.
  • Minimize the spread of harmful bacteria by naturally buffering against anti-fungal & antibacterial matter
  • Reduce exposure to harmful toxins– Trust Inherently hypoallergenic OEKO-TEX® certified latex to test for potential hazards and harmful off gassing. I don’t trust polyurethane foam. Will you trust its exposure with your family?
  • Remarkably tough and bounces back time after time like rubber should minimizing body impressions with a promise of a 1″ indention limit in your mattress
  • Support– During the course of the night Talalay Latex offers you with unmatched support and is the most uplifting support you will experience in a mattress while giving unparalleled pressure relief from head to toe.
  • Modify the feel to your exact needs with one of our removable toppers
  • Our Warranty– Guaranteed against workmanship & material defects for 15 years
  • Obtainable in the size of your choice
  • Short wait time– We build our mattress fresh with fast delivery to your home

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