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Since 1986, our business has served a nationwide audience, from California to Maine. We offer great prices on mattresses, bedroom furniture and waterbeds throughout the entire USA. Keep reading to learn more about STL Beds.

In addition to the normal box spring mattresses, we also offer more specialized items like organic and all natural mattresses, hard to find double-sided mattresses, and even all natural pet beds.  We stock the newest innovations in hard side water beds & softside waterbeds.

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From the owner Dave Belleville and his son Doug:



It Starts With Fast Courteous Service

We will welcome you without delay and throw in a smile. We will be there to assist you with answers your questions when you have them and leave you to yourself when you don’t. After all you are there to shop not to be pestered with annoying commissioned salesmen.



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At STL Beds Dave and Doug combined have nearly 50 Years of industry experience and are professionally trained mattress experts. They will exemplify that true level of professionalism you would expect through out your entire shopping experience. This is something that is not often found in today’s retail stores.



STL Beds makes it simple to shop

No more guesswork, at STL Beds we offer each and every mattress category to choose from and some you didn’t know existed. We would be glad to put in plain words the differences between each of these categories and let you compare them for yourself in our Test Rest Challenge.



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WE have a lot more items than we can list on our website.  If you can’t find what you’re wanting, just give us a call 1-636-296-8540



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Apples to apples we guarantee to the best price on any bedroom suite, mattress, or related accessories we sell.



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  • Our product knowledge is second to no one.
  • We understand the needs of our customers.
  • Best quality and value on bedroom products.



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In times of trouble you will speak to an owner, you will not be handed off to a service department.

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  1. I’m looking on your website,
    I’m interested in your products!
    Do you have a catalog w weight info?
    I have a daughter who’s 300+ lbs!
    The box spring is broke ! (Again)
    Looking for a box spring for her!

  2. Hey Doug, what’s the heaviest weight these Foever Foundation Max Plus can hold??
    Is there any COUPONS or PROMO Codes??
    Single Mother Struggling!

  3. Doug is the most knowledgeable and friendliest business owner I’ve ever met! He listened to know exactly what I wanted and provided me with the bed and excellent set up and delivery! The process was effortless! PTL for The Water Works???

  4. I went to STL Beds to get help to fix the center supports on a queen size bed. They all were the most friendly, knowledgeable, helpful, and considerate personnel, and I could tell they truly cared about me as a customer. This is the place everyone should shop first for a mattress, bed frame, getting help with any current bed frame problems, etc. The customer service here is excellent! You won’t be disappointed. In the future, I will definitely come back here to receive help with any bed issues. Thank you STL Beds!!

  5. I want to express my gratitude to Doug and his father for helping me solve a difficult problem with supporting a California king mattress. I had a metal frame but no viable support for the box springs and mattress. He helped me identify an appropriate base, which works great. But he also talked me through how to modify my frame to accommodate the base. This was tricky and required cutting pieces of metal off the frame. It worked perfectly.

    All of this help took a lot of time and thought. It also required a special order. No way I could have pulled this off with his help.

  6. I see that you have a great article about modular mattresses, but I don’t see anywhere on your site about how or what to purchase. Are they only available at your store location?

  7. I am looking to purchase a vintage or antique or just junked twin head/foot (white chippy metal) board to convert to use on my daybed/trundle. How would I convert this? Drill holes the same size as wicker frame I now have? I imagine I need to find head and foot board that are high enough to accommodate my trundle? Do you have any suggestions? : )

  8. Ivy, I would try second hand stores, consignment shops, antique stores, and garage sales. I am sorry I’m not going to be much help you with the engineering. Not my forte’ Take care Doug

  9. In August of 2016 we purchased a Split California King bed set from a large box store, 2 mattresses and 2 adjustable bases with separate remote controls. Great beds! Absolutely love them. It was a big investment for us and it is heartbreaking but unfortunately one of the mattresses got heavily soiled with urine, our fault, nothing wrong with the mattress, so not covered under the warranty. The other mattress was not affected, it is perfectly fine. Cleaning urine out of a memory foam mattress is next to impossible but I cleaned and allowed the soiled mattress to dry-out as best as I could, but it will never be totally gone and if I decide to replace it is there anybody on this planet who sells just one half of a Split California King mattress by itself? I don’t need two of them I only need one. I have contacted the large box store, who will not sell me one mattress and I even contacted the manufacturer directly and I am still waiting for a call back, after they are supposed to have a meeting about it or something. This was 3 weeks ago. I didn’t think it would be so complicated. I have searched online for hours on end and I can’t find anyone. I have called local mattress stores and nothing. I can’t possibly be the first person this has ever happened to. Is this standard practice that the mattresses are not sold separately? Does STL Beds sell them separately?

  10. Lucy, For one thing California King sales are pretty rare anyway. I would tell you that they are more rare than albino animals in the wild. With that said we purchase ours in sets as well. If you can find some little mom and pop mattress maker locally you may be able to find someone to make one for you. Hope this helps. Doug

  11. hi douglas the bed frame i have now has the same Heavy Duty Center Support Bars for my king bed. I have 2 under the bed now and need 2 more, can u sell me 2 instead of the 4 you have for sale SKU: BB8-18K How much would it be for the 2

  12. Seb,
    I would be willing to sell you a pack of 2 bars. Please note we never go back to historic blogs so updates to prices would not be current. Please go to the BB 8-18 OR BB 5 pages. Then the best way to determine your rough cost is to divide by 2 and add a few extra dollars for the special order request. You can then contact us directly at the toll free number at the top of this page to order. Look forward to working with you. Doug

  13. Wow. Hi there im so excited to hear about organic mattresses. I want to 1st try a support pillow. Do you carry any?

  14. Mek, We are excited for you. Organic and natural mattress have some very interesting things to offer consumers. I think you will be impressed. Pillow choices that have great support and are in some cases even customization are available, you can find them here. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions at all. Doug Belleville Manager

  15. It’s been a year since I purchased my mattress from your company, but it’s never too late to do the right thing. Thank you for a great product and a pleasant and worry-free experience from start to finish. And to Doug & Joe, thank you for being courteous, knowledgeable and professional.

  16. I purchased a support bar for an existing bed frame. The support bar was affordable and saved me from having to buy a whole new bed frame. The bar arrived about week after purchase and it was easy to install. Great product! Thank you, STL Beds.

  17. Aastha, I can. It would be best to learn more about you, your tastes, preferences, support needs, what you currently own, have tried and liked, what kind i.e. latex, coil spring, memory foam, water, air, etc. This is done much better with a phone conversation, but generically speaking these are a few models that are quite popular. Each are just a sampling of the hundreds of mattresses we offer. These are all very very firm mattresses. With a little help we can help you narrow down your selection to one of these or one of our other choices that might suit your comfort, firmness, support, and budget needs. Thank you Doug

    HD 1500 Super heavy duty offer in single or double sided version.
    Monterrey Gently Firm Upgraded Standard construction two sided for a little more life and more even wear.
    Prairie Dunes Firm Standard construction two sided for a little more life and more even wear.
    Pamper Latex is perhaps my favorite. I own the 10″ thick version of this bed myself.
    Copperline Memory foam is one of the most popular sleeping surfaces sold today.

  18. Do you guys still take old mattresses for recycling, for a fee? I’m not wanting to throw my mattress in the landfill but don’t know of many options to dispose of it. Thanks!

  19. Doug, you list length and width dimensions, but not thickness. I am interested in that number. Please help.

  20. Danielle, At the time of this post we do NOT have anyone that recycles mattresses for us. We have worked with 3 different companies and each has gone out of business on us. Our hope is that the government and our industry will have in place in the next few years a mandatory recycling program. We will post more information as it becomes available. Thank you for contacting us. Doug Belleville Manager

  21. Dee, As far as length and width dimensions go they are the same for twin, full, Queen, King etc. The thickness however on most models of mattresses that we sell here at STL beds can be found on the specific mattress you are interested in. Simply click on the model of interest and read the details. If that information is not there contact us and we will get that information for you ASAP. Great question Doug Belleville STL Beds Manager

  22. Dear Sirs:

    I would like to thank you for your excellent customer service. Our friends were amazed that we could shop and purchase a new bed online without stretching out on it. You truly have a group of very well educated employees on all forms of sleep and sleep solutions. One of these employees was just outstanding, his name is Joe.

    After doing our research on beds and what we were searching for, then came the research on companies to provide this service. We chose STL Beds do to their customer service and prices. We decided to contact STL Beds.

    Our first contact was Joe (and continued to be Joe) and we quizzed him like we were studding for a final exam. We asked it all and he was patient, attentive and most of all knowledgeable.

    Ordered our bed and arrived earlier than advised. Joe was on top of our order and kept us in the loop. STL Beds had many videos online to get assistance on set up. It was easy . We were concerned about the weight of the bed (total 223 pounds) on pallet. This broke down to manageable pieces and was easy to move in ourselves (both 65 years old). Had a slight issue with the zipper and Joe came to the rescue. He did not have the answer for this question and got back to us in just a few minutes. Self repairing zipper. Love the construction of this bed.

    All thru this process Joe was on the job!! He gave us little hints and tricks to set up. Joe is a real asset to STL Beds. We now know why STL Beds has such a great reputation. The bed is just what we wanted and are very happy with this whole process. We are both retired Customer Service managers and know what it takes to be THAT company that has it all. You guys are the best and we will tell everyone who asks. We thank you and most of all Joe for his GREAT CS!

    Phil & Jackie Rush

    45 year waterbed owners

  23. STL BEDS is a real pleasure to deal with. The products they sell are exactly what they say they are and the service is exceptional. Orders are shipped the day you order. Glad I found them.

  24. Doug,

    I have a picture that I’ve taken from my wood bed frame that I would like to convert to metal supports. The side railings cracked during our last move…is there a way for me to email you the image so that you can determine which bed frame we would need?

    Thank You!

  25. My husband and I went to STL Beds on the recommendation of a friend. We were greeted as soon as we entered the store. Our sales person was Joe Reynolds. Joe was very helpful and patient while we tried several mattresses. We ended up purchasing a HD 3500 King & foundation. The items were delivered on the day promised. ALL staff was very knowledgeable, professional and courteous. We’ve been sleeping on our mattress for a couple of weeks now and absolutely love it. We would recommend STL Beds to our family and friends.

  26. Diane, Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with STL Beds, Joe, and your new bed. We are so happy to hear that you love your new mattress set. We hope it brings you many years of comfort and great sleep. Doug

  27. I’m looking for a queen size waterbed insert. Do you have a ranking from softest to hardest in this category? Which would be the softest of the waterbed inserts?

  28. What’s the max weight on your mattresses? I’m a corner sleeper (mattress in corner & I make a nest) and might need a custom bed made. I have broken down the corners springs (and its a single side pillow top). Is there a solution that’s not going to make me crazy? I’ve gone thru 2 mattresses in 4 years (I’m a bit bigger than most) because I’m in it most of the time (health isssues).

  29. Edward, Our Therapedic Medicoil HD Heavy Duty Mattresses have been built to support body weight up to 350 pounds on each side. The set can handle a combined weight of 700 lbs. Here is a link to the selection of our mattresses. In addition here’s an article on the topic mattresses for heavier people to get you started. Do not forget that it all starts with a solid supportive bed frame and a solid boxspring / foundation. Thank you for inquiring. Doug

  30. Is there any way for your twin size frame to hold a total of 500 lbs our lab and shephard weigh approx 110 each and the y sleep with our son who is around 375 its getting expensive to buy a new frame each year

  31. My wife and i are looking to purchase a new mattress and box spring. We have seen some platform beds and are wondering your thoughts on them since most of the box springs we have had done seem to be built very sturdy anymore. Will a platform bed be as comfortable as a normal mattress and box springs? thank you

  32. Mark, Boxsprings are flexible and have give they can and most likely WILL feel different than a foundation or platform bed. The reason being is that both are typically very rigid. Hope this helps. Doug Belleville STL Beds Owner

  33. Hi, I recently read your articles on waterbeds and the pros and cons of them. I am a 28 year old meningitis survivor who now also has degenerative joint disease of the neck. I can’t take anymore mornings waking up in excruciating pain. I have researched just about every bed imaginable and have decided to go with a waterbed. I’ve tried memory foam beds, innerspring, and hybrid mattresses. I feel that a mattress that doesn’t cause any pressure is what I need. I just do not know what bed to choose. You all sound quite knowledgeable and honest so I am hoping for some guidance. Thank you very much for your time.

  34. Hi Casey, As I am sure you already realize neither myself or any of my staff are physicians. However we have plenty of experience helping people find a comfy mattress. Perhaps a brief conversation with you might be best so that we can learn more about your wants and needs. I know very little about meningitis. What I can tell you why no mattress can fix a medical issue if you are able to gain some level of relief of added comfort then that is surely something. I would be happy to talk with you and share what I know. Give me a call when you have time to chat. Look forward to speaking with you. Doug Belleville Owner

  35. Thank you for the quick response Doug. Unlike the majority of people who suffer from neck or back pain and need support somebody like myself needs something that makes us feel weightless because our spines aren’t completely full of fluid anymore and never will be again. So the more I can feel like I am floating the better. I will definitely be calling to speak soon and hopefully get some relief! Thank you!

  36. I would highly recommend STL Beds! Great customer service! Doug is really knowledgeable about the sleep industry, from mattresses to frames and parts!

  37. Hello, I have a soft side waterbed with the split box spring underneath it. I don’t like how high the bed sits. Is it possible to remove the box spring and just have the mattress on the frame? I am under 200 lbs and sleep alone so I don’t think weight is a problem. Thank you.

  38. Lori,
    The softside waterbed would not work on a traditional steel bed frame. There is not enough support. Look and feel the surface of your current split foundation and then look at your bed frame. You will need to place the softside on a low profile foundation which is usually 5″ inches tall where your current foundation is likely to be 9 inches tall. This is your best solution. Hope this helps. Doug

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