Waterbed Inserts

What Are Waterbed Inserts?

If you have an old-time waterbed and you would like to put a conventional mattress inside an old wood waterbed frame we can help.  Waterbed inserts or your new mattress in most cases made to order in 3 business days plus ship time to your location.


The process to convert a waterbed to a regular mattress is fast, easy, and best of all in most cases, you keep your bed just the way you have it: drawers, furniture, bedding, etc. no matter what type of mattress you choose: Coil spring, memory foam, latex, etc. Learn about the top 10 reasons people dispose of waterbed mattresses.


Our waterbed inserts or replacement mattresses are specially sized to fit your California King, California Queen, or Super Single bed for easy making and most are 2-sided and flippable to last you longer. Click on each model below to learn more details about construction, firmness, and prices.


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