Monterrey Gentle Firm Waterbed Insert



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Monterrey Gentle Firm Waterbed Insert is a normal mattress built to drop into your waterbed.


  1. The mattress is made to fit a waterbed.
  2. Uses your existing wood frame water bed.
  3. Keep your under-bed storage drawer pedestal.
  4. Easy to make.
  5. Keep your matching bedroom furniture.
  6. Utilize your existing bedding.
  7. No more draining, filling or waterbed conditioner is needed.

It’s the ordinary, extraordinary, plain old mattress made to fit right inside your old waterbed frame. The Monterrey Gentle Firm Waterbed Insert is Therapedic’s solution to your old waterbed woes.


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Monterrey Gentle Firm Waterbed Insert – Replacement Mattress

Thinking About Doing Away with Your Waterbed Mattress?

Try This First!


The Monterrey Gentle Firm Waterbed Insert is an innovative design that is built around the idea of saving you money. How do you ask? By utilizing everything you already own. The only investment you need to make is the mattress itself. It is simply a mattress that fits waterbed frames. Keep your hardside frame, headboard, drawers, and even the matching furniture. Keep all your bedding such as waterbed sheets, mattresses pads, and comforter.


The Monterrey Gentle Firm waterbed insert replacement mattress has been designed to fit waterbed frames that have wood sides. We believe it is a good choice specifically for those needing a harder firmer bed yet needing just a touch of extra comfort on the sleeping surface. This is not a mushy sinky feeling bed and easily drops into your empty wooden frame without any changes having to be made to your bed.


It is manufactured by Therapedic and has two sides which provide more bang for your buck by extending mattress life. A unique feature rarely found on this type of mattress is that it is made slightly smaller than the surrounding frame leaving enough space for making the bed and being able to flip it over occasionally. Below there are additional specifications and details concerning the Monterrey Firm replacement mattress.


Replace Your Old Water Mattress And Heater


Eliminate your old water mattress and heater. Keep your safety lining. The flippable coil spring mattress is made by Therapedic and is slightly smaller than the frame in width and length. This leaves you plenty of space for your bedding and hands when you make the bed each morning. No more leaks, no more utility bills. No more garden hoses, long drain and fill times.


The Monterrey Gentle Firm Waterbed Insert is slightly undersized all the way around to fit better than an ordinary mattress and there is still room to get your hands along the sides to make it up. Ordinary mattresses found in furniture stores and mattress stores won’t fit like this. This cozy little mattress includes two sides so you can flip it over and last you longer.


Regular care that includes flipping the mattress over and spinning it end to end promotes better and more even mattress wear. We always say that it is like rotating the tires on your car and keeping them properly inflated, you don’t have to do these things but if you do, you will get many more years of life out of your investment. The incredibly soft surface will ease painful pressure points that cause us to move around and toss and turn.


The steel coils that support this surface from underneath give firm solid support and are the core support for this sleep system. Trust us when we say that you’ll dream about crawling into this bed every night. It is our Very Best Seller!


Did We Mention The Benefits


  • Two Sided
  • Flip it over
  • Spin it around – end to end
  • Double-sided
  • Turn it over


Featured Mattress Firmness: Monterrey Gentle Firm Waterbed Insert


Firmness Rating: 8

This waterbed mattress insert is designed to provide extra firm support, complemented by a layer of cushioning on the top for enhanced comfort. Unlike overly soft mattresses that can feel smothering, it offers a firm support core with just enough softness on top to ensure a comfortable, balanced feel.

Understanding Mattress Firmness:
A Quick Guide Of Our Firmness Rating Overview (1-10 Scale):


Firmness For Water Mattresses:

1: Ultra-Soft, our softest option. Imagine lying on a gently bobbing boat; this is our softest, cloud-like water mattress.
4: Firm, the firmest among water mattresses. This is where water meets firmness – still with that gentle water feel, but with maximum support.


Firmness For Coil Spring Mattresses:

5: Firm, marking the entry point into our coil spring range. It’s firmer than our firmest water mattress but maintains a gentle feel, providing a nice balance for those transitioning from water to coil spring mattresses.
10: Ultra Firm, the hardest mattress we offer. The epitome of firmness; think of lying on a firm, supportive surface that holds you perfectly without any sink.


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Product Features

See What’s In The Monterrey Gentle Firm Waterbed Insert

  • Fabric – Stretch Knit with Surface Fresh ™.
  • Quilt – SafeGuard®, 1″ High-Performance Gel Foam, 1/2″ Comfort Foam.
  • Upholstery
    • 1-½” 5-Zone Firm Foam
    • 1″ Support Foam
  • Insulator Pad
  • NO Pillow Top

Support System 

    • 805 Alternating Coil LFK
    • 14.5 Gauge Steel Thickness
    • Coil Counts Illustrate actual numbers before modification has taken place.
  • Twin–462
  • Full–660
  • Queen–805
  • King–1015


Did We Mention The Benefits?


  • Two Sided
  • Flip it over
  • Spin it around end to end
  • Double-sided
  • Turn it over

Monterrey Gentle Firm Waterbed Insert Measurements / Sizes


Super Single Waterbed Frame

  • Cavity Measures 48 wide X 84 long.
  • Replacement Water bed Mattress Insert Measures 46 wide x 82 long.

California Queen Waterbed Frame:

  • Cavity Measures 60 wide X 84 long.
  • Replacement Water bed Mattress Insert Measures 58 wide x 82 long.

California King Waterbed Frame:

  • Cavity Measures 72 wide X 84 long.
  • Replacement Water bed Mattress Insert Measures 70 wide x 82 long.

Mattress Height:

  • From Bottom to Top Thickness–Approx. 12.5″
  • Measurement may vary slightly due to being handmade.
  • Tape Edge to Tape Edge–11.5″ This is the according to on side of the mattress.
  • Measurements are approximate and can vary slightly because they are handmade.

Warranty – 10 Years.

Photo for illustration purposes. Fabric color may vary from the actual photo.

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