Prairie Dunes Plush Waterbed Insert



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The Prairie Dunes Plush Waterbed Insert is a normal mattress built to drop into your waterbed.


  1. Custom mattress built to fit your waterbed.
  2. Drops right into your existing wood frame water bed.
  3. Keep your under-bed storage drawer pedestal.
  4. You will love making your bed again.
  5. Keep your matching bedroom furniture.
  6. Utilize your existing bedding. 
  7. No more filling, draining, filling or waterbed treatment required .

It’s the ordinary, extraordinary, plain old mattress made to fit right inside your old waterbed frame. The Prairie Dunes Plush Waterbed Insert is Therapedic’s solution to your old waterbed woes.


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Prairie Dunes Plush Waterbed Insert. It Fits In Your Waterbed!


Why purchase an expensive new mattress set, bed, furniture, and bedding when there is a smart less expensive alternative? Instead of getting rid of your old waterbed consider a cheaper alternative, the solution, a waterbed insert. A waterbed insert is a replacement mattress made specially to fit inside your current waterbed frame and is built with long-lasting tempered steel coil springs. No more water! The Prairie Dunes Plush Waterbed Insert is exactly what you need.


The Prairie Dunes Plush offers premium firm head-to-toe support for the entire body and tops off this support system with luxurious plush upholstery that doesn’t feel mushy, while also not feeling way too firm. The firmness is more in the middle and it also has something else that is very unique, it includes 2 sides. Mattress history shows us that two sides are always better than one! The Prairie Dunes will last longer than comparable 1 sided beds. Another interesting and useful feature is that is designed to leave just enough space for your hands for easy making of your bedding for everyday convenience.


Did We Mention The Benefits


  • Two Sided
  • Flip it over
  • Spin it around – end to end
  • Double-sided
  • Turn it over


Featured Mattress Firmness: Prairie Dunes Plush Waterbed Insert

Firmness Rating: 6.5-7.0


This waterbed mattress insert is designed with a robust core that provides dependable firm support, complemented by a notably cushiony top layer for an added touch of comfort. This mattress is neither too hard nor too soft, positioning it on the softer side within the middle firmness spectrum. This mattress is celebrated for delivering a comfortable and supportive sleep experience without compromising on quality or breaking the bank. It stands as a preferred option for those in search of both comfort and value.


Understanding Mattress Firmness: A Quick Guide Of Our Firmness Rating Overview (1-10 Scale):


Firmness For Water Mattresses:

1: Ultra-Soft, our softest option. Imagine lying on a gently bobbing boat; this is our softest, cloud-like water mattress.
4: Firm, the firmest among water mattresses. This is where water meets firmness – still with that gentle water feel, but with maximum support.


Firmness For Coil Spring Mattresses:

5: Firm, marking the entry point into our coil spring range. It’s firmer than our firmest water mattress but maintains a gentle feel, providing a nice balance for those transitioning from water to coil spring mattresses.
10: Ultra Firm, the hardest mattress we offer. The epitome of firmness; think of lying on a firm, supportive surface that holds you perfectly without any sink.


Why You Should Consider Keeping Your Waterbed Frame


Are you fed up with your really heavy waterbed mattress that leaks when you least expect it? Whatever your reasoning for getting off of water you will want to consider keeping your waterbed frame, but doing away with your water mattress. The solution is a Prairie Dunes Plush Waterbed Insert. It is a replacement insert mattress specially designed by Therapedic® to drop down into your current waterbed.


It is constructed with heavy-duty coil springs and features a cushier plush surface that is better for those just coming off of a softer-feeling water mattress. The Bedding Group & Therapedic® builds this luxurious support system and custom made to fit the 3 standard waterbed sizes: Super Single, California Queen, and California King wood frame waterbed you already have. No need to buy a headboard, frame, or sheets.


Remove your old water mattress and heater and Simply place the new mattress inside the bed frame cavity and begin to experience its convenience. Keep all your furniture, waterbed frame, and bedding. It is slightly undersized around all four sides for better fit and easy making. It is just that easy. Our two-sided feature will extend mattress life giving you more value for the dollar.


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Product Features

Prairie Dunes Plush Waterbed Insert Construction Features


  • Fabric: Knit
  • Quilt:
    • FR Safe Fiber
    • 1″ Therasoft Foam
    • 1/2″ Polyurethane Foam
  • Pillow Top: NA
  • Upholstery:
    • 1″ Plush Heavy Density Foam
    • Insulator Liner
  • Support System:
    • 504 Alternating VertiCoil Edge
    • 13.75 Gauge Steel Coil Wire
  • Coil Counts Are For Regular Mattress Sizes And Are Used To Illustrate What Style Coil Unit Has Been Modified
    • Twin–286
    • Full–396
    • Queen–504
    • King–648
  • Edge: Superior Foam Encasement
  • Warranty: 10 Year
    • Two Sided
    • Flip it over
    • Spin it around end to end
    • Double-sided
    • Turn it over

Photo for illustration purposes. Fabric color may vary from the actual photo.

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Prairie Dunes Plush Waterbed Mattress Insert Measurements / Sizes


Mattress Height:

  • Total Thickness From Top to Bottom–Approx. 11″
  • Tape Edge to Tape Edge–8″


Super Single Waterbed Frame

  • Cavity Measures 48 wide X 84 long
  • Water Bed Mattress Replacement Insert Measures 46 wide x 82 long


California Queen Waterbed Frame

  • Cavity Measures 60 wide X 84 long
  • Water Bed Mattress Replacement Insert Measures 58 wide x 82 long


California King Waterbed Frame

  • Cavity Measures 72 wide X 84 long
  • Water Bed Mattress Replacement Insert Measures 70 wide x 82 long

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