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fs_prod1 (1)Abandoning Your Old Water Mattress?

Your waterbed isn’t comfortable anymore? Thinking it might be time to throw away your old hardside waterbed? Just do it!  Before you do, we would like to suggest that you keep your headboard, wood frame, drawers, and everything else except the water mattress and heater.


Replace them with Therapedic’s most lavish water mattress replacement. The Monterrey Pillow Top Waterbed Insert.


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The Monterrey PillowTop Waterbed Insert – Regular Mattress Made To Fit Waterbed


Therapedic’s Monterrey PillowTop Waterbed Insert is a true mattress marvel. Our engineers have created the most magnificent replacement conventional mattress that simply drops right into your hardside waterbed frame. It features a unique double-sided euro top design that will pamper you each and every night in layer after layer of premium, medium soft cushioning.


All of this luxurious upholstery is placed upon our most supportive, modern coil spring technology for unmatched firm core support. This combination is melded together to create a unique feel that won’t make you miss your old water mattress. This is a fantastic substitution mattress for your old water mattress.


The best part is that it allows you to still make use of your existing wood bed frame, waterbed headboard, and even drawer pedestal and or matching bedroom furniture. You need only to remove the heater and water mattress. It is intentionally fabricated to be slightly smaller than the empty wooden bed cavity leaving enough room for your hands to make and tuck in your bedding. It includes premium construction, is designed with a special fit, and is amazingly comfortable and supportive – why would anyone even want to consider the expense of buying a brand new mattress set, bed, and bedding.


It is important to note that a combination of the firm core support and cushy surface helps make the transition easier from your waterbed to a regular mattress. The softer cushier surface feel is similar to a waterbed, but with the extra strong support of steel coil springs gives you the much-needed support for your back and body. The deliberate old-school 2-sided flippable design promotes more even mattress wear and extends the life of the insert with regular care.


The profile is thick, making it easy to get in and out of the bed without climbing over the wood sides. Lastly, it is undercut 1 inch all the way around for simple things like tucking in sheets.


Did We Mention The Benefits?

  • Two Sided.
  • Flip it over.
  • Spin it around the end to end.
  • Double-sided.
  • Turn it over.


Featured Mattress Firmness: Monterrey Pillow Top Waterbed Insert

Firmness Rating: 6.5-7.0


This Waterbed Insert Mattress boasts a solid inner core, ensuring steadfast support, while featuring an exceptionally thick and cushiony pillow top on both sides. This unique design doubles the comfort, without inducing the claustrophobic sensation often associated with softer mattresses. Additionally it combines the necessity of firm support with the opulent feel of a plush pillow top, securing its position as a best-selling favorite in our collection.


Understanding Mattress Firmness: A Quick Guide Of Our Firmness Rating Overview (1-10 Scale):


Firmness For Water Mattresses:

1: Ultra-Soft, our softest option. Imagine lying on a gently bobbing boat; this is our softest, cloud-like water mattress.
4: Firm, the firmest among water mattresses. This is where water meets firmness – still with that gentle water feel, but with maximum support.


Firmness For Coil Spring Mattresses:

5: Firm, marking the entry point into our coil spring range. It’s firmer than our firmest water mattress but maintains a gentle feel, providing a nice balance for those transitioning from water to coil spring mattresses.
10: Ultra Firm, the hardest mattress we offer. The epitome of firmness; think of lying on a firm, supportive surface that holds you perfectly without any sink.




Detailed Specialty Measurements / Sizing


Mattress Height/Thickness:

Top To Bottom– Approx. 14 ”


Super Single Waterbed Frame

  • Cavity Measures 48 wide X 84 long
  • Drop-In Water bed Mattress Insert Measures 46 wide x 82 long
  • Shipping Dimensions (85 L x 15W x 64H x Wt. 100 lbs.)


California Queen Waterbed Frame

  • Cavity Measures 60 wide X 84 long
  • Drop-In Water bed Mattress Insert Measures 58 wide x 82 long
  • Shipping Dimensions (85 L x 15W x 64H x Wt. 110 lbs.)


California King Waterbed Frame

  • Cavity Measures 72 wide X 84 long
  • Drop-In Water bed Mattress Insert Measures 70 wide x 82 long
  • Shipping Dimensions (85 L x 15W x 74H x Wt. 130 lbs.)

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

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Product Features

Monterrey PillowTop Waterbed Insert Features


  • Fabric–Stretch Knit w/Surface Fresh ™.
  • Quilt–FR Safe Barrier, 1″ High-Performance Gel Foam, 1/2″ Comfort Foam.
  • Euro Style Pillow Top—1″ High-Performance Plush Foam, 1″ High-Performance Support Foam.
  • Upholstery–3/4″ Support Foam, Insulator Liner.
  • Support System–805 Alternating Coil LFK.
    • Coil Units have been modified for special construction.  Counts may vary slightly.
    • Twin–462
    • Full–660
    • Queen–805
    • King–1015

Edge – Superior Foam Encasement

Warranty – 10 Year


It Couldn’t Be Easier


  • Choose your size: Super Single 46 x 82 | California Queen 58 x 82 | California King 70 x 82
  • You won’t have the issue of climbing in or out of your bed anymore.
  • Two-sided for longer life. Can be rotated and flipped over for more even surface wear.
  • One of our top 3 sellers. Makes the adjustment from water to coil springs easier.
  • Firm support for your back with a luxurious sleeping surface that cradles your body.


Photo for illustration purposes. Fabric color may vary from the actual photo.


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