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fs_prod1 (1)Abandoning Your Old Water Mattress?

Thinking it might be time to throw away your old hardside waterbed because it just isn’t comfortable anymore? Well do it, but keep your headboard, frame, drawers and everything else except the water mattress and heater. Replace them with Therapedic’s most lavish water mattress replacement…The Monterrey Pillow Top Waterbed Insert.

It Couldn’t Be Easier

  • Choose your size:Super Single 46 x 82 | California Queen 58 x 82 | California King 70 x 82
  • You won’t have to the issue of climbing in or out of your of bed anymore.
  • Two sided for longer life. Can be rotated and flipped over for more even surface wear.
  • One of our top 3 sellers. Makes the adjustment from water to coil springs easier.
  • Firm support for your back with a luxurious sleeping surface that cradles your body.

Read more important details and specifications below.
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Regular Mattress Made To Fit Waterbed

Therapedic’s Monterrey PillowTop Waterbed Insert. It’s our most magnificent mattress insert that drops right into your hardside waterbed frame. This double-sided euro top design will pamper you in layer after layer of medium soft cushioning for an unmatched feel.  All of this luxurious upholstery is placed upon our most supportive steel coil system for firm core support.  This replacement mattress allows you to still make use of your existing bed frame, headboard, and even drawer pedestal and or matching bedroom furniture. You need only to remove the heater and water mattress. It is intentionally fabricated to be slightly smaller than the empty cavity leaving enough room for your hands to make and tuck in your bedding. Unmatched construction, specially fit, and amazingly comfortable and supportive – what an advantage over purchasing an all new mattress set, bed and bedding.

The firm support and cushy surface helps make the transition easier from your waterbed to a regular mattress. The softer cushier surface feel is similar to a waterbed, but with the extra strong support of steel coil springs give you the much needed support for your back and body. The deliberate old school 2-sided flippable design promotes more even mattress wear and extends the life with regular care. The profile is thick, making it easy to get in and out of the bed without climbing over the wood sides. Lastly, it is under cut 1 inch all the way around for the simple things like tucking in sheets.

Detailed Specialty Measurements / Sizing

Mattress Height:

Top to Bottom– Approx. 14 ”

Super Single Waterbed Frame
Cavity Measures 48 wide X 84 long
Drop In Water bed Mattress Insert Measures 46 wide x 82 long

Shipping Dimensions (85 L x 15W x 64H x Wt. 100 lbs.)

California Queen Waterbed Frame
Cavity Measures 60 wide X 84 long
Drop In Water bed Mattress Insert Measures 58 wide x 82 long

Shipping Dimensions (85 L x 15W x 64H x Wt. 110 lbs.)

California King Waterbed Frame
Cavity Measures 72 wide X 84 long
Drop In Water bed Mattress Insert Measures 70 wide x 82 long

Shipping Dimensions (85 L x 15W x 74H x Wt. 130 lbs.)

Inner Mattress Features

Fabric–Stretch Knit w/Surface Fresh ™

Quilt–FR Safe Barrier, 1″ High Performance Gel Foam, 1/2″ Comfort Foam

Euro Style Pillow Top—1″ High Performance Plush Foam , 1″ High Performance Support Foam

Upholstery–3/4″ Support Foam, Insulator Liner

Support System–805 Alternating Coil LFK

Coil Units have been modified for special construction.  Counts may vary slightly.


Did we mention the benefits?

  • Two Sided
  • Flip it over
  • Spin it around end to end
  • Double sided
  • Turn it over

Edge–Superior Foam Encasement

Warranty–10 Year

Photo for illustration purposes. Fabric color may vary from actual photo.


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Additional information

Weight 95 lbs
Dimensions 85 × 64 × 15 in

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3 reviews for Monterrey PillowTop Waterbed Insert

  1. Kevin Bennett (verified owner)

    After sleeping on water for over 40 years, I thought we would try this PillowTop mattress insert after our water mattress sprung a leak. I was a little hesitant, since there were no reviews on this mattress, but our gamble payed off. A day or so after placing my order an associate from STL called verifying frame measurements, and describing what to expect in the mattress fit, feel and comfort. Granted, we’ve only been on the bed for a couple of weeks now, but were super happy with this purchase. The mattress is super well made, with handles built into each side. My wife and I slid it into the bed frame with ease, and left the waterbed liner in the frame for mattress protection. The mattress fit perfect, and with the slight under-sizing, was easy to make up. With the 15 inch height, you never hit the bed frame getting in or out, and compared to water, is much easier to turn over at night, and get in and out of. Very comfortable, and very happy with this purchase, so far.

  2. Douglas Belleville

    Kevin, We appreciate you taking the time to share your STL Beds experience and your thoughts on the waterbed insert. We wish you continued comfort and happiness. Thank you again for purchasing your mattress through STL Beds. Doug Belleville Owner

  3. Honey (verified owner)

    This waterbed pillow top mattress insert is AWESOME!! My husband and I have slept on a waterbed over 35 years and this change has been a blessing! The comfortable rest that we get now is a God send!! I wish we would have made the change sooner.
    The customer service I received from Doug, the owner was EXCELLENT!! I had placed the order early morning on the 4th of July and he personally called me on the holiday to go over my order in extreme detail to ensure I was getting exactly what I wanted and that all measurements were correct. He even took time to explain the delivery process, and assured me full satisfaction if there happened to be any damages during the shipping process. I recommend this company and this matteress for everyone!!

  4. Douglas Belleville

    Honey, I am so happy to hear everything went a planned. New beds are like new tennis shoes, you just din’t know how poorly we were being supported until we slipped into the new one. I appreciate the compliments, we strive to make sure all goes well and most of the time it does, those phone calls help us cross the T’s and dot the i’s so if something were to go south, you would be prepared and everything would continue to go smoothly should damage occur. We thank you again and hope you enjoy your new investment in you 😉 Take care Doug

  5. Jacqueline Foulk

    After 30 years of sleeping on a waterbed, I finally convinced my husband it was time to change. I’m SO happy I found STL Beds! Their customer service is top notch; nothing but smooth and consistent communication from start to finish. Their product is of the highest quality. I love the way the mattress sits up high; I feel like a princess. The bed is Goldie Locks comfortable ~ not too hard, not too soft…it’s just right! I love not having to struggle to change positions; I love not sinking to the bottom of the bed when I’m the only one in it. My only regret is not doing this 20 years ago! If you’re on the fence about replacing your waterbed, I highly suggest jumping over to STL Beds. You will NOT be sorry!

  6. Douglas Belleville

    Jacqueline, Thank you for the kind words. We simply treat people the way we want to be treated. When we go into a store or call someone, we need help. My staff hates one word answers or worse ye the big store experience when staff tries to avoid you. We are so happy you found us and hope you have many years of good comfort and support. Again thank you for working with STL Beds. Doug Belleville

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