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This unique 12 inch tall Six Drawer Under Bed Pedestal Cabinet is most often used under hardside waterbeds. It fits any size waterbed and can also be used under regular mattresses and boxsprings, memory foam, and latex beds. In these applications however the drawers will require an optional platform deck or plywood to be added for flat surface for proper mattress support. Learn about specifics of this system below.

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12 Inch Tall, Six Drawer Under Bed Pedestal Cabinet

The 12 inch 6 Drawer Pedestal Oak Princess riser from Oakland Furniture is built like no other storage system. Each one of the 6 drawers measures and comes in 2 halves; left and right cabinet. Included with your pedestal cabinet purchase is a spacer kit that sets the width depending on your size needs. The telescoping design fits California King, California Queen, and depending on the size the slats span and bridge to support the distance between the two cabinet halves.


Your newfound storage area not only bridges the two drawer halves on queen and king but is also perfect for additional storage space in the bedroom. The space can be accessed via the cubby door at the foot end of your hard side waterbed and runs the entire length of the Cabinet. Super single does not use the door kit since the cabinets butt back to back due to the narrower bed size.

Our Cal. Our 12-inch-tall six-drawer pedestal is one of our most popular storage base units and may be used under other types of beds like mattresses and box springs, waterbeds, memory foam beds, etc.

Please contact us if you have additional questions or concerns about this pedestal and how it will work with your bed. Like STL Bed most waterbed retailers offer the princess pedestal as an option to the standard 9-inch particleboard or wood risers when buying a new hardside waterbed. This drawer system can also be purchased separately and added to the bed later.


Measurements And Sizes

  • Universal Sizing: Fits, California King, California Queen, Super Single, Full, Eastern Queen, Eastern King,
  • 2 Halves: Each cabinet half measures 66 inches long, 24 inches wide, and 12 inches Tall
  • Spacer Kit: Includes Slats to bridge cabinets for Cal. Queen and King & includes door kit
  • Super Single: Two cabinets placed side by side on a super single installation. NOTE: Does not use door kit or bridging
  • California Queen: Two cabinets are spaced approximately one foot apart on queen installation and are spaced by telescoping bridge slats and door kit.
  • California King: Two cabinets are spaced approximately one foot apart on king installation and are spaced by telescoping bridge slats and door kit.

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