14 Inch Oak 6 Drawer Pedestal



If you have been considering ways to add more function to your bedroom, we know you are going to be impressed with this very unique under the dresser. Your new 14 Inch Oak 6 Drawer Pedestal design is admired both for its beauty and for not being as intrusive as bulky dressers, chests, and nightstands.


The neat thing is that it has the storage capacity of a dresser and nightstand while being tucked away taking up space otherwise wasted on closed in bed box pedestals and bed frames. Works under both waterbeds and traditional mattresses. Learn more details and specifications below.

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14 Inch 6 Drawer Under Dresser Pedestal


Just look at this gorgeous 14 Inch Oak 6 Drawer Pedestal unit with storage door and cubby space from Oakland furniture. Each of the 6 drawers measures nearly 7 inches deep. This massive under-bed storage system is a great addition to any bedroom, especially those that are smaller with little to no storage space. This is our tallest oak drawer system and is often used to give a bedroom a more grandiose and stately look. For people who don’t like to crawl or climb out of lower beds, you’ll find this to be a great alternative to the lower pedestals typically associated with standard waterbeds.

Setting up this drawer base can take time but should be a breeze for people that have installed drawer pedestals before since instructions are pretty straightforward.


Begin by removing the water from your water mattress if you have one. Then remove the sandbox frame and old pedestal.

Your new storage base comes in two halves with a slat bridge system to support the center where there are no cabinets to support the bed. This leaves a concealed storage compartment that can be opened by way of a cubby door located at the foot end of your bed.

Other common uses for this drawer base are under latex mattresses, gel foam, memory foam, and regular mattress sets like Sealy, Simmons, etc. We encourage you to contact us for more specifics that we may not have addressed or to be sure that it will work with your bed. This Drawer system’s width telescopes in or out to fit super single, California queen, and California King size waterbeds.


  • Max duty, side-mounted, full extension drawer guides: Each steel guide contains 24 ball bearings for a silent, smooth, effortless daily operation that will stand the test of time. Because the drawer glide fully extends open, it offers users access to the contents of the entire drawer. Sensible design makes for easier loading and unloading of all six drawers and helps you keep them organized.
  • Durable 5 Sided Drawer Box: Constructed to handle the strains exerted during standard loads that take place during everyday heavy use.
  • Solid oak and Oak Veneers: NO Particleboard! Solid wood, ply’s, and northern red oak wood veneers.
  • Nightstand Offset: Why pay for drawers you cannot use or access? Smart design that has an offset area without drawers, since side tables and nightstands can get in the way of drawers when you go to open them making this storage useless.
  • Extra Deep Drawers: To hold everything you’ve been wanting to stow away.


Product Description

The 14 inch tall, 6 Drawer Pedestal Oak Princess riser from Oakland Furniture is built like no other.


Measurements And Sizes

  • Universal Sizing-Fits: California King, California Queen, and Super Single
  • 2 Halves:  Each cabinet half measures 76 inches long, 24 inches wide, and 14 inches Tall
  • Includes Slats to bridge cabinets: Slats specially designed to fit California Queen and King & includes door kit
  • Super Single: Two cabinets are placed side by side on a super single installation.
  • California Queen: Two cabinets are spaced approximately one foot apart on queen installation and are spaced by telescoping bridge slats and door kit.
  • California King: Two cabinets are spaced approximately one foot apart on king installation and are spaced by telescoping bridge slats and door kit.

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