Extra Low Profile 2” Platform Foundation Or Bunkie Board



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  • Extra Low 2″ Tall Foundation / Box Spring / Bunkie Board.
  • Is your bed too tall? We can lower it.
  • Is your mattress too thick? This is how you decrease overall bed height.
  • Are you wanting to put your mattress directly on your bed frame? Solution. Use our 2” Platform & then your mattress.
  • Replacing the platform on your current platform bed? You can replace it with this. (It must have proper middle support to place this upon)
  • Your current mattress needs more support? 2” foundation solves this issue.
  • Fast Do It Yourself Assembly: Approximate assembly time 15-20 Minutes. No tools are needed.
  • Free & Fast Shipping to Your Home.
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Why Would I Need An Extra Low Profile 2” Platform Foundation?


We know choosing a bed base support for a mattress can be overwhelming, after all, there are so many choices in the marketplace. The most important thing we need to point out is that mattresses by themselves CAN NOT sit upon an ordinary traditional steel bed frame. Sometimes such bed frames are called Hollywood frames. Standard Hollywood bed frames usually include a rectangular steel or iron framework, 1-3 crossbars/middle supports, and numerous feet or wheels. Today we are going to talk about our Extra Low Profile 2” Platform Foundation.


Some even have headboards and or footboards that bolt up. To remedy the need for boxsprings that are too tall we add super low-profile platforms to various beds to solve the issue. After all, no one wants a box spring and mattress set that is much too high.


There are many reasons why people want to drop their overall bed height. Perhaps it’s for health reasons, other times it’s purely for the aesthetics. Whatever reason one might have, these make for excellent support or replacement support system. They can be used for any mattress and are quickly becoming the most common application for lowering beds.


People say that they are impressed by the durability and are surprised by the additional comfort and good support these reduced height platforms provide. We have listed below a few scenarios where this type of mattress base can help in achieving a desired look, goal, and feel. Perhaps we can spell out some better ideas that you may not have considered for its usage.


Ways The Extra Low Profile 2” Platform Foundation Can Be Used


  1. Place It On Ordinary Steel Bed Frame- Since mattresses are not rigid, they cannot be placed on surfaces with large voids and unsupported areas, i.e. bed frames. The steel bed frames we are talking about are the following: Standalone, headboard connection only, and headboard footboard connection. Bed frames must have adequate support, meaning a long side rail running the bed length on each side. Normally it would have a cross rail middle support running perpendicular to the side rail at both ends on all sizes. Additionally, there should be one bar across the middle of running head to toe. Full and twin sizes do not require center support, but it is recommended that they are used.
  2. Have A Bed With Wood Side Rails That Includes A Head And Footboard? Placing it on steel bed slats that run perpendicular to the bedside rails? Support bars are required and must have cross rails running perpendicular to the side rail at both ends on all sizes and an additional one across the middle. As mentioned above, full and twin sizes do not require center support but it is recommended that they are used.
  3. Replace Taller Boxspring / Foundation- The standard height for today’s box springs are 9 inches. Low-profile foundations are usually 4-5 inches high. Sometimes even lowering mattresses by 4-5 inches just is not low enough. Our extra-low 2-inch-tall platform fits the bill by lowering extra thick mattresses to a more normal bed height, this will make it easier to get in and out of. Other people just prefer the lower look in the bedroom, either way, we have you covered.
  4. Replace Broken Platform In Existing Platform Bed- Some platforms are just cheaply made and need to bed replaced. As long as you have proper steel supports with the correct legs to support the center supports in your platform bed this 2” platform could be a great option for your application. We are happy to assist if you have any questions. Especially those of you with drawers in your platform bed.
  5. Replace Need For Plywood- Many people opt to use plywood on their steel slat support system or frame. We usually do not recommend this as most do not have the construction mind to do the job effectively or safely. This platform is a safe substitute for the do it yourselfer who usually gets themselves into trouble 😉
  6. Replaces Rolled Slat Pack With Proper Support In Place- Some platform beds utilize slat packs that simply unroll numerous wooden slats. The slats are usually supported by a brace/wood or metal beam running head to toe. (Running parallel with the wood side rails) This usually includes 3 wood peg legs in the middle of that beam for support. These are often NOT dependable and fail. We offer help in the form of a replacement steel bar slat system that often works as an alternative to the rolled slat pack. Then simply place the platform foundation onto the steel slats. Again, we are happy to walk you through this option should you have detailed questions.

What Is A Bunkie Board, Platform Foundation, Platform?


It is important to note that this practice has caught on quickly with the evolution of thicker mattresses and is now being utilized industry-wide. Additionally, we will be using the word Bunkie board, box springs, and foundation in this description interchangeably. This is because all are designed to do the exact same task, support your mattress correctly and evenly all while replacing a “traditional box spring”.


How these are constructed can dramatically affect strength, support, and comfort. Construction will be covered in greater detail under the features and benefits. In the end, these shorter platforms basically came about out of necessity. Many people will say these are simply Bunkie boards. Having used Bunkie Boards for years to create a flat supportive surface on bunk beds we rarely use these in that application these days.


We have found that our beefed-up systems are used more often for adult-type applications. It is for this reason we prefer to call them extra low-profile foundations because that is what they really are. Extra-low platform foundations place the entire mattress set at a lower elevation than a typical box spring (2″ rather than 9″). In summation, all of this simply positions the surface of your mattress lower to the ground.


How Is It Made?

It is an extra low-profile foundation. It is 2″ tall and built with a solid wood framework. We then add 14 wood slats that make up the platform that supports the mattress. The entire system is encased in a heavy-duty, neutral-colored, long-wear fabric. All of this is extremely breathable as a foundation should be so can sleep cool throughout the night.

Additional information

Weight 94 lbs

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Product Features

Features & Benefits:


Extra Low Profile 2” Platform Foundation Dimensions, And Weight

  • Made In The USA!
  • What Can This Hold? Memory foam, latex, coil spring, airbed. Standard duty weight capacity is designed and made for everyday use by an adult couple.
  • Sturdy Wood Framework- All solid wood with strong structure. We do not use any composite woods OSB oriental strand board, particle board, or flimsy sheet metal slats.
  • Extremely Low Profile– 2” This is an ideal way to lower those extremely thick, so it not only looks normal but makes getting in and out of the bed easier.
  • Individual Mobility– This can really be beneficial for the elderly, small children, and even pets that simply can’t jump into taller beds.
  • Take It Anywhere Easily– Move it assembled or take it apart for a lightweight moving that can be done by one person with ease. When unassembled this foundation can fit through very tight spaces and even through low overhangs where 1-piece boxsprings normally will not fit. Foundation can be assembled in the bedroom.
  • Consistent Level Mattress Support– Even weight distribution for better consistent support. Improves overall mattress life.  Helps prevent that annoying middle mattress ridge associated with split two-piece foundations.
  • Wider Slats & More Of Them– Fortified with 14 solid wood 2 1/2-inch-wide slats that are properly spaced for perfect support.  The slat count includes head and foot end pieces which are block reinforced.
  • Breathable Design- The engineered design allows this mattress to breathe properly.  The natural spruce construction and softcover mean you get perfect airflow no mattress what kind of mattress you choose.
  • Velcro Cover- Easy to install. Easy to remove it and disassemble the foundation for easy moving. Replace it if you stain it. Do not wash spot, clean only.
  • Closely Spaced Slats– the distance between each wood slat is 2 3/4″.
  • Bolted Together– bolted together in each corner.
  • Less Movement– no bouncy coil springs for unmatched motion isolation so sleeping partner is not disturbed during the night.
  • Center Beam Construction– Helps support mattresses where they need them most.
  • Fits All Types Of Bed Frames– Hollywood, steel, platform, beds with headboards, beds with headboards, and footboards.
  • Nightstand access– helps put your nightstand within reach for better access and ease of use.
  • No tools needed or required for assembly
  • Available in all sizes
  • Quiet- Whisper quiet so you sleep better and are not disturbed.
  • Perfect For Active Couples.


Finished Sizes:

  • Twin– Length: 74” Width:38” Height: 2” Weight 36 lbs. When assembled twin is a one-piece platform.
  • Twin Extra Long– Length: 80” Width:38” Height: 2” Weight 36 lbs. When assembled Twin Extra Long is a one-piece platform.
  • Full– Length: 74” Width:54” Height: 2” Weight 44 lbs. When assembled Full is a one-piece platform.
  • Queen– Length: 80” Width:60” Height: 2” Weight 49 lbs. Queen Ships in one box. When assembled Queen is a one-piece platform.
  • King– Length 80” Width:76” Height: 2” Weight 68 lbs. King Ships in one box. When assembled King is a one-piece platform.
  • California King– Length: 84” Width:72” Height: 2” Weight 68 lbs. King Ships in one box. When assembled California King is a one-piece platform.


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