Heavy Duty Forever Resort Foundation To Store More



An All-in-One Solution: Bed Frame, Foundation, and Storage in a Single Package!

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Experience Unparalleled Durability with the Heavy Duty Forever Resort Foundation To Store More – The Ultimate Mattress Support and Storage Solution!

Unlike traditional box springs, our all-steel platform bed, the Store More Resort Foundation, is designed to stand the test of time. Crafted with long-lasting durability in mind, it effortlessly supports today’s luxury mattresses, accommodating their additional weight without compromise.


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Heavy Duty Forever Resort Foundation. It Store More!


Experience unmatched durability with the Heavy Duty Steel Forever Resort Foundation To Store More. This exceptional steel platform bed offers robust support for your mattress while ensuring long-lasting resilience. It effortlessly accommodates the added weight of today’s luxury mattresses, making it the ideal choice for those seeking both quality and practicality.


Say goodbye to traditional boxsprings that often consist of mere wooden boxes draped in decorative fabric, adding unnecessary costs without enhancing the value of your purchase. The Forever Resort Foundation actually stores more. It also support more by overbuilding  above and with up to 13 all-steel mattress support slats. This stand-alone platform boasts four sturdy legs, each measuring 8 inches in height, offering nearly 14″ of ample storage space beneath. Additionally, it features mattress support brackets at the foot of the bed, ensuring secure and sturdy seating. As a bonus, this platform is naturally resistant to bed bugs and entirely recyclable. Plus, it exempts you from mattress recycling laws, simplifying your life further.


Introducing an all-in-one solution that combines a bed frame, foundation, and storage into a single, ingenious package! Whether you’re dealing with limited closet space, a compact bedroom, or residing in an apartment, this state-of-the-art storage system not only maximizes otherwise unusable space but also makes it incredibly accessible.


When you choose a Forever Foundation, you’ll enjoy the convenience of having it shipped directly to your doorstep, all in one practical package. This system is highly mobile, making it easy to relocate, and assembling it is a breeze. With all the necessary components included, one person can snap everything together in less than 5 minutes, simplifying your life and enhancing your bedroom’s functionality.


Heavy Duty Forever Resort Foundation, It Store More! Watch and See.




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Product Features

Heavy Duty Forever Resort Foundation Features


  • Three-In-One…bed support, foundation and storage.
  • Replaces your existing steel bed frame and boxspring /foundation.
  • More Storage…over 2 times the storage space of conventional systems.
  • Supportive platform surface for your mattress to rest upon.
  • 13 inches of vertical under mattress storage.
  • Four Eight-inch tall glides (legs) finished assembled height 16-inches.
  • Steel frame naturally resistant to bed bugs.
  • 100% recyclable. Exempt from mattress recycle laws.
  • Nearly twice the surface support needed for today’s luxury mattresses.
  • Lots of storage room underneath your bed!
  • Same specification used for hospitality. Incredibly strong!
  • Close slat spacing and head and foot support slats.
  • The most secure and confident sleeping surface available.
  • Assemble in less than 5 minutes with no tools neeeded.

Heavy Duty Forever Resort Foundation To Store More. Buy your yours now!


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