How To Attach A Bolt Up A Frame To A Hook In Headboard

May 18, 2012
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How To Attach A Bolt Up A Frame To A Hook In Headboard

Many people want to save money these days and getting an old headboard here and an old frame there is a great way to  save. Hand me down, garage sale, either way what a find. It probably just saved you at the minimum a couple hundred dollars and most likely a lot more. You’ve cleaned it all up you start to put it together and suddenly you realize you have a metal bed frame that bolts up and the headboard has vertical slits that use a down hook type frame.

Conversion bracket to attach a bolt up frame to a hook in headboard

Obviously you will want to be sure your headboard is the kind with up and down or vertical slots on the legs of the headboard. Inside those slots  you should notice 2 pins in them.

How To Attach A Bolt Up A Frame To A Hook In Head Board Shop Down Hooks by Clicking Here

Once you have determined your headboard is indeed that there are two that you have a hook in headboard there are 2 resolutions to your problem. The f1rst solution is to line up the flat mounting bolt up bracket slots of your steel bed frame against the wood legs of your headboard.  If it lines up and you may be able to drill through it for secure bolt up attachment. Look for solid wood for secure anchoring. If all lines up properly drill 2 holes through the headboard. Then use bolts that are approximately ¾ of an inch longer than the drilled holes. Push your bolts through the holes to securely fasten the headboard to the metal bed frame.

What to do if drilling holes through the headboard won’t work

Perhaps the metal bed frame does not line up properly for drilling. You can purchase an after market accessory item that will allow you to bolt up a frame to a hook in type headboard. One way is using Down Hooks the other is using 6A Bed Frame Fast’n up Bed Kit. Both of these are modification plates or( modi plates). These bed accessory kits are metal plates that either hook down or hook up into your slotted headboard and then bolt up to a steel bed frame. They are very low cost usually running around $20.00 $30.00 dollars. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for safety and it will take the guess work out of how they work.

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