4 Drawer Oak Pedestal 9 Inches Tall



9 Inch 4 Drawer Pedestal Oak

Maximize space in your bedroom with Oakland Furniture USA’s 9 Inch tall Oak Under Bed Pedestal. It includes 4 nice size drawers. Each drawer is 24 inches wide, 14 inches from front to back, and nearly 5 inches deep. Perfect for everyday use, winter or summer storage, or overflow storage.


Whichever way you decide to utilize your newfound space, you will wonder how you ever got along without it. It can be used under a wide variety of beds. This is our lowest support system available. Learn all about this unique storage system below. Sizing, construction, measurements, etc.

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9 Inch 4 Drawer Pedestal Oak


Some popular uses for this 9 Inch 4 drawer pedestal system are hard side waterbeds, mattress and boxsprings, and specialty mattress sets like memory foam and latex. That’s right, it can be used under everyday regular mattress sets like Simmons, Sealy, etc.


Height can be tricky with this application, so you may want to contact us for more specifics like finished height, installation, and whether it can work with your existing bed. Flexible design that telescopes fit all sizes of waterbeds like super single and California queen, and California King. Also works under king and queen traditional mattress sizes.


Installation and assembly are easy since each of the under dressers already come assembled. If you are using under a hard side waterbed, the waterbed will need to be drained to install new drawers.


After removing your old pedestal, place each half of the under-bed cabinet into place and position it where it will be centered under the water mattress. On all sizes except super single, there are slats that bridge each drawer half and support the deck of the waterbed. There is also a door kit included to access the newfound storage down the center of the bed from the end of the bed.


  • Super heavy-duty full extension side-mounted drawer guides: Each with 24 ball bearings for smooth, silent, effortless operation. The full-extension guide gives access to the entire drawer. This makes it easier to load and unload a drawer and keep it organized.
  • Heavy-duty 5 Side Drawer Box: Built to hold up for many years of everyday use.
  • Solid oak and Oak Veneers: Solid wood and wood veneers. NO Particleboard!
  • Nightstand Offset: Why pay for drawers you cannot access or use? That’s why we offset an area without drawers since nightstands and tables often interfere with drawers making them useless.


Measurements And Sizes For the 4 Drawer Pedestal

  • Universal Sizing: Fits California King, California Queen, and Super Single.
  • 2 Halves: Each cabinet half measures 76 inches long, 19 inches wide, and 9 inches Tall.
  • Includes Slats to bridge cabinets: Fits hard side waterbeds like California Queen and King sizes & includes door kit. Fits other size mattresses like eastern queen and king as well.
  • Super Single: Two cabinets are placed side by side on a super single installation.
  • California Queen: Two cabinets are spaced approximately one foot apart on queen installation and are spaced by telescoping bridge slats and door kit.
  • California King: Two cabinets are spaced approximately one foot apart on king installation and are spaced by telescoping bridge slats and door kit.

This product is manufactured by Innomax.

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