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Do Mattress Sets Come With a Bed Frame?

July 5, 2011
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Many people think that a bed frame is included in the purchase of a mattress and box spring set. We are going to cover the

Do Mattress Sets Come With a Bed Frame?

various scenarios you might encounter while shopping for a new mattress set and Steel  Bed Frame that can save you money. Our article answers many questions today including one we are asked the most when people are mattress shopping, Do Mattress Sets Come With a Bed Frame?

Which part is considered the bed frame?

First it is important to define what the bed frame is. The bed frame is the steel carriage assembly that supports a box spring or foundation and gets the mattress off the floor. Some frames require center support like king and queen sizes, while twins and full sizes often can get by without the additional support. Many confuse the headboard and or footboard as the bed frame. In reality the headboard and or footboard is named just that. It is the ornamental or showy part of the complete bed ensemble that attaches by way of slotted grooves and a frame with ends that include down hooks that fasten into the slots or bolts up using nuts and bolts.

Free Bed Frame With Mattress Set Purchase

Many times stores will offer a free bed frame with the purchase of a premium mattress set as an incentive to purchase. Promotional bonuses are often offered when someone purchases a good quality supportive mattress. It can vary from company to company but frames are sometimes offered for free when you spend a certain number of dollars with them. Stores may or may not advertise others may give it away as part of the negotiation to purchase from them.

Bed Frame Sold Separately

Many times there may be another offer running where a free frame may not be included which a current mattress special. Current specials might include free delivery, free set up, free disposal of the old set and as a result the frame would be offered as an accessory or option for a cost.

Half Price Bed Frame

1/2 price bed frame promotions are not as common as they used to be, but occasionally stores offer this discounted incentive that not only gives the customer cost savings but saves the retailer money by either fully or partially covering the wholesale cost of the bed frame. Half price promotions are a win win for both the consumer who benefits from savings and the furniture or mattress retailer who doesn’t lose money and have to make it up some where else which ultimately costs the consumer money.

Whether you get your bed frame for free when buying your new bed, purchase it buy itself, or find a half price special advertised, the bottom line is there are deals to be had. One side note is to be careful not to over pay for your mattress make sure to compare apples to apples to assure that the “free bed frame” isn’t being buried in the cost of an over priced mattress.