How To Find The Right Waterbed Foundation

How to Find the Right Waterbed Foundation

April 30, 2012
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Got the top but missing the bottom?

Many people have a good headboard, frame, and mattress but are looking to change things up a bit. Make the waterbed taller or add drawers, you know the  base or the bottom portion for underneath a waterbed.  These days it is hard to find a local waterbed store that has a selection much less anyone who sells them. Don’t worry there is good news. There are still plenty of stores selling them and they can help you with your bed height or extra storage needs.

How to get just the right foundation

First you must know there are several different types of foundations for waterbeds. The waterbeds we are speaking about are two unique types: the original wood frame hard sided waterbed and the regular mattress looking type called a softside waterbed. Both use a waterbed foundation.

The bottom section of these flotation beds are often called different names by different people and even mean something different to them, but the fact is they really are all the same things. They are the bottom or base support unit to any waterbed and they can look very different from one another. Below we describe the supporting foundations or bases in detail to assure you get the exact Waterbed Foundation you are looking for.

Foundations for Hardside Waterbeds

While it does not look like a foundation or a boxspring make no mistake about it that it is called a foundation and like a boxspring they are the supporting base for hardside waterbed system. The correct terminology is actually Pedestal or Riser. They usually are constructed out of anything from painted particle board to pine all the way up to oak. The most common Waterbed Foundations for hard sided waterbeds are the

  • 9 inch Box Pedestal or Riser
  • 9 inch 6 drawer Pedestal
  • 6 Drawer Princess Pedestal
  • 8 Drawer Captains pedestal
  • 12 Drawer Pedestal Stack

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Foundations for Softside Waterbeds

Softside waterbeds are the modern styled waterbed that looks exactly like a set of mattress and boxsprings. Until you laid down on it you might not even know it was a waterbed at all. The supporting bases for these units look exactly like the boxspring of a regular mattress set and is pictured above. The difference is that it is able to hold a lot more weight than a regular mattress set. The entire waterbed and foundation can rest on a heavy duty metal waterbed frame or center support system like BB8Q or BB8K that takes the burden off of your regular headboard and footboard if you have one.

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