Medicoil HD 2500 Two Sided Mattress

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Plus Size – Petite & Everyone In Between

The Medicoil® HD 2500 is plump and full of everything to ensure long-term comfort and support. The feel is firm from its core to its mid-level support with just a touch of cushiness on the surface that doesn’t make the bed feel mushy and soft.


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Bedding experts in the business praise the builders for filling an industry void by finally acknowledging customers who demand and need better mattress quality to support their extra body weight.


Two-Sided – Built To Last Longer


Medicoil Hd2500 Two Sided Mattress

At first glance, it may seem that the Medicoil HD 2500 2-sided mattress is simply an ordinary bariatric bed, but this mattress is different and it isn’t just for heavier people. In fact, that couldn’t be further from the truth.


The Medicoil HD 2500 2-sided Mattress makes use of the highest quality construction materials. These heftier materials can support all body types and sizes of people, from petite to plus-sized.


The manufacturer only uses superior materials. The beds include 2 sides,  more steel, furniture grade quality foam, and an optional foundation built 2-3 times stronger than brand name beds.


Because our mattress only uses the highest quality building materials, it will stand the test of time when others fail prematurely. Our unique longevity will continue to offer you night after night unmatched comfort and support while resisting surface settling. Body compression from the settling of mattress padding is guaranteed to be no more than 1 inch for two decades. Compare that to brand name mattresses who only guarantee 5-10 years after having to put up with 1.5 inches of body impression before they will exercise your warranty.


What does this mean? No saggy mattress. This is the secret to a tough and long-lasting sleep system you just cant find in brand-name mattresses in your typical mattress store.


Bigger people have criticized the bedding industry for years for not building mattresses that can hold up under their bigger frames. Not only will this support 200 -250 pounds, but it can also support body weights up to 350 pounds.


During a time when the industry trend has been to cut costs, Therapedic® and The Bedding Group decided to build beds with a different philosophy. Engineers insisted that using superior higher density foam, high resiliency foam, and Gel-Memory Foam for pressure relief.

They added in some of the strongest steel coils made and quality insulating layers. Theses ingredients make for a better-built bed. Not only is is this built different, but is actually light years ahead of the typical modern-day mattress. No gimmicks, only useful construction features that offer genuine benefits that you insist on like lasting comfort, increased support, and unmatched durability for people of all sizes.

The Medicoil® Mattress Series wins the toughness battle hands-down.  Step away from the norm and see why being different is better. Compare ours to theirs and see why we say. ” Nothing lasts longer”   You will feel the difference.


Featured Mattress Firmness: Medicoil HD 2500 Two Sided Mattress


Firmness Rating: 8

This mattress delivers extra firm support with a bit of cushioned top for comfort without the overly soft feeling.


Understanding Mattress Firmness:
A Quick Guide Of Our Firmness Rating Overview (1-10 Scale):


Firmness For Water Mattresses:

1: Ultra-Soft, our softest option. Imagine lying on a gently bobbing boat; this is our softest, cloud-like water mattress.
4: Firm, the firmest among water mattresses. This is where water meets firmness – still with that gentle water feel, but with maximum support.


Firmness For Coil Spring Mattresses:

5: Firm, marking the entry point into our coil spring range. It’s firmer than our firmest water mattress but maintains a gentle feel, providing a nice balance for those transitioning from water to coil spring mattresses.
10: Ultra Firm, the hardest mattress we offer. The epitome of firmness; think of lying on a firm, supportive surface that holds you perfectly without any sink.



OPTIONAL FOUNDATION: Upgrade your sleep experience with the unparalleled support of our Super Heavy Duty Foundation, the ultimate foundation that promises enduring stability and unmatched comfort for your mattress.

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Additional information

Weight 145 lbs

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Product Features

Special Features


  • Total Mattress– Thickness 14″ for the very bottom surface to the very top surface
  • Quilting— Safe FR
  • 1″ Superior High-Density Foam 1.8 pound density
  • Top Upholstery
  • 1″ Phase Change Gel-Memory Foam 5-pound density
  • 2″  TheraFoam, 2.5-pound density
  • Firm Insulator Pad

Mattress Spring Unit

  • Medicoil HD Spring Unit 368 12-1/2 gauge Double Off-Set

Coil Count

  • Twin–253
  • Full–368
  • Queen–450
  • King–575

Edge Support— TheraEdge™

Foundation— Heavy Duty  HD Foundation for extended life.

  • Warranty: 20 Years Limited


Check Out Our Super Heavy Duty HD Foundation:

Optional Available: opt for our robust foundation available in two heights!


  • Elevate your bed height for appeal or comfort with a Heavy Duty High Profile Foundation 9″ Tall
  • Streamline your design for easy access or sleek design with a Heavy Duty Low Profile Foundation 5″ Tall



Medicoil HD 2500 Mattress Weights–

  • King Mattress–180 pounds
  • Queen Mattress– 150 pounds
  • Full Mattress– 120 pounds
  • Twin Mattress– 90 pounds

HD  Foundation Weights–

  • King Foundation Shipping Weight with box: 130 lbs.
  • Queen Foundation Shipping Weight with box: 110 lbs.
  • Full Foundation Shipping Weight with box: 95 lbs.
  • Twin Foundation Shipping Weight with box: 80 lbs.

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