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We have been told by so many customers that a good mattress is hard to find. Up until now, this was a true statement. Could your quest be coming to an end? The quest for mattress knowledge, the quest for quality, the quest for comfort and support?


We are happy to say that your long arduous search for the correct mattress has brought you to your end goal, an incredible mattress. The name? TheraLuxe Heavy Duty Balsam Mattress. Don’t believe us? We Encourage You To Take the HD Durability Challenge. We Dare You To Compare. Why?


  • No other mattress lasts longer
  • Supports Petites, Plus Sizes, and Bigger
  • Power Adjustable Base Friendly
  • Motion Isolation From Your Partner
  • Best Guarantee- Guards against 1” Or Greater Body Impressions Up To 20 Years

Learn More about the TheraLuxe Heavy Duty Balsam Mattress Below

Price Includes:


TheraLuxe Heavy Duty Balsam Mattress


The TheraLuxe Heavy Duty Balsam Mattress is just built differently.


Don’t Believe Us? Take The HD Durability Challenge. We Dare You To Compare.

In the same manner boys and girls differ biologically, things that look similar on the surface like mattresses, in fact, can be built very differently.


Why is comparing necessary?

Arming yourself with as much information puts you in the drivers seat and in the best position to get the most mattress for your money.


Compare The Parts. Compare apples to apples. Comparing white rectangles like mattresses can be confusing and this is made worse by manufacturers with a plan. The bedding industry suffers from major competitive shortcomings brought on by private equity firms. These investment management companies gobbled up what used to be 5 of the biggest independent mattress competitors.


Between them, they made up over 50 percent of total mattress sales. These 5 brand names now reside under 2 rooftops. Many believe this is a monopoly. Is the lack of competition good for shoppers and the prices they will pay for a mattress? Do manufacturers make it hard to compare one model to another? Do these mattress builders intentionally make certain that a given product can become useless within a planned time period to bolster demand? Are greater sums of money to be made by making a mattress and boxspring disposable?


Why can’t everything we buy be like a cast iron skillet? Fight the mattress industry strategy of planned obsolescence by choosing long-lasting household goods that last more than 6 years.


Therapedic set out to “over-engineer” this mattress and optional foundation to be more durable and more supportive for everybody. Are you fed up with the endless cycle of replacing household goods that don’t last? Regardless of your size. Plus size or petite, Therapedic Heavy Duty Mattresses are built to last and stand the test of time. Our warranty ensures this promise to you. Every Therapedic HD mattress starts with one goal in mind, standing the test of time.


How Does The Balsam HD Mattress Feel?


TheraLuxe HD utilizes our firmest coil support system. Each coil independently works to support all body shapes, sizes, and even individuals up to 350 pounds. The additional cushioning layers enhance the support of each coil by relieving unnecessary pressure. This is the pressure that is associated with painful pressure points and tossing & turning that wakes us up when we get uncomfortable. The combination of support and pressure relief put the firmness rating on the Balsam Plush Mattress at a level 8 firmness.


To put our scale into perspective. 1 through 4 are our softest mattresses, i.e. waterbeds. As we climb the firmness scale 5 through 10 are 5 is our softest through 10 being our firmest traditional mattresses. The entire scale is 1-10. 1 is a free-flowing wavy gravy waterbed and 10 is the floor with a nice carpet and pad. While that might feel good to our feet, most of us couldn’t get up off the hard floor, much less lay on it the entire night… and wavy waterbeds, well they are simply out of the question isn’t it? 😉


Again the TheraLuxe Heavy Duty Balsam Mattress Is A Level 8 Firmness


How We Make TheraLuxe Heavy Duty Balsam Mattress Better


Better Material Makes Better Beds


  • More Total Steel.
  • Higher Density Foam Layers.
  • Stronger Seat Edge Support.
  • Hand Tufting.
  • Better Air Flow.
  • CertiPUR-US® Foams.
  • Super Duty Supporting Foundation (Optional).

We believe that a mattress should be looked at as a long-term investment in yourself. This is an 8-hour-a-day, 365 days a year, year after year investment. It is nearly impossible to name another item you will buy, that will have a greater impact on your health and wellbeing for such a long period of time.


If you believe your sleep should be looked at as an investment rather than a throwaway non-durable good, then we encourage you to compare parts. The TheraLuxe Heavy Duty Balsam Mattress is not built like other mattresses. It is the cast iron skillet of the mattress industry. We have built our business and our reputation on building better products and not just settling for the cheapest or whatever is the current norm.


STL Beds is extremely proud to offer the TheraLuxe HD series of mattresses by Therapedic. Constructed to be extraordinarily heavy-duty and even more affordable.


Dynamic response to natural body movements delivers the support needed for a deep, relaxing sleep.


Innersprings transfer heat 28% more efficiently than foam and are cooler on initial contact.


Every year, we repurpose nearly a million tons of scrap steel to manufacture our innerspring.

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No Foundation, High Profile, Low Profile


Product Features

TheraLuxe Heavy Duty Balsam Mattress Specifications


The Therapedic TheraLuxe HD Balsam Build Sheet


Build from the ground up like your home.

  • Mattress Thickness- 13” Does not require special costly sheets to fit this mattress.
  • Mattress handles: Included to assist with the care of your mattress. Examples of care, rotation, and positioning of your mattresses. They should not be used to carry or move your mattress and they are not designed to support the full weight of the mattress. Your mattress warranty does not include the handles becoming detached or tearing off the mattress. This will void any warranty coverage and is considered abuse.
  • Hand Tufted-Stretch-knit with Adaptive™. TheraTuft™ tufting. Fabric that flexes with your body’s movement. Hand tufting is an old technique that sews a soft rosette in lieu of a hard button. This keeps the mattress layers from shifting out of place.

Quilt Layers (Adds gentle cushioning that is sewn and locked into place so material down bunch, shift, and wad up).


  • Layer 1: TheraSafe™ fiber layer.
  • Layer 2: 1″ – Superior high-density polyurethane foam, 2.1 lb. 18 ILD CertiPUR-US®.

Comfort Layers: Upper-Level Cushioning Provides Additional Surface Pressure Relief To Help Minimize Tossing And Turning From Painful Pressure Points.


  • Layer 3: 2″ – HypurGel™ firm polyurethane foam, 3.0 lb. 15 ILD CertiPUR-US®.
  • Layer 4: 1″ High-Density polyurethane foam 1.8 lb. 21ILD.

Mattress Spring Unit – Provides Core Support From Head To Toe For The Entire Body.


  • QLX® HD All- Quantum® Wrapped Coil Unit with fabric pocketed-design engineered and built by Leggett & Platt provides an extremely durable seating surface and reduced edge roll-o
  • Stress-Relieved 17 Gauge Twice Tempered Wire – Holds its shape and provides a durable consistent sleep surface.

Coil Counts for the various sizes below:


  • Twin 1125 Coil Count.
  • Twin Extra Long 1200 Coil Count.
  • Full 1575 Coil Count.
  • Queen 1872 Coil Count.
  • King 2400 Coil Count.
  • California King 2400 Coil Count.

Bottom Upholstery

  • Balanced Base Foam CertiPUR-US®

Edge Support

  • Edge System: TheraEdge™ foam edge encasement system. Solidly glued perimeter encasement system. Ultra high-density foam. 3″ 50 Pound lb compression foam Edge Support.


  • Therability™ HD solid wood base foundation. Choice of 2 heights 8.25″ High Profile or 5″ Low Profile (Optional) Learn More About The Super Duty Foundation Here.


  • 20-year warranty against 1″ of body impression or more. (10 years longer and allows for .5″ less body impression).

Adjustable base friendly

  • The mattress is flexible so that it may be used on a power-adjustable base where the head and foot of the bed can be raised and lowered.

Made in Rock Island, Illinois U.S.A.


TheraLuxe Heavy Duty Balsam Mattress Sizes


  • Twin: 38 inches Wide x 75 inches  Long x Mattress Only = 13 inches thick.
  • Twin Extra Long: 38 inches Wide x 80 inches  Long x Mattress Only = 13 inches thick.
  • Full: 54 inches  Wide x 75 inches  Long x Mattress Only = 13 inches thick.
  • Queen: 60 inches Wide x 80 inches  Long x Mattress Only = 13 inches thick.
  • Eastern King: 76 inches  Wide x 80 inches  Long x Mattress Only = 13 inches thick.
  • California King: 72 inches  Wide x 84 inches  Long x Mattress Only = 13 inches thick.


Available Foundation Sizes (Optional)


  • Twin: Includes one piece. 38 inches Wide x 75 inches Long x 8.25 inches tall.
  • Twin Extra Long: Includes one piece. 38 inches Wide x 80 inches Long x 8.25 inches tall.
  • Full: Includes one piece. 54 inches Wide x 75 inches Long x 8.25 inches tall.
  • Queen: Includes one piece. 60 inches Wide x 80 inches Long x 8.25 inches tall.
  • Eastern King: Includes two pieces for added strength and mobility. Each is 38 inches Wide x 80 inches Long x 8.25 inches tall.
  • California King: Includes two pieces for added strength and mobility. Each is 36 inches Wide x 84 inches Long x 8.25 inches tall.


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