Prairie Dunes Firm Mattress

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Two Sides Are Better Than One


fs_prod1 (1)Many have said that one sided mattresses are an industry conspiracy. Whether it is or isn’t up for debate, the fact is many mattress companies no longer offer 2 sided mattresses as an option for you to buy. The smart people at The Bedding Group/ Therapedic® believe you should have a choice and that there is a place for them.


The Prairie Dunes Firm Mattress is one of several double sided beds that they offer to choose from. If you are one of those people who still love the old mattresses that you can flip over making it possible to utilize both sides, then the Prairie Dunes Firm is an excellent choice.


NOTE: The overall feel of this mattress is firm due to a heavy duty inner coil spring design, insulators, and high-density foam. That’s right the feel of this mattress is old-school firm on both of the sleeping surfaces on both sides of this mattress.


Get More Mattress For Your Money!


The Prairie Dunes Firm Mattress Innergy 2 has a great price and for the money your get more mattress. It’s unique double sided design makes both the side usable. With care like rotation and flipping this mattress will exceed the life of today’s ordinary one-sided models offered by brand name companies. Thinner overall than most mattresses so special or new sheets are usually not needed.


Prairie Dunes Firm Mattress By Therapedic®


  • Did We Mention The Benefits

    • Two Sided
    • Flip it over
    • Spin it around – end to end
    • Double-sided
    • Turn it over


    Firmness Rating: 1 Through 10 – 1 Is Our Softest Feel, And 10 Is The Hardest Feel


    • 1 = Our softest water mattress.
    • 4 = Our firmest water mattress.
    • 5 = Is our softest coil spring mattress NOTE (Our softest coil spring mattress is firmer than our firmest water mattress).
    • 10 = Is our firmest coil spring mattress.
    • Prairie Dunes Firm Mattress. Firmness Rating 8.0 Firm support with a little extra cushioning to ease the firmness of the coil springs.  This is not a rock-hard mattress, nor is it mushy soft. Right in the middle for firmness. A very popular mattress on a budget. 

Foundation Optional:
See other Therapedic products Or if you are interested in something completely different check out this Prairie Dunes Waterbed Insert. It will give you a different feel and could help you sleep better.

Additional information

Weight 94 lbs

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Product Features

Thickness 10″

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Fabric: Knit

Quilt: FR Safe Fiber

  • 1″ Polyurethane Foam
  • 1/2″ Polyurethane Foam

Pillow Top: NA


3/4” Polyurethane Foam

Insulator Pad

Support System:

  • 504 Alternating VertiCoil Edge
  • 13.75 Gauge Steel Coil Wire

Coil count

  • Twin–286
  • Full–396
  • Queen–504
  • King–648

Edge: Superior Foam Encasement

Optional: Innergy 2 Foundation — (9″ Tall Or 4″ Tall in Low Profile) Constructed using Solid Wood For the Frame and Slats

Warranty: 10 Year

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