Lincoln Euro Top Double Sided Mattress



You have just discovered the Lincoln Euro Top Double Sided Mattress. It is the very best mattress in terms of durability, economical value, and the least amount of motion disturbance in its class.


  • The firm support of induvial wrapped coils mold to your body’s unique shape.
  • Tencel™ Faced Fabric: The temperature-neutral sleeping surface breathes keeping you at the optimal temperature throughout the night.
  • 2 Sided Flip design. The way beds were made for over 100 years.
  • Less motion disturbance from your partner’s restlessness.
  • Extraordinarily Great value.

Use it on flat supporting surfaces like a platform bed, box spring, foundation, or power electric adjustable bed. The Lincoln Euro Top Double Sided Mattress from Capital Bedding is light years ahead of the competition in all of these categories.

Price Includes:


Lincoln Euro Top Double Sided Mattress


“Honestly,” I think Lincoln himself might have enjoyed a sleeping surface like this. So many features that can benefit the sleeper, night after night and year after year.


Simmons Beautyrest may have once held the patent on a wrapped coil, but Capital Bedding improved it.


A wrapped pocket coil type mattress derives its name from the method used for each coil to have its own home which is a very touch pocket of fabric. Unlike wire tied coil designs, this allows each coil to move independently for optimal motion isolation and independent contouring abilities those other mattresses do not and cannot achieve.


Flexible Articulating Design- Most innerspring coil systems connect their coils with wire. This does not allow the mattress to flex and contour to the body’s natural curves. Even worse, the modern-day adjustable power bed bases are becoming a large part of the modern bedding market. Whether you sit up and read, elevate to stop snoring, or watch TV, flexible mattresses that work with moving base support are a mattress must. This mattress is made to flex.


Stop Moving- Does your sleep partner move and wake you? One by one, letting each coil work independent of one another is the key to stopping movement that transfers through the bed that can cause to stir, or even worse wake up.


Supporting The Entire Body- Like the independent suspension of a car. Independent mattress coils are the sleep suspension system that allows each coil in the same mattress to move vertically (i.e. reacting to the movement of each sleeper) independently of the other.


Longer Life- Double-sided, meaning there are 2 sleeping surfaces. This was the method of choice for mattress building until costs and profits got in the way. By keeping a second useable side in the building design as they had been for over 100 years we add years to life that new one-sided mattresses are not achieving.


While there is no one mattress that can do everything, choosing the Lincoln Euro Top Double Sided Mattress assures you that so many of today’s challenges when buying a new mattress can be met. The best part is you get a better bed with old-fashioned know-how, and modern technology, for much less than a brand-name mattress like the Simmons Beautyrest. We ask you to compare. We know you will agree.

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No Foundation, Twin, Full, Queen, King


Product Features

Lincoln Euro Top Double Sided Mattress Specifications


  • Total Mattress Thickness- 14″.
  • 8″ Tall 616 Fabric encased coils innerspring.  Flippable 2-sided unit 14.5 gauge wire.
  • Six-Way Foam Encased Edge Support- This offers help through support for users by helping them transition in and out of bed with ease.
  • Cover flanged to prevent slipping of materials.
  • Luxury Tack and Jump Quilted Pattern on both sides. Enhances comfort on the surface of the mattress.
  • Tencel Stretch Knit- The performance Tencel cover with Exclusive temperature regulating technology quilt cover on both sides.
  • FR fiber on each side that meets federal safety standards.
  • Quilt foam- Provides pressure relief and comfort for less tossing and turning due to painful pressure points.
  • Luxurious middle memory foam provides an additional comfort layer.
  • 1” Comfort support foam on both sides.
  • Deluxe continental wrapped foundation (optional).
  • 5/10-year limited manufacturer’s warranty.


Model Numbers, Sizes, & Measurements

  • 4025LIT Twin 38″ Wide x 75″ Long x 14” Thick Double Sided Profile
  • 4025LIF Full 54″ Wide x 75″ Long x 14” Thick Double Sided Profile
  • 4025LIQ Queen 60″ Wide x 80″ Long x 14” Thick Double Sided Profile
  • 4025LIK King 76″ Wide x 80″ Long x 14” Thick Double Sided Profile

1 review for Lincoln Euro Top Double Sided Mattress

  1. Tammie Loyack

    My last mattress was a sealy, that I paid alot of money for I had pain from day one. I have knee replacements and have join pain. I had bad shoulder and hip pain every night. And im menopausal I sweat so bad. This mattress is so amazing !!! I have no pain, I stay cool all night long. I wake up on the same side I fell asleep on. I can lay on my back with no pain. My other mattress I couldn’t . It’s a thick mattress but works great with my adjustable frame. I thought it felt too firm at first but I was wrong it is perfect.

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