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Convert Waterbed To Regular Bed

February 9, 2012
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The answer is YES!

  • So, you have an old waterbed that includes the surrounding wood frame? 
  • Tired of the water mattresses???
  • Leaks, it’s uncomfortable, can’t get in or out of it? 
  • Hard to move, fed up, can’t use it because you rent, and they are not allowed?

Whatever the reasoning for getting rid of your old waterbed bladder, know that there is FINALLY a normal, regular mattress, that is specifically made for those people who no longer want their old water-filled waterbed mattress.  Putting a conventional mattress in a waterbed is the easiest and very best solution and saves you money. 

This unique mattress is not found everywhere so what is it called, how does it work, and where can it be found? Some believe such a mattress is only mythical and as hard to find as a unicorn. Not true. A person simply needs to locate a company that makes regular coil spring mattresses but can also make them to a specific needed size. In this case, to fit inside of a waterbed; the industry calls this mattress a water bed insert.

What is a waterbed insert? Think regular mattresses like Serta, Sealy, and Simmons with coil springs. Please take note that each of the three mentioned sizes below. Each is approximately 1 inch smaller than your wooden waterbed cavity. This is because the newly found additional space surrounds the entire mattress on all four sides.

The much-needed extra room gives you the essential extra space that is needed so that the mattress fits correctly. You can rest assured that your new mattress will not fit so tight that you can’t do the simple daily chores like getting your hands down inside the frame to tuck in your mattress pad, sheets, and a comforter. You will love the extra space! 

Mattresses that are cut to exact measurements of your waterbed cavity do not offer the luxury and are the reason stores do not recommend making mattresses to your exact cavity specifications. 

Additionally, waterbed inserts are thicker. Take note of this on the specific model you are considering, as this can not only increase mattress comfort but also increase the ease of getting into and out of your bed. 

These days companies like STL Beds can do just that, and for those in immediate need also stocks select models for immediate delivery. 

Shop our regular mattress made to fit a hardside waterbed frame now by clicking the photo above.

What Sizes Do Waterbed Inserts Come In?

Here Are The 3-Industry Standard Water Bed Insert Mattress Sizes:

  1. Super Single Inserts – Measurements 46 inches wide x 82 inches long.
  2. California Queen – Measurements 58 inches wide x 82 inches long.
  3. California King – Measurements 70 inches wide x 82 inches long.

10 Benefits Of A Waterbed Insert Mattress


  1. Keep What You Have: Use what you already own by keeping your waterbed headboard, wooden side frame, under-bed storage drawers, waterbed sheets, waterbed mattress pad, and waterbed comforter. Buying a replacement conventional mattress for the hard side waterbed means you can still use everything you already own for it.
  2. Only 1 Thing To Purchase: Saves money only one thing to buy, a conventional coil spring mattress that is made to fit the waterbed.
  3. Easy To Use: Regular mattresses for a waterbed are easier to get in and out of.
  4. Time Saver: Special waterbed conventional mattresses are easy and fast to move. Getting 200 gallons of water out of the bed doesn’t happen in a matter of a few minutes.
  5. Easy To Move: Waterbed Inserts are lightweight.
  6. No More Electric Bill: No waterbed heater expenses to pay for.
  7. Choices, Choices, and More Choices: Waterbed inserts come in a variety of firmness including Firm, Medium, and Pillow Top Soft, memory foam, and all-natural latex
  8. More Money Savings: Conventional water bed inserts are cheaper than buying a new set of mattresses.
  9. No More H2O Maintenance: Do not have to add conditioner, burp, drain or fill when moving the waterbed.
  10. No More Water Worries: Don’t have to worry about leaks.

Substitute A Regular Mattress For A Waterbed Mattress

Question: (Convert Waterbed To Regular Bed) Trying to find a local waterbed store near my house has been a lost cause so I have decided to ditch the water mattress but would like to keep my frame, headboard, and all of my matching furniture. Do they make or can I substitute a regular mattress for a waterbed mattress and convert my waterbed to a normal mattress?

Answer: This is a great question and the answer is yes, but before you run out and buy just any mattress know that you’re going to have to exchange the old waterbed mattress for a regular mattress that has been altered and modified to fit your frame in a way that makes the transformation from waterbed to conventional mattress a seamless process and it is called a Waterbed Insert.

How Does It Fit?

The mattress is called a waterbed insert and it converts a hard side waterbed into a conventional bed without the use of water. Simply put it is a regular mattress that drops into a waterbed frame and is also sometimes called a waterbed drop-in. Mattress manufacturers alter the mattress size so that there is approximately 1-inch additional space left around the mattress perimeter making it easier to dress the bed.

Waterbed bedding like sheets, mattress pad, and comforter should still fit most mattresses while still leaving some addition space to get your hands down in there to tuck in the bedding. Padded rails still may fit but really are not necessary any more.

Can I Use My Waterbed Drawer Pedestal With An Insert?

Absolutely, whether you have a box pedestal, 6 drawer pedestal, princess pedestal, or a captains pedestal you can still benefit from under bed storage with swapped out mattress design. You can also continue to use the headboard that came with the bed and any matching furniture that you might have.

What Are The Measurements Of A Water Bed Insert?

  • California King 70 wide x 82 long
  • Queen 58 wide x 82 long
  • Super Single 48 wide x 82 long

What Kind Of Insert Mattress Is Better Firmer Or Softer?

It is really a matter of person preference however most people are coming off a waterbed which tends to be much softer even in a very baffled version. Our suggestion is something with a more solid firmer core that has been cushioned adequately on the sleeping surface which can help make the transition back to a conventional mattress an easier change.

Is Exchanging A Waterbed Mattress For A Regular Mattress Hard?

No the hardest part is finding companies that sell waterbed inserts and draining the old waterbed mattress.

What Different Kind Of Waterbed Inserts Are Offered?

  • Coil Spring Waterbed Inserts (These are regular mattresses that don’t require box springs?)
  • Memory Foam Waterbed Inserts
  • Latex Waterbed Inserts
  • Airbed Waterbed Inserts

Manufacturers, That Make A Waterbed Drop-In?

  • King Koil
  • Comfort Solutions
  • Symbol Mattress Company
  • Campbell Mattress Company
  • Anatomic Global
  • Savvyrest

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