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  • Replace your waterbed with a conventional mattress
  • Fast, easy, fits your mattress type
  • Specially sized to fit California King, California Queen, or Super Single beds
  • Most 2-sided & flippable

What is a waterbed insert? If you have an old time waterbed and you would like to put a conventional mattress inside an old wood waterbed frame we can help. Your new mattress in most cases made to order in 3 business days plus ship time to your location. The process to convert a waterbed to a regular mattress is fast, easy, and best of all in most cases you keep your bed just the way you have it: drawers, furniture, bedding etc. no matter what type of mattress you choose: Coil spring, memory foam, latex, etc. Our replacement mattresses are specially sized to fit your California King, California Queen, or Super Single bed for easy making and most are 2-sided and flippable to last you longer. Click on each model below to learn more details about construction, firmness, and prices.

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Monterrey Gentle Firm Waterbed Insert


fs_prod1 (1)Waterbed Insert Replacement Mattress

The Monterrey Gentle Firm waterbed insert mattress has been designed to fit waterbed frames that have the wood sides. We believe it is a good choice specifically for those needing a harder firmer bed yet needing just a touch of extra comfort on the sleeping surface. This is not a mushy sinky feeling bed and easily drops into your empty wooden frame without any changes having to be made to your bed. It  is manufactured by Therapedic and has two sides which provides more bang for your buck by extending mattress life. A unique feature rarely found on this type of mattress is that it is made slightly smaller than the surrounding frame leaving enough space for making the bed and being able to flip it over occasionally. Below there are additional specifications and details concerning the Monterrey Firm replacement mattress.
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Monterrey PillowTop Waterbed Insert

Rated 5.00 out of 5

fs_prod1 (1)Ditching the Old Waterbed Mattress?

Thinking it might be time to throw away your old hardside waterbed because it just isn’t comfortable anymore? Well you can and you can also keep your headboard, frame, drawers and everything else except the water mattress and heater. Replace them with Therapedic’s  most lavish choice in waterbed insert replacement beds. The Monterrey Pillow Top Waterbed Insert offers you an easy transition from your waterbed to a regular mattress with a softer cushier feel that is similar to a waterbed, but with the extra strong support of steel coil springs. The deliberate old school 2-sided flippable design promotes more even mattress wear and extends the life with regular care. The profile is thick, making it easy to get in and out of the bed without climbing over the wood sides. Lastly, it is under cut 1 inch all the way around for the simple things like tucking in sheets. Read more important details and specifications below.
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Monterrey Plush Waterbed Insert


fs_prod1 (1)

The Mattress Made To Fit A Waterbed!

Ever wondered if they make a plain old mattress to fit inside your old waterbed frame? Therapedic has a solution to your problem. The Monterry Plush  Mattress can do just that. It is slightly undersized all the way around to fit better than an ordinary mattress and their is still room to get your hands along the sides to make it up. It has two sides so you can flip it over and last you longer. Regular care like flipping the mattress over and spinning it end to end is like rotating the tires on your car but in this case it promotes better and more even mattress wear. The incredibly soft surface will ease painful treasure points while underneath the firm support of the solid steel coils offer you unmatched core support. You’ll dream of crawling into this bed every night. A Best Seller!
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Prairie Dunes Firm Mattress Twin

Prairie Dunes Firm Waterbed Insert


Free Shipping on this product!Mattress Sized Special For Hardside Waterbeds!

Wouldn’t just love a standard bed mattress that is ready to fit right down into your current wooden frame waterbed?  Therapedic® builds the Prairie Dunes Firm waterbed insert to do just that. No more leaks or mattresses that won’t drain. It’s built especially to fit your current waterbed frame leaving just enough space along the sides and ends to put your bedding on. A special feature rarely found for this price is that it has two sides and can be flipped over to prolong mattress life. Available in 3 sizes including super single, California Queen, and California King to fit your needs. Scroll down the page for more detailed information about the Prairie Dunes Firm insert.
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Prairie Dunes Plush Waterbed Insert


fs_prod1 (1)Are you fed up with your really heavy waterbed mattress that leaks when you least expect it? Whatever your reasoning for getting off of water you will want to consider keeping your waterbed frame, but ditching your water mattress. The solution is a “Prairie Dunes Plush” waterbed replacement insert mattress from Therapedic® . It constructed with heavy duty coil springs and features a cushier plush surface that is better for those just coming off of a softer feeling water mattress. The Bedding Group & Therapedic® builds this luxurious support system and custom made to fit the 3 standard waterbed sizes: Super single, California Queen, and California King wood frame waterbed you already have. No need to buy a headboard, frame, or sheets. Remove your old water mattress and heater and Simply place the new mattress inside the bed frame cavity and begin to experience it’s convenience. Keep all your furniture, waterbed frame and bedding. It is slightly undersized around all four sides for better fit and easy making. It is just that easy. Our two sided feature will extend mattress life giving you more value for the dollar.

Learn more in our details section below.
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Richmond Euro Top Waterbed Insert


fs_prod1 (1)Found, A Smart Solution To Your Problem

If you have been considering getting rid of your wooden framed waterbed and thought there was a way to use it without the water, well you would be correct. The solution is simple a replacement mattress insert that can substitute the vinyl bag of water.

Our special sized Richmont Euro Top Waterbed Insert is just that, an ordinary traditional mattress made specifically to slip down inside your waterbed frame. This supportive comfort system is made thicker, so getting in and out will not be a problem. (Boxspring NOT INCLUDED and NOT Necessary)

In addition, making your bed when you wake up will be far easier than before since you won’t have to lift the heavy water mattress. The slightly undersized dimensions make getting your hands and bedding alongside the mattress easy. Learn more details below.

  • Super Single 46 X 82
  • California Queen 58 X 82
  • California King 70 X 82

Learn more about Putting a Conventional Mattress In A Waterbed Frame
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Shoreline Waterbed Insert

Rated 5.00 out of 5

fs_prod1 (1)Thin, Firm, 2-Sided, and Cheap!

Making a regular coil spring mattress fit of a waterbed frame is a super easy with Therapedic “Shoreline” firm waterbed insert. Simply pull out your old water mattress and heater and keep your safety liner. Next replace it with this special mattress that is firm and supportive with traditional innerspring coils found in brand name mattresses instead of water. What makes our mattress different is that it has two sides so it can be  flipped over and turned for longer life. What will it fit?  Super single, California Queen, and California King Size wood framed waterbeds. Learn more about the specifics of this bed below.
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