Are Standard Mattress Sizes The Same As Waterbed Sizes? Common Pitfalls Of Buying A Mattress.

Top Ten Benefits Of Waterbed Inserts

It’s one of the most unique products ever made. It bridges the design of an old time wood framed waterbed with a custom fit mattress that slips into to waterbed frame. Enjoy the:

Top Ten Benefits Of Waterbed Inserts

  1. Cheaper than purchasing a new mattress set-Drop in, Water Bed Inserts, conventional replacement mattresses: Whatever words  used to describe or name them they are a very low cost solution to purchase a regular mattress and boxspring.
  2. Specially designed to fit a wood waterbed frame- While most conventional mattresses come in the standard mattress sizes,Waterbed Inserts  are mattresses that are slightly undersized by approximately 1 inch all the way around. A real benefit when you’re trying to make the bed.
  3. Can keep all of the matching furniture and bedding-You can keep your dresser, chest, and mirror because nothing has changed but the mattress, so everything will still match. Not only can you use your current furniture but your bedding like sheets, pad, and comforter will be useable on a waterbed replacement mattress.
  4. Easy to get in and out of bed- We all know how hard it can be to get in and out of a waterbed. An insert solves this problem giving you the extra little push to get out of the bed in the morning. Not only that but drop in conventional mattresses offer a thicker design that rises above the wood side rails. No more padded rails needed and no more climbing over the wood side frames.
  5. More support than a waterbed mattress- While this may be true when compared  to a free flow or semi waveless mattress, most people including myself, many doctors, and chiropractors would tell you that comment needs to be based on each particular mattress. Some are better or worse than others and that goes for coil spring waterbed inserts as well.
  6. Last longer than waterbed mattresses- While steel coils can last a long time that doesn’t mean they will last longer than water. Each watermattress and each waterbed insert is built individually. Some are built better and will last longer while others use low grade building materials that wear out and quickly lose their support. Shop carefully and compare to competing brands and models to find weaknesses in the design.
  7. Drop In Mattresses are light weight- Inserts are not waterbeds. They typically weigh less than 125 pounds depending on size and  inner construction.
  8. Available in various firmnesses- Like any mattress a conventional drop in replacement mattress comes in various levels of firm, medium, and soft. Mattresses may include firmer tight top quilting, more luxurious quilting for a softer feel like the plush top, and of course the favorite of most people coming off a waterbed the most luxurious a pillow or euro top surface, each built to give you years of lasting comfort and support.
  9. Lots of mattress types to choose from- While insert mattresses with coil springs are the easiest to find other versions like memory foam, latex, and air are also available. Contact a  manufacturer that builds mattresses and they can lead you to one of their authorized dealers  who would be more than happy to assist you with this special request.
  10. Waterbed replacement mattresses are easier to move– Custom mattresses like inserts have many benefits and moving is one of them. Generally speaking most are less than 100 lbs. No draining and no filling required. We will mention that moving can still be a bit of a pain due to the waterbed frame itself which is often held together with many  screws.

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