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Not Loving Your Waterbed Mattress Anymore? Don’t Toss the Frame, Try A Waterbed Insert!

January 16, 2019
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Go From Old School Waterbed Mattress To New School Insert

Waterbeds were a popular item in the past and used mostly by a younger generation. There was nothing like the floating feel you get on a waterbed mattress as the water moves in it. Then waterbed mattresses were upgraded so that they didn’t have much motion in them as most people would tire of the sloshing and swishing after several years. Now in the present, many people want to do away with the waterbed mattress and convert their bed into a conventional bed. There are many benefits to this idea. You can try a waterbed insert first.

Waterbed Inserts

Super Single Waterbed Insert.

A waterbed insert is a specialty made mattress to fit your existing waterbed frame. The opening or what we call the cavity of your waterbed frame is sized for hard side waterbeds, which is actually a bit different from standard mattress dimensions. The choice of purchasing a standard mattress instead of a specialty waterbed insert would give you a very tight fit within the framework of your bed. This tight fit makes it difficult to dress your bed and put on your sheets.

With such a snug fit there is simply no room for even smaller hands to lift up each corner of the mattress to make it. It becomes a fight putting the corners on one at a time because in truth not only do your hands not fit down inside the frame but also bedding you just fit over the corner would be knocked off if the mattress was lifted up and then dropped back into position during the making process. Traditional-sized mattresses were a real headache so builders came up with a solution.

The fix is a specialty waterbed insert. It has been invented to solve the problem of the bottom sheet’s corners popping off while trying to make the bed. Waterbed inserts are about two inches narrower and shorter than a conventional mattress of the same size. This enables you to just simply drop the insert in the frame and it leaves the owner with just enough room along the ends and sides to get your hands between the insert mattress and wood frame for easy bed making.

Perfectly Sized Waterbed Inserts

Waterbed inserts are available for super single, California Queen and California King sized waterbed frames.

The super single cavity in the waterbed frame measures 48 inches wide by 84 inches long while your quickly made custom insert is 46 inches wide by 82 inches long.

The California Queen cavity in the waterbed frame is 60 inches wide by 84 inches long while a specially sized insert measures 58 inches wide by 82 inches long.

The California King cavity in the waterbed frame is 72 inches wide by 84 inches long. The better fitting waterbed insert measures 70 inches wide by 82 inches long.

You can see how these measurements give owners an extra inch on all four sides. A super easy solution and you keep everything just the way it is with the exception of padded sided. You won’t need them anymore. No more climbing out of bed. The mattresses sit above your wooden side rails.

A Less Expensive Alternative to Buying a Conventional Bed

If you were to buy a new conventional bed, you would need to purchase a frame, a headboard, and a mattress and box spring too. This can add up to a considerable amount of money. However, if you utilize a waterbed insert, you don’t need to purchase a box spring because the waterbed frame supports your insert properly. This also lets you keep all of your matching furniture in your bedroom including the waterbed frame, headboard, pedestal drawers for storage, and other furnishings that match such as nightstands and dressers.

Another great thing about converting your waterbed to a conventional bed is that you can often use your current inventory of sheet sets. This saves you money instead of having to invest in new sheets and start over with coordinating them.

Finally insert owners don’t have the expense of running, replacing, and servicing their waterbed heater. Think of the energy costs you’ll save when you convert your waterbed to a conventional style.

Comfort Is The Key

A waterbed insert makes getting in and out of the waterbed so much easier. Sleepers can enter or exit the bed without having to kneel or sit on a hard wooden frame. The inserts are specially designed with a thicker profile so that you only come into contact with the mattress, not vinyl padded rails or hard bedsides.

You have a wide variety of firmness’s in a waterbed insert to select from including Firm, Medium, Memory foam, all-natural latex, and even the luxurious Pillow Top Soft mattress.

Premium waterbed inserts have a softer and cushier feel to them with coil springs inside for the maximum firm inner support that provides support and comfort all night long.

Superior Support

The premium construction of a waterbed insert includes the material and firmness level that suits you best. All waterbed inserts have much more support than a waterbed mattress. If you choose a model that includes luxurious upholstery and a pillow top for comfort, you can still have the option of an insert that includes a super supportive steel coil system for firm core support from head to toe. Chiropractors generally tell their patients that a steel coil support system is much better for them than a waterbed mattress that really doesn’t have any support in it to speak of.

Long Lasting

The best waterbed inserts are the old school design that is made as a two-sided mattress. This design is great because you can flip the mattress over, spin it from end to end and get nearly twice life with more even wear that keeps you out of pits and valleys of one-sided mattress designs.

No More Waterbed Worries

A waterbed mattress insert translates into fewer overall worries than a waterbed mattress. You will no longer have to worry about leaks, water conditioners, or the trouble of draining a waterbed mattress to move it. You also will not have to refill the waterbed mattress after it is moved. Think about the peace of mind you will get knowing that your waterbed heater won’t go out on the coldest night of the year, leading you to a night on the couch.

If you want to get the most out of your old waterbed frame, a waterbed insert is a way to go with premium construction, a specialty fit, amazing comfort, and support. all in one product.