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What Kind Of Waterbed Mattress Insert Is The Best?

November 29, 2018
In the Bedroom

Customer Question:

I have slept on a waterbed nearly my entire life. My husband is having issues (back, muscle pain, etc) with the waterbed mattress now. Is there one of the waterbed mattress insert we can get that mimics the feel of a waterbed mattress? When I sleep on regular mattresses I have the same issues he is experiencing on the waterbed mattress. I don’t want to commit to a mattress that he will love and then I hate 🙂
Thanks for your help!


Hi Raina,
You did not mention how old your current water mattress is? It is very important to note that even water-filled mattresses with baffling lose their support, wave control, and comfort over time. In fact, with the exception of wave motion, this is common with any mattress. Example of types of mattresses that wear out: Mattress and boxspring/foundations, Memory and gel foam, air beds, latex, and yes even hard side and soft-sided waterbeds.

What is the Normal Life of a Waterbed Mattress?

There are many factors here that determine durability. Keeping it clean, treated with the conditioner both in and outside, and using a mattress protector or zippered encasement. In normal conditions, the average waterbed bed mattress life is as follows and should be replaced once such time has passed. I would like you to think about things that are made of vinyl: car seats, dashboards, and waterbed mattresses. I bring this up because vinyl mattresses are typically containing up to 230 gallons of water depending on the bed the size. In fact, considering how inexpensive water mattresses are to the aforementioned types of mattresses, replacing waterbed mattresses should be a no brainer. We encourage people not to risk the leakage, inconvenience, and potentially costly damage a large water leak can cause.
  • Free Flow – 5 years
  • Semi Waveless- 5-7 years
  • Waveless 7-9 years
  • Super Waveless 10-12 years
  • Ultra Waveless 10-12 years do.
If you have a Free Flow or frankly even a semi waveless mattress our opinion is that these particular bladders lack the necessary support that most adults and adult couples want and more importantly need. Our suggestion is to choose most any baffled mattress above a waveless model and you are likely to have a very positive flotation experience like the majority of our customers have over the last thirty-plus years. This kind of choice dramatically increases comfort throughout the night and support for the entire body head to toe.

Can a waterbed mattress fix a bad back?

Great question. I’ll put this bluntly, I do not care what kind of mattress a person is considering, it is very import to understand that physicians and chiropractors are the back fixers, NOT mattress salespeople 😉 Unfortunately I see this all too often, and the expectation is that a new mattress will be the cure-all for their back issues (soreness, muscle pain, herniated discs, etc.) They are nearly always disappointed because this is not what a mattress does. As a matter of fact, mattresses can only give you the correct support and comfort you. With that said, if the sleeper does not have back problems and you are certain the mattress IS the cause of the pain then simply finding the right mattress is all you would need to do.

If I replace my waterbed and get a mattress insert will it feel similar to what I have now?

Our waterbed mattress inserts are a great alternative for those who cannot get in and out of a hard side waterbed anymore, cannot have one in a rental apartment, etc. or simply want to get rid of their water mattress but want to keep their existing waterbed frame.
Regular mattresses are NO substitute for water in pressure relief and temperature control. Most regular mattresses are NOT temperature controlled. This is half of the waterbed benefits. In the pressure relief department, inserts are NOT a water bed. It is interesting to note that if the current water mattress is too soft and passive in support (like a free flow or semi waveless and not considering a super or Ultra Waveless) then converting back is usually a great option. Our 30 plus years of selling mattress inserts show us that selecting models with plush or pillow top surfaces make the transition to a regular mattress much easier. While it is not a waterbed it gives a sample of both worlds. The firmness of coil springs with some of the waterbed softness. Another important note. Our softest regular mattress insert is still firmer than our firmest ultra waveless water mattress, so while it mimics the feel they are definitely not the same feel. Below is a list of our most popular water bed mattress inserts people often choose when leaving water and converting back to a traditional bed type of mattress.

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