Benefits Of Choosing A Waterbed

Benefits Of Choosing A Waterbed

December 15, 2011
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Today we are going to discuss the benefits of choosing a waterbed. Contact STL Beds if you have any questions or concerns.

1. Decide between a hard side or soft side waterbeds each has advantages.

While Hardsides may have been the most popular waterbed ever they lack modern styling, ease of mobility, but offer big advantages in value for the cost and are quite durable. Softsides allow for use of normal sheet sizes, conventional headboards, and have the look of a coil spring mattress

Benefits of Choosing a Waterbed

2. Waterbeds alleviate pressure points

The idea of a hard mattress that is best to sleep on has gone the way of the Do-Do Bird. These malleable sleeping surfaces are quite possibly one of the best alleviating painful pressure points that are the root of our tossing and turning throughout the night. Before memory foam there were waterbeds and nothing else conforms better. Sleepers don’t want to wake with neck, joint, or back pain. With the proper support, the spine is aligned and pressure is reduced so you will wake up ready to start the day free of pain and feeling refreshed

3. Reduce Allergies Using a Waterbed Mattress

Allergy is an extreme sensitivity condition of the body’s immune system. Often reactions occur to normally harmless matters in our environment. A waterbed is able to minimize these allergens if kept clean regularly something that is not possible with most other types of regular mattresses where symptoms can get worse. Both hardside and softside waterbeds have a cleanable vinyl surface that does not easily harbor dust mites, mold, mildew, other allergens that could cause allergies to flare up or cause a stronger reaction. People with asthma, allergies, and other problems like arthritis and eczema often find a waterbed to sleep more comfortably

4.Ease Sleep Disorders

Both Softside Waterbeds and Hardside Waterbeds provide quite possibly the most unique relaxing sleeping surface of all mattresses. The fact that you can control the temperature of these beds sets them apart from others. Temperature can be adjusted to a precise setting that makes the bed more relaxing whether you like the bed warmer or cooler. If you find it difficult to fall asleep a waterbed mattress could be a soothing solution for reasons that include their reduced pressure on the body, temperature-controlled sleep environment, and comforting support. We have found that many people with sleeping disorders have fallen asleep faster.  While not a cure for sleep disorders a waterbed is just one more key to a great night of sleep.

5. Temperature control of a waterbed offers many benefits

The Benefits of Choosing a Waterbed with heater control are numerous. Many customers with various joint conditions that are responsive to pressure relief and temperature find a waterbed comforting including people with Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) by reducing pressure on tissues and organs, synovial joints.

6. Lots of bang for the buck making them a great value

Where a hard-side waterbed or sofside is what you decide on either offer unmatched value. Both include mattress, heater, liner, frame, temperature control, and pressure relief. Hard sides usually include a headboard and built better than most any other bed on the market. Soft sides adapt to most bedroom sets and beds, are easy to move around, and make getting in and out of bed a breeze. They even use your existing bedding.

7. Less movement than many regular mattress sets

Bases of regular mattresses often have a bouncy coil spring which transfers motion and energy something that is nearly always carried up all the way through the springs of the mattress. Waterbed mattresses can be baffled to eliminate motion and disruption and maximize support. Dual version mattresses can be purchased for more specific firmness for each sleeper and precise temperature control. Any motion in a baffled waterbed mattress is more subtle and less disturbing.

8. Softside Waterbeds don’t look like waterbeds

A soft side looks just like a regular mattress making them more appealing and conceals the fact that you are sleeping on a waterbed. Learn the benefits of a softside waterbed.

9. Waterbed pricing is competitive

While waterbed prices can range significantly they are not out of line with other kinds of mattresses and many cases are much lower in cost. See how much a waterbed costs.

10. Waterbeds don’t get body impressions

Water does not break down however if you add a padded surface to your waterbed body impressions are possible but usually are very minimal since most tops are not very thick with polyester fiber and foam.

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