Temperature And Sleep – Just Another One Of Our Body’s Tricks!

Temperature and Sleep – Just Another One of Our Body’s Tricks!

January 21, 2016
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We’ve all had it happen – those sleepless nights where the air is hot and heavy, even when the air conditioner tells you it’s cool enough. It’s difficult to breathe, and you want nothing more than to take a dose of Nyquil (or something stronger), just to get a few hours before that alarm announces the coming day of responsibilities. The reason you are feeling uncomfortable even though the external temperature and humidity are fine, is that your body is telling your brain something different. It happens. But you probably don’t want the neurological explanation right now. You just want a solution.


There are now lots of great choices used in the making of the fabric for our sheets, and some of them actually breathe and allow better air flow keeping you cooler as you sleep. Perhaps it’s time to dump them old synthetic blended sheets and covers that are worn thinning and try something new and different. And if you, like most people, need the “feel” of something covering you while you sleep, then you will want to consider making an investment into better bed coverings. For a lot of us that something needs to be really lightweight and allow air to flow freely.

One option is to check with a local bedding store and see what kind of solutions they’ll have. They may be able to make some suggestions for you based on your wants and needs. One solution we often suggest is fabrics made from natural materials like cotton and perhaps organic cotton made with one of the highest quality weaves, warp and weft. This special bedding is built without the harsh chemical treatments used during processing and dying during production. Free from toxic chemicals that can stimulate allergies, asthma, and other health related issues, natural materials can be less of an irritant, be more breathable, and yes also offer the very best quality for your money.


Temperature-controlled mattresses are a beautiful thing! You should check them out, and, if your partner and you differ on ideal temperature, you simply get one with dual controls, just like the firmness controls. One solution is a softside fluid system. It has dual thermostats to help each sleeper regulate his or hers sleeping temperature with a touch of the dial.

Another option is an all natural latex mattress. Even though they have been around since the early 1940’s most people haven’t a clue what they are. They are only one of the most durable mattresses on the planet, but most importantly include holes that are actually a result of the manufacturing process that increases air circulation. This typically results in better more even temperatured sleep throughout the night for people that are willing to go outside the norm or a brand name mattress. Be sure it is built using only natural rubber and not polyurethane foam or memory foam and synthetic filler layers that can prohibit air flow an interrupt sleep.

Chilled Pillow Inserts

These little beauties can go right inside your pillow case. This is a great innovation for some, and I certainly don’t claim to know the “science” behind the structure of these midnight marketing masterpieces. But, basically what you get is cool to the touch pillow, and the more pressure you put on it, the cooler it gets. It’s a beautiful thing to have your face on a pillow that immediately feels like a cold compress! If this sounds a little too commercial for you since most of these only get average ratings on line, we did a little more research for you, The following pillows all got high marks and high reviews in our our online research. Sleep Better Iso-Cool Memory Foam Pillow, Classic Brands Reversible Cool Gel Memory Foam Pillow, Z Gel-Infused Dough Memory Foam Pillow With Double Z-Gel Liquid Gel Packets, and finally Beans 72 Organic Buckwheat Pillow.

In Summary

No matter if you try one of these suggestions or all of these suggestions change doesn’t come without…well making a change. So try something different, try something new, because all of these suggestions can make for a more comfy, better sleeping, more even temperature for you.