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Comfort and support are king so “Restore” your energy, strength,  sharpness, attentiveness, and focus through better rest.


Proper sleep is essential to restore what your body needs each and every day, and the best tool for the job is the unmatched comfort of our Luxurious “Restore” Mattress”. No work is required other than climbing into bed. Cover up, shut off the lights and practice the new favorite pastime, opulent sleep, bottomless pressure relief, and uplifting support to cradle your entire body.


Created by the people who know beds for people who love beds, Posh and Lavish.


Constructed with only the very best components that money can buy; pure natural rubber, premium cotton, and New Zealand Wool.


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The Restore Luxury Natural Latex Mattress from Posh & Lavish (P&L) has no equal. It’s unparalleled with an innovative feel and design. They introduce both new modern building methods and proven construction into each magnificent mattress. These building processes are not only beautiful but are many times stronger, making them uniquely different from ordinary mattress builders. Why build with ordinary fiberfill, mattress foam, and coil springs like everyone else? Posh and Lavish do not build mattresses the same old way and then expect different results.  Posh and Lavish utilize 4 natural building components.


  1. All Latex Construction
  2. Wool
  3. Cotton
  4. Tencel-Faced Fabric


Your new mattress is constructed with the finest latex rubber. It lasts longer than standard foam. Regular foam bottoms out. Latex with naturally infused materials does not. Instead, it provides uplifting support that’s not found in mattresses built with standard foams. Built with not only the finest rubber our latex rubber is Oeko-Tex certified. The final assembly of our mattresses is done with certified, non-toxic, water-based glue. Don’t forget to ask our competition what they use.



Enclosing your new mattress is more than a fancy fabric cover. All 4 sides of this dream system include a substantial amount of all-natural, long fiber New Zealand Wool in between 2 layers of all-natural Oeko-Tex Certified Cotton, that has been knitted. You will rest easier knowing that your new Relax Mattress is boric acid and antimony free. Wool and Cotton along with unique construction offer sleepers a more natural and safer fire retardant layer. Ask our competitors what they use.



Nature’s wonder is cotton and wool. Both can warm you’re your body when you feel cool and just as important can help cool down your body temperature when you’re feeling warm throughout the night. Another benefit of, both natural materials is their ability to wick moisture from your body throughout the night while you sleep in one of the most temperature neutral sleep environments offered.



Features Tencel™-faced fabric is Offered by only one manufacturer. Tencel is a wood pulp derived from FSC certified trees. Using nanotechnology, Tencel™-faced fabric has helped to improve, revolutionize, mattress fabric technology: It is moisture absorbent, incredibly supple, and perhaps most importantly it is exceptionally durable.


“Restore Luxury Latex Mattress” This Is Not Your Ordinary Latex Mattress


Posh and Lavish goal is to provide owners with a stronger, purer mattress and they start by using Talalay Latex Rubber. The incredible feel of this material has been described as bottomless pressure relief and distinctive uplifting support. Experience for yourself head-to-toe support that isn’t found in your run-of-the-mill cookie-cutter brand name mattresses. The production method of the Talalay latex delivers true consistency throughout each and every layer. This uniform production also provides an extensive range of firmness choices. that cannot only be unique to each layer but when used in conjunction with each other like they are in this mattress, create the ultimate sleep experience. Learn the specifics about these layers below.


If you dined in a Gourmet restaurant expecting the crab leg feast and you were plated up with imitation crab meat seafood sticks and charged 50.00 a plate, I think it is safe to say you would be disappointed. What makes Posh and Lavish so different is that they do not use inexpensive filler materials.  Cheap filler materials often include petrol-based polyurethane foams, fibers that flatten, and ordinary metal coil springs. Each mattress is more than a beautiful, finished piece of art and begins with only the highest quality natural Dunlop latex rubber for the base support. This base support is there to keep your mattress looking new for years to come but most importantly helps to hold the middle support and topper cushioning layers in the correct position, to help support you perfectly. This kind of construction not only keeps the bed looking shapely but most importantly will feel amazing for up to 20 years.


Ordinary brand-name companies design their mattresses to make them look more substantial which also gives them tremendous marketing appeal. However, with a whopping 1.5-inch body impression guarantee, that fluff will flatten out, sag, and develop deep body imprints. Compare that to Posh and Lavish who guarantees .75 inches as the maximum allowable body impression allowed. This really says a lot about what you can expect from your new mattress in the future.

In the end, a mattress is only as good as its weakest component, which is why we don’t use weak components only breathable natural latex rubber. Consider the typical applications for the use of rubber, rubber bands, tires, and even rubber balls. It’s utilized because of its remarkable durability.


Know what makes this mattress different? Every natural rubber layer inside this bed carries the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 Certification. They are recognized worldwide as independent third-party certifiers. They make sure that the latex rubber is thoroughly tested for harmful substances. In addition, it must be made in an environmentally responsible and socially acceptable way.


Some ordinary mattresses include potentially harmful chemicals & substances known to pose health risks that threaten you and your family. The mattress is off-gassing is a common problem with many different types of mattress foams and this takes place as the foam cures. Do you your you what’s in the mattresses you’re considering purchasing?


Environmental responsibility and sustainability have become a large part of the latex story which is the reason for the inclusion of latex utilizing the Talalay process of manufacturing. It contains natural, biodegradable ingredients that are derived from water-based raw materials and renewable resources: water, air, and natural latex. The incredible material is essentially a rubber-based material and a derivative from hevea brasiliensis (tropical trees). Extraordinary building materials result in better beds.

View our complete selection of Botanical latex mattresses.


This Restore Luxury Natural Latex Mattress is nothing like you have ever experienced.

Additional information

Weight 73 lbs

Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, Split Head Queen, King, Split Head King, Split King, California King, Split Head California King, Split California King


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Product Features

Specifications For Posh And Lavish Restore Mattress


  • Top Layer for Muscle and Pressure Relief—Top Comfort Layer–2 Inches of plush, bounce-free, Talalay latex to cushion those aching muscles. Made frame OEKO–TEX® Standard 100 Certified Talalay Latex.
  • Mid Mattress Support—1 Inch of Medium bounce-free Talalay Latex for mid-level comfort and support. This is the middle layer of support that helps cradle the body by providing additional give where we need it most and adds extra pressure-relieving Talalay Latex- OEKO–TEX® Standard 100 Certified
  • Mattress Bottom— We Support Your Spine To The Core- All the way through the night with Six inches of medium-firm latex core for optimal support and spinal alignment. Constructed from high support factor medium-firm Dunlop Latex- OEKO–TEX® Standard 100 Certified
  • Complete Mattress Thickness— 9 Inches Total height with cover (Please take note of our sizing and measurements)
  • Top Cover— Made from OEKO–TEX® Standard 100 Certified Tencel® fabric. Posh and Lavish utilizes the newest state-of-the-art manufacturing process that converts sustainable Forest Stewardship Council Certified Trees into a useable fiber. (FSC and international non-profit). This fiber is used to make our custom-tailored stretch knit 3-dimensional fabric cover. Made with a high-weight 602 Gram Tencel Faced fabric. It is biodegradable and compostable.
  • Safety— A unique and patented process that requires 99% of the water & solvent chemicals used to be reclaimed and reused again. The Tencel process protects the users and the environment from potentially harmful solvents found in other man-made fabrics like natural and sustainable bamboo fibers and polyesters, instead of contaminating the area surrounding production.
  • Clean-Fire Retardant FR DesignMeets the stringed fire retardant regulations using the finest All-Natural wool from throughout the world. Top-quality all-natural OEKO–TEX® Also includes certified cotton which includes no added chemicals for your family’s safety.
  • Top-quality All Natural Cotton OEKO–TEX® Certified cotton which includes no added chemicals for your family’s safety and durability.
  • Temperature Neutral Cover—Breathability long fiber, medium coarse grade, all-natural wool that is wrapped in the finest all-natural cotton stretch knit cover casing
  • Long Life Design— Precompress Factor 4:1 to minimize body impressions that are so common with other mattresses. Quilt Free, Fiber Free, Polyurethane Free
  • Engineered Design—Energy-absorbing bounce-free natural latex rubber design to help minimize mattress movement for less disturbance throughout the night.
  • Slow Down The Spread Of Unsafe Bacteria— by naturally defending against anti-fungal & antibacterial matter.
  • Reduced Exposure To Allergens—You’ll feel like a weight has been lifted off your chest knowing that you breathe easier thanks to an allergen-free setting from Mold, Dust Mites, and Polyurethane
  • It’s Not Hazardous In There—Europeans have trusted third-party verification of OEKO-TEX® certified latex and so should Americans. They test for potentially harmful toxins and harmful off-gassing. Don’t trust your family’s health to ordinary petroleum-based polyurethane foams.
  • Strong As An Ox— Natural Latex rubber is remarkably strong and able to bounce back time after time, after all, that’s what rubber does. For this reason, minimizing body impressions to a mere 0.75″ indention is an easy promise to guarantee.
  • Guaranteed- 20-year Total Warranty— The first 10 years are a non-prorated warranty against workmanship & material defects. Maximum allowable body impression allowed 0.75” Deep We would be happy to share the complete details of our guarantee in writing. (Click Here)
  • We Do Heavy Lifting— We can supply you with quick delivery to your home. Delivery and Installation Available St. Louis MO. Metro Area.
  • Customize The Feel— with one of our removable toppers.

Restore Mattress Size And Measurements


  • Twin– width 38” x length 75” x 10” thickness
  • Twin XL– width 38” x length 80” x 10”thickness
  • Full– width 53” x length 75” x 10” thickness
  • Queen– width 60” x length 80” x 10” thickness
  • Split Head Queen– width 60” x length 80” x 10” thickness x Split Length 31″
  • King– width 76” x length 80” 10” thickness
  • Split Head King– width 76” x length 80” 10” thickness x Split Length 31″
  • California King– width 72” x length 84” x 10” thickness
  • Split Head California King– width 72” x length 84” x 10” thickness x Split Length 31″

The Perfect Mattress Should Have Perfect Support


How do you get the most life out of your new Posh+Lavish mattress? Easy support it properly. This starts with the proper frame and foundation The perfect mattress should have perfect support, it is a key component to achieving a long comfortable mattress life. Your new sleep system will perform optimally when it is properly supported underneath. Choice of 2 great heights!


What Kind of Support Do We Recommend Under This Mattress?

The best mattress should have the best support and we recommend our STL Beds Super Duty foundation. It has been designed to last for the lifetime of your mattress for optimal support and comfort, so invest in better rest.


1. STL Beds Super Duty Foundation- Optional (Learn More) Super Heavy Duty Foundation

  • High Profile Foundation 8.25″ Tall
  • Low Profile Foundation 5″ Tall

2. Power Adjustable Foundation- Optional  (Learn More)  Adjustable Power Base

3. Platform Bed- Use Your Existing Platform Bed- Optional  (Learn More) Differences in Box Springs, Platforms, and Foundations 



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