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  • Strong & supportive
  • Improves the feel of your mattress
  • Options with added hidden storage drawers

Why a new foundation or storage foundations? Because a well built house starts with a solid foundation & mattresses are no different. Today’s state of the art foundations /boxsprings are stronger, more supportive, and can improve the feel of your old or new mattress. Some bed base systems offer tons of storage space without taking any additional space from your bedroom. There are huge differences in construction & features that affect prices, Click photos below for specifics. Some offer hidden storage drawers while others can be split or lowered. Need more help? Read these articles. Many people ask the question What is a Boxspring and What Does it Really Do? or  Do I Need to Buy a New Foundation when Buying a New Mattress?


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1″ Coir Pad Bed Rug

1″ Coir Pad Bed Rug


fs_prod1 (1)Perfect Addition To Any Platform Bed


This Eco friendly bed rug is a one-inch flat mat made of coconut fiber (coir) impregnated with natural latex rubber. The semi flexible pad is extremely porous and allows air to circulate and flow freely between the bottom of a mattress and a platform bed’s surface. This unique support system also works as an excellent insulator on top of flat smooth surfaces like platform beds, pedestal beds, or captains bed that use materials like plywood or luan / lauan. It is also used for platform beds with wooden slats and slat packs that are spaced a little to wide causing sagging. This can help reduce and minimize sag between wood or metal slats that are spaced more than 2-3 inches apart.

Water Bed Box Pedestal

12” 6 Drawer Pedestal


This unique 12 inch tall Six Drawer Under Bed Pedestal Cabinet is most often used under hardside waterbeds. It fits any size waterbed and can also be used under regular mattresses and boxsprings, memory foam, and latex beds. In these applications however the drawers will require an optional platform deck or plywood to be added for flat surface for proper mattress support. Learn about specifics of this system below.

14 Inch Oak 6 Drawer Pedestal

14 inch Oak 6 Drawer Pedestal


If you have been considering ways to add more function to your bedroom, we know you are going to be impressed with this very unique under dresser. Your new 14 inch tall pedestal design is admired both for its beauty and for not being as intrusive as bulky dressers, chests, and nightstands. The neat thing is that it has the storage capacity of a dresser and nightstand while being tucked away taking up space otherwise wasted on closed in bed box pedestals and bed frames. Works under both waterbeds and traditional mattresses. Learn more details and specifications below.

4 Drawer Oak Pedestal 9 Inches Tall


9 Inch 4 Drawer Pedestal Oak

Maximize space in your bedroom with Oakland Furniture USA’s 9 Inch tall Oak under bed Pedestal. It includes 4 nice size drawers. Each drawer is 24 inches wide, 14 inches from front to back and nearly 5 inches deep. Perfect for everyday use, winter or summer storage, or overflow storage. Whichever way you decide to utilize your new found space, you will wonder how you ever got along without it. It can be used under a wide variety of beds.This is our lowest support system available. Learn all about this unique storage system below. Sizing, construction, measurements, etc.

Navigate Comfort Base Remote Control

Ascend Power Adjustable Mattress Foundation


Elevate your level of comfort and sleep with the Ascend Comfort Base.  This base is not only designed to customize your sleep, but also take it to a whole new level — literally. It utilizes an additional lift motor giving you and your bed the capability to rise to the task at hand like

  • viewing your television better
  • properly supporting your mattress
  • tilting your sleeping position to alleviate acid reflux in a way that is recommended by physicians.

Glideaway’s patented feature is exclusive to the Ascend and will allow you to dial in and customize the time you spend in your mattress like no other available power base in the market place. Please take a moment to learn all the details about the features and benefits listed below.

Navigate Comfort Base Remote Control

Eco Flex Adjustable Base Bed Foundation


The Eco-Flex Powerbase manufactured by Glideaway can transform your sleeping experience like no other boxspring or bed base with the click of a button. This adjustable remote-controlled powered adjustable bed base is designed to go under all mattresses that are designed to be flexible. Today more and more mattresses meet this criterion. The powered bases can lift up or lower your head only, feet only, or both head and feet simultaneously using the wireless remote. New owners have ditched their wedge pillows and enjoy the smooth elevation of modern day sleep technology. Fine-tune the feel of your mattress by putting it into your favorite position for the things you do in bed i.e. sex, reading, watching television, or for your lounging experience. Finally the forgotten feature, Emergency Lowering in the case of a power outage or if you accidentally misplace your remote.

Navigate Comfort Base Remote Control

Freestyle Adjustable Bed Base | Platform Steel Comfort Base


If you have owned a platform bed with drawers but always wanted to have an adjustable bed, your wish has been granted. Our Freestyle Comfort Base comes in at 3 inches tall and is perfect for your existing foundation or platform bed. Enjoy all the feature found with normal adjustable beds without it becoming unstable or sitting too tall on your existing bed.

Heavy Duty Steel Bed Foundation with StorageHeavy Duty Steel Bed Foundation with Storage

Heavy Duty Steel Bed Foundation with Storage – Forever Foundation Store More Black


3 in 1 Bed Frame, Foundation & Storage!

fs_prod1 (1)

Nothing lasts longer than the Forever Foundation Store More Black. This outstanding Steel bed gives your ultimate mattress support and long lasting durability, which can easily handle the additional weight of today’s luxury mattresses. Lets face it the majority of boxsprings built today are simply wooden boxes covered with decorative fabric that only add to your cost without adding real value to your purchase. The Store More Max Plus gives more, 9 to 13 all-steel mattress support slats. It stands by itself and includes 4 heavy duty legs that are 8″ tall for the ample storage space you need. Mattress support brackets at the foot of the bed for safe sturdy seating. Naturally resistant to bed bugs. 100% recyclable. No bed frame and boxspring and it’s exempt from mattress recycle laws.

More Details Below!

Navigate Comfort Base Remote Control

Navigate Adjustable Comfortbase Bed Foundation


Have you been thinking about how you want to relax, be supported, or sleep?

Transform your bed and your bedroom with a Navigate Comfort Base and make it into something you once only dreamed about. The Navigate Comfort Base features both head/foot up and down capabililties.

Navigate to the ultimate comfort with a good book or your favorite movie and TV show. Elevate your legs and take a load off after a long day. Eliminate, or perhaps reduce, your partner’s snoring.

Everything we just described is possible with the click of a button on your backlit wireless remote.

You and yours deserve the ultimate bed base that is specially designed to support whatever you do. Our selection of Comfort Bases do just that all while setting a standard of excellence that will never go out of style.  Comfort Bases are designed with contemporary style and clean lines. Read more about the specifics of this power base below on this page.

Platform Bed Foundation Insert

From: $646.00

  • Our Twin Extra Long platform bed foundation is proudly “Made in Virginia” with all-natural hardwood
  • Easy to assemble and NO Tools Needed
  • Easy to carry and fits through the tightest turns
  • No harmful toxic finish
  • Available in all sizes and 5, 7 or 9-inch heights

Quick Assemble Foundation Box Spring 8.25 Inch High Profile


Solid Wood and Ready to Assemble Foundation

fs_prod1 (1)

  • Heavy Duty Wood Foundation. Designed to support Latex Beds, Memory Foam and Gel,  Coil Spring, and Hybrid Mattresses.
  • The Slats are no more than 3” apart providing total mattress support and allowing for breathability.
  • Fashionably neutral gray cover. Zippered to encase the entire foundation for a sleek finished look.
  • Why buy an expensive Split Queen Boxspring? Ideal for tight stairways, hallways, or any spaces where a ridged one-piece box spring doesn’t fit.
  • Fast & Free Shipping. Estimated Assembly time approximately 15 Minutes.

Mattress Optional: 
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under bed storage sto-a-way seahawk designs

Sto-A-Way Storage Foundation


The Sto-A-Way box spring / Foundation could be concealed by using a bedspread or bed skirt if you so choose to do so. The major advantage of this under bed storage base is that you will be able to utilize space in the room that is normally unused or wasted space. The Sto-A-Way Mattress Foundation offers easy accessible storage that is out of the way and won’t take up valuable square footage in your bedroom. No need to buy an expensive new dresser or have custom closets made.