Quick Assemble Heavy Duty Foundation Low Profile 5″ Springless Box Spring



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  • Heavy Duty 5″ Tall Foundation
  • Lowers Mattress Height By 3-4 Inches
  • All Wood High Profile Construction 
  • Better Support: Designed to support Latex Mattresses, Memory Foam, Gel, Coil Spring, Airbeds, and Hybrid Mattresses.
  • 14  Extra Wide Bed Slats: Closely spaced for total mattress support and better breathability.
  • Easy Quick Assembly: Approximate assembly time about 15 Minutes. No tools are needed.
  • Fits Tight Spaces: Replaces Expensive Split Box Spring. Ideal for tight stairways, hallways, or any spaces where a 1-piece box spring does not fit.
  • Fast & Free Shipping
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Quick Assemble Heavy Duty Low Profile 5″ Springless Box Spring


1-Piece Foundation That Replaces Split Box Springs

Walk the Quick Assemble Heavy Duty Foundation Low Profile 5″ Springless Box Spring easily through your home and assemble it in your bedroom


What It Does

In the case of the STL Beds low profile springless boxspring, it has the same exact construction as the standard height, but it is shorter by 3 1/4 inches. In fact, the stability of the base and its support is exactly the same as well. This lower profile design is a perfect option for anyone at any time who wants to reduce the total height of their bed. The finished height of your mattress set is an important choice to make and can be the difference between easily getting in and out of the bed or not.


Today’s mattresses are extremely thick and when you add in the height of your bed frame, the bed itself, and boxspring/foundation it is easy to see why there is such a great demand for low-profile box springs. By simply decreasing the height of your mattress, with a thinner foundation, the problem of height can be eliminated. Low-profile foundations are approximately 3-4 inches shorter than standard 8-9 inch tall box springs. This is one of the very best ways to get your mattress to sit closer to the ground.


What Kind Of Mattress Can I Use This Box Spring With?

The STL Beds Quick Assemble Low Profile 5″ tall heavy-duty foundation can be used underneath virtually any type of mattress including memory foam beds, all bed in a box type of mattresses, latex mattresses, coil spring, pocketed coil beds, and hybrid beds. The slats are spaced 2 3/4 apart to provide the necessary support for all of the listed mattresses.


The foundation comes with a luxurious encased cover that completes the look of your mattress set. The neutral white-colored cover allows for it to coordinate with virtually any mattress color and design. The zippered encasement fully encases the foundation for a beautifully tailored look.


Your new knockdown mattress support system comes with all the necessary parts for a trouble-free assembly. The estimated time to remove the packaging and assemble is 15 – 30 minutes. The foundation comes in pieces making it a one-person job. Carry the foundation into the desired room piece by piece or in the box. This is a smart alternative to the traditional two-person carry of a traditional bulky box spring. No tools are needed to turn this dream into a reality. Everything you need comes included.


This Knock Down (KD) Wood Mattress foundation is shipped directly to your house. This springless box spring can be knocked down and moved at your convenience, making it easier to move than your ridged one-piece box spring or costly split box foundations. It is ideal for tight spaces such as upstairs where your traditional foundation or box spring may have fitment issues.



Compare Ours To Theirs

Ours: We do not sacrifice building materials, strength, and durability for profitability. Our Quick Assemble Heavy Duty system is knocked down, solid wood foundation and built exclusively for STL Beds, and meets our rigid standards. It is the best support system for your hard-earned money. We stand behind our quality and encourage you to compare it to any big brand name boxspring or foundation. Why? Because our heavy-duty wood foundation starts by doubling the total number of wooden slats to 14. Each slat is at least 2 1/2 inches wide and made from Canadian spruce and fir.


No matter what size you choose, each corner will bolt securely together with a large carriage bolt to secure the mainframe together. Then it is reinforced with two wooden dowel rods. All foundation sizes include a solid wood I-Beam running head to toe that includes extra support blocks for added strength. Compare this to our competition who typically uses nothing more than a 1 3/8  wide, flimsy piece of wood for center support and with no reinforced support. STL Beds adds additional wood blocks for extra side strength down each side of the foundation for seating.  We only use solid wood to provide the optimal support for your new or old mattress.


Theirs: The majority of the box springs and foundations built today are stapled together using only 7 to 8 wood support slats. The wooden slats are typically only 1 1/2 inches wide instead of 2.5 inches wide. They include no extra strong middle or side strength reinforcement for stronger seat edge support. The majority of brand-name foundations are supported by a flimsy wire support grid. In fact, the only advantage of a system like this is that they are lightweight. This might seem like a plus until you notice that it is because they charge more money and give you less foundation.


Assembly Instructions

Additional information

Weight 94 lbs

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Product Features

Features & Benefits:

  • An Old Interior Design Trick- By lowering bed height, visually tricks the eye into thinking the room looks more spacious.
  • Aesthetics- Perhaps you have a beautiful headboard and do not want its visual appearance being blocked and your personal taste would prefer more of its esthetics more headboard to show and a less thick mattress.
  • Lowers Overall Bed Height- Most of today’s mattresses are built thicker, some can be well over 14” thick. This makes the finished total bed much taller than some people expect leaving them with a much taller bed height. A lower foundation solves this problem.
  • Making And Dressing Your Bed- It is easier to put sheets and pillows on a lower bed.
  • Ease Of Moving- Move it assembled or take it apart for a lightweight moving experience that can be done by one person. Thanks to their sleek design, this thinner profile goes where 1-piece boxsprings normally will not fit. Ideal for those who move a lot. When assembled this 5” thick design can make turns and slip through tight spaces that 9” thick models will not.
  • Weight- Weighs less than taller foundations for ease of carrying in a move.
  • Made With Pride In The USA!
  • Solid Wood- all wood construction with zero composite wood like particle board or flimsy metal tabs that bend easily.
  • Standard Foundation Height– 5” Looks great! Lowers mattress height for easy entry and exiting. If your old boxspring is 9″ tall, this will lower your mattress by 4″
  • Personal Mobility–Getting in and especially out of bed is tough, a mattress set with a lower total height makes this daily task a dream. This is ideal for height-challenged people like me, children, and even pets.
  • Even Mattress Support– consistent and even weight distribution for better support and longer mattress life.  Helps prevent that annoying middle mattress ridge associated with two-piece foundations.
  • Wider Slats & More Of Them– 14 solid wood 2 1/2-inch-wide slats includes head and foot end wood end frames with block reinforcement.
  • Closely Spaced Slats– the distance between each wood slat 2 3/4.
  • Bolted Together– bolted together in each corner with a carriage bolt. Also includes wooden dowel rods for additional strength.
  • Less Movement– no bouncy coil springs for unmatched motion isolation so sleeping partner is not disturbed during the night.
  • Solid I-Beam Construction– heavy-duty head-to-toe center support included with each and every foundation size. Includes extra support blocks.
  • Stronger Seat Edge Support– extra wood block supports down each side for reinforcement for sitting when entering, exiting the bed. Includes All Necessary Hardware– (no tools required for assembly)
  • Fits All Types Of Bed Frames– Hollywood, steel, platform, beds with headboards, beds with headboards and footboards.
  • Weight Capacity– can support up to 1500 pounds
  • Nightstand Access– Nightstands and be easier to use and often give an appearance that looks more in balance with beds that sit a lower overall bed height.
  • Zippered Fabric Cover: this cover installs easily. Simply pull over the foundation and zip it closed.

Available Sizes, Dimensions, And Weight


Finished Sizes:


  • Twin– Length: 74” Width:38” Height: 5” Weight 39 lbs.
  • Twin Extra Long– Length: 80” Width: 38” Height: 5” Weight 42 lbs.
  • Full– Length: 74” Width:54” Height: 5” Weight 52 lbs.
  • Queen– Length: 80” Width:60” Height: 5” Weight 64 lbs. Queen Ships in one box. When assembled Queen is a one-piece foundation.
  • King– Length 80” Width:76” Height: 5” Weight 83 lbs. King Ships in one box. When assembled King is a one-piece foundation.
  • California King– Length: 84” Width:72” Height: 5” Weight 83 lbs. King Ships in one box. When assembled King is a one-piece foundation.

This is a great substitute for a Split Queen Box Spring and Split Full Box Spring. Simply Carry the unassembled box into your bedroom and put it together


Cardboard Shipping Box Measures Approximately 12 x 13 x 77 (This is NOT the completed size when assembled. Measurement is for the pieces packaged / shipping dimensions)



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