11 Important Questions Answered About The Queen Size Split Boxspring

  1. Is there such a thing as a split queen boxspring or a split queen foundation? Yes, mattress manufacturers make split boxsprings and split foundations.
  2. Where can you find a queen split boxspring? Virtually any mattress store has availability to or can order the two-piece boxspring.
  3. Split Box Spring vs Regular Box Spring
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    Do mattress retailers stock split box springs? Most mattress retailers will need to order one of these for you. They can take anywhere from a couple of days to a couple of weeks to special order.

  4. What are the measurements of a split queen boxspring? Each half of the split queen boxspring or split foundation should measure 30 x 80 for a total width of 60 inches and a total length of 80 inches.
  5. Can a one-piece queen sized boxspring be cut in half? Yes, it’s your boxspring, so you can do what you want to it. The problem is that you could ruin the support unit and would most definitely void any warranty you might have from the mattress company, not only on the boxspring but the matching mattress.
  6. Why do mattress manufactures make split queen boxsprings and split foundations? Queen boxsprings are specially made in two pieces to fit through low clearance stairways, staircases, and to go around tight turns that a normal one-piece queen box spring could not fit through.
  7. How strong are split queen boxsprings compared to one-piece boxsprings? The truth is that the split queen boxspring will actually be a little stronger due to the extra wood and steel that is needed to build each piece. Other than the previously mentioned overall it is safe to say that there should be very little difference when comparing a one-piece boxspring vs. a two-piece boxspring.
  8. Do queen split boxsprings and foundations come in low profile? Yes they do. We recommend contacting the dealer for the specific height of the low profile split box spring because this measurement can vary from brand to brand and dealer to dealer.
  9. What is the cost of a split queen boxspring? This can vary between mattress retailers, but it is generally safe to say that $50.00 to $200.00 additional to the cost of a traditional 1-piece queen boxspring is reasonable. This can vary widely due to varied construction between brands.
  10. Can I use a bed skirt or dust ruffle on a split queen boxsprings? Absolutely nothing has changed in width and length dimensions therefore you can continue to use your existing bedding.
  11. Do I need special supporting steel bed frame for a split queen box foundation or boxspring? Yes, you need to make sure that not only both ends of the box spring are properly supported but the middle is supported as well. This will keep the two halves from falling to the floor.

Tell us any creative solutions you might have, that could substituted in place of a queen split boxspring.