Split Box Spring Vs Regular Box Spring

Split Box Spring vs Regular Box Spring

November 28, 2011
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Which Is Better? A Split Box Spring Or A Regular Box Spring?

The purchase of a boxspring is something most people overlook. Today we are going to rundown these two different mattress support systems, but the fact is, even in the mattress business this is boring stuff so bare with us. A boxspring is boring. It just sits there like a foundation its other commonly called name and does 2 important jobs. Job one is to be a support system for the mattress. The second task is to elevate the mattress to a comfy height while simultaneously keeping it from falling through the steel bed frame. So what’s the big deal Split Box Spring vs Regular Box Spring? Is there a difference? Actually there is and there are a few things you will definitely want to consider before you buy one.

Purchasing A New Mattress Set Or Perhaps Just A Boxspring Only

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 Which Base Should You Buy?

  1. You need to consider where you will be putting this mattress set. If you plan to place it in your current home and you have a one piece then of course the best route may be staying with a one piece foundation. You may want to consider your future homes. For those of you who move frequently or know the mattress set may have to go upstairs or downstairs you may want to give some extra thought to the 2 piece split variety. It is important to remember that tight turns, stairways, low over hangs over stairs often create real problems when moving and they may not allow access in solid one piece configurations. In such a case you may end up back out buying yourself a new mattress base at the cost of an entire foundation.
  2. A second reason to consider a two piece split foundation vs. regular foundation is that there is more wood and or steel in the overall construction of the foundation.  This is one of the primary reason king size boxsprings nearly always come in a split design. The added strength from the extra steel and wood make them ideal for people who are heavy, slightly overweight, or just prefer high quality support under their mattress.
  3. 2 piece varieties are very light weight utilizing 2 smaller pieces making them easier to carry and maneuver through the cramped quarters of an apartment our house. Many times one person can handle them by themselves.

What Size Beds Offer Split Boxsprings

  • Split Full 27 X 75 Each Piece
  • Split Queen 30 X 80 Each Piece
  • Split King = 2 Twin extra longs measuring 38 X 80 Each Piece

What Is The Cost Of A Split Box Spring Versus A Regular Box Spring?

Remember these costs are just a little bit more at the time of your purchase.

Split Full size foundations or boxsprings usually cost $50.00 more than there one piece counterparts.

Split Queen box springs typically average an extra $50.00 due to the extra building materials and labor.

Split King or 2 Twin extra longs are the industry standard there is no addition cost.

Problems With Split Box Springs Vs. Regular Box Springs

Many believe that a hump or ridge develops in the center of the mattress from head to toe due to split foundation. They also believe that inevitably body impressions or depressions takes place on either side of the hump. Not true we actually dedicated an entire article on the subject HERE.

In summation we don’t believe the only time to buy a split box spring is if you cannot get it into the room.  Superior strength, extra solid support for the mattress and it sleeper, and yes tge added convenience of the split box spring vs. a regular one piece box spring for light weight easy mobility.