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Frames That Support Queen Split Box Spring

December 3, 2012
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Does Your Split Queen Box Spring Keep Falling Down?

Are there frames that support queen split box springs? Imagine that you move into your new home and your queen box spring foundation because a low overhang doesn’t fit up the staircase or perhaps fit around a tight turn. What are you going to do? Well, you’re researching for a new base for your mattress that will make it through that tight spot and buy it. You assemble the bed and supporting metal frame and put down the box spring only to find that the ends of the divided boxspring are unsupported and fall through the frame. What can a person do?

Does someone make supports that will span the width at both ends and do I need some kind of special frame to get the job done? SO… Are there frames that support queen split box springs?

Adding Cross Support Bars That Can Hold Queen Split Mattress Base

A common problem seems to be if you fix one then the other one slips off or out of position. You can stop it from constantly slipping off the frame, and falling through. Perhaps your teeter-totters /seesaws?  Prevent them from slipping off by supporting the entire bottom side of both halves of the box spring. You can do this by purchasing extra steel center supports and positioning them at each end of the mattress and spanning the width between the side rails or buying a complete bed frame that can do the same thing.

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Beds With Metal Side Rails

Some manufacturers will not guarantee using their center supports with another brand of the frame. Most center supports like WSilver’s FCS001 support of which clip onto the L or bottom lip of angle iron/metal side frames.

Beds With Wood Headboard, Footboard, And Wood Side Rails

Beds with headboards and footboards from wood commonly have wooden sides for their standard support. When using 2-piece queen box spring foundations slipping through can again be problematic and to keep them from falling through this type of bed consider adding something like Glideaway’s GS-3 XS Center Support system or their BB 8Q or BB8-18Q Center supports. Replacing Frame to Support Split Queen Boxsprings and Foundations

Complete Replacement Frames To Support Queen Split Bases

Hook, slot, and pin wood headboard and footboard cannot be used with just any frame. Special frames with double-down hooks designed to fit into vertical slots of the bed’s head and foot end. Entire replacement frames are made like the 63CS have 3 crosses support bars to support the ends of two-piece box spring foundations. There is also 1 bar across the middle that meets the terms of mattress company warranties. The heavy-duty crossbars are supported by a total of nine legs and cannot only hold a queen-size mattress set but something as heavy as a queen soft-sided waterbed.

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