Bed Frame For Heavy People

Bed Frame For Heavy People

Standard frames are traditionally built for an adult couple of average body weight and size. At STL Beds a special request Bed Frame For Heavy People is not a special order and is in stock.

My Bed Frames Break Under my Weight Load – Is There a Solution?

One of our most common requests is for a heavy-duty bed frame to support large people. These support systems require additional support and strength not found with the standard bed frames on rug rollers. Although they’re mobile and convenient, these budget built frames just do not make the grade for larger people. In our last 26 years of businesBed Frame For Heavy Peoples we have found that soft side waterbed frames fit the bill perfectly. Their stronger beefed up structures are tough enough to support a waterbed which can and does exceed  and support well over 2 thousand pounds. The King K43 WB Frame and Queen Q33 WB Frames  can easily handle the task of a regular mattress and box spring even if having to support an obeses couple.

Will a Waterbed Frame Work Under a Regular Mattress and Boxspring?

Our heavy duty steel & waterbed frames can have up to 12 legs instead of 4 to 6, which are the norm on regular bed frames. Additionally steel waterbed frames are often made heavier gauge steel for added strength. Another nice feature about these over built frames, is that they can also be used just in regular bed applications in place of a conventional frame when using and ordinary mattress and boxspring. A person can use it with most any headboard or headboard and footboard combination. They are easy and quick to assemble, however most are not adjustable for added strength. Assembly is typically a bolt together style with strong nuts, bolts, and lock washers.

One of the biggest advantages to the beefed up frame is the flat padded feet which distribute weight better instead of rollers, which can break, split, or roll out of position. Frames that won’t roll out of position are frequent requests for people with special needs and the elderly. Waterbed frames are significantly more stable, allowing people in wheel chairs or crutches easier access to their bed. In 26 years we have not seen a waterbed frame collapse.

Most major manufactures such as Leggett, Platt and Glideaway make complete lines of waterbed frames which can be used free standing, metal headboards, and even wood headboards. Waterbed frames can also be used with any type of mattress including airbeds, latex, memory foam and spring. They usually assemble with screws instead of key slots and pins, which can slip apart collapsing the bed. Waterbed frames usually cost a mere 15 to 20 percent more than a conventional a frame, which makes them a real value when all their benefits are considered.

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