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11 Important Questions Answered About The Split Box Spring

July 21, 2022
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A lot of people have been asking us about the Split Box Spring. One of the main questions that we don’t answer here though is where can someone purchase one? You can purchase a Split Box Spring solution here.

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Split Box Spring Questions Answered

1. Is There Such A Thing As A Split Box Spring Or A Split Foundation?

Yes, mattress manufacturers make split boxsprings and split foundations.

2. Where Can You Find A Split Boxspring?

Virtually any mattress store has the availability to or can order the two-piece box spring.

3. Do Mattress Retailers Stock Split Box Springs?

Most mattress retailers will need to order one of these for you. They can take anywhere from a couple of days to a couple of weeks to special order.

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4. What Are The Measurements Of A Split Boxspring?

Each half of the split boxspring or split foundation should measure 30 x 80 for a total width of 60 inches and a total length of 80 inches.

5. Can You Cut A Boxspring In Half?

Yes, it’s your boxspring, so you can do what you want with it. The problem is that you could ruin the support unit and would most definitely void any warranty you might have from the mattress company, not only on the boxspring but the matching mattress.

6. Why Do Mattress Manufacturers Make Split Box Springs And Split Mattress Foundations?

Split box springs are specially made in two pieces to fit through low clearance stairways, and staircases, and to go around tight turns that a normal one-piece box spring could not fit through.

7. How Strong Are Split Box Springs Compared To One-Piece Box Springs?

The truth is that the split box spring will actually be a little stronger due to the extra wood and steel that is needed to build each piece. Other than the previously mentioned overall it is safe to say that there should be very little difference when comparing a one-piece boxspring vs. a two-piece box spring.

8. Do Split Box Springs And Foundations Come In Low Profile?

Yes, they do. We recommend contacting the dealer for the specific height of the low-profile split boxspring because this measurement can vary from brand to brand and dealer to dealer.

9. What Is The Cost Of A Split Box Spring?

This can vary between mattress retailers, but it is generally safe to say that $50.00 to $200.00 additional to the cost of a traditional 1-piece boxspring is reasonable. This can vary widely due to varied construction between brands.

10. Can I Use A Bed Skirt Or Dust Ruffle On My Split Box Spring?

Absolutely nothing has changed in width and length dimensions therefore you can continue to use your existing bedding.

11. Do I Need A Special Supporting Steel Bed Frame Or Wood Frame For A Split Box Spring Or Split Foundation?

Yes, you need to make sure that not only the ends of the boxspring are properly supported but the middle is supported as well. This will keep the two halves from falling to the floor.

How Do You Dispose Of An Old Box Spring

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Split Box Spring Vs. Regular Box Spring

Which Is Better? A Split Box Spring Or A Regular Box Spring?

The purchase of a box spring is something most people overlook. Today we are going to rundown these two different mattress support systems, but the fact is, even in the mattress business this is boring stuff so bear with us. A boxspring is boring. It just sits there like a foundation its other commonly called name and does 2 important jobs. Job one is to be a support system for the mattress. The second task is to elevate the mattress to a comfy height while simultaneously keeping it from falling through the steel bed frame. So what’s the big deal about Split Box Spring vs Regular Box Spring? Is there a difference? Actually, there is and there are a few things you will definitely want to consider before you buy one.

Purchasing A New Mattress Set Or Perhaps Just A Box Spring Only

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 Which Base Should You Buy?

  1. You need to consider where you will be putting this mattress set. If you plan to place it in your current home and you have a one-piece then of course the best route may be to stay with a one-piece mattress foundation. You may want to consider your future homes. For those of you who move frequently or know the mattress set may have to go upstairs or downstairs, you may want to give some extra thought to the 2 pieces split variety. It is important to remember that tight turns, stairways, and low overhangs over stairs often create real problems when moving and they may not allow access in solid one-piece configurations. In such a case you may end up back out buying yourself a new mattress base at the cost of an entire foundation.
  2. A second reason to consider a two-piece split foundation vs. a regular foundation is that there is more wood and or steel in the overall construction of the foundation.  This is one of the primary reasons king-size box springs nearly always come in a split design. The added strength from the extra steel and wood make them ideal for people who are heavy, slightly overweight or just prefer high-quality support under their mattress.
  3. 2 piece varieties are very lightweight utilizing 2 smaller pieces making them easier to carry and maneuver through the cramped quarters of an apartment in our house. Many times one person can handle them by themselves.

What Size Beds Offer Split BoxSprings

  • Split Full 27 X 75 Each Piece
  • Split Queen 30 X 80 Each Piece
  • Split King = 2 Twin extra longs measuring 38 X 80 Each Piece

What Is The Cost Of A Split Box Spring Versus A Regular Box Spring?

  • Remember these costs are just a little bit more at the time of your purchase.
  • Split Full-size foundations or box springs usually cost $50.00 more than their one-piece counterparts.
  • Split Queen box springs typically average an extra $50.00 due to the extra building materials and labor.
  • Split King or 2 Twin extra longs are the industry standard there is no additional cost.

Problems With Split Box Springs Vs. Regular Box Springs

Many believe that a hump or ridge develops in the center of the mattress from head to toe due to a split foundation. They also believe that inevitably body impressions or depressions take place on either side of the hump. Not true we actually dedicated an entire article on the subject HERE.

In summation, we don’t believe the only time to buy a split boxspring is if you cannot get it into the room.  Superior strength, extra solid support for the mattress, and it a sleeper, and yes the added convenience of the split boxspring vs. a regular one-piece box spring for lightweight easy mobility.

Tell us any creative solutions you might have, that could be substituted in place of a Split Box Spring. We want to know what you are doing to get a good night’s sleep.

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People Also Ask FAQs About A Split Box Spring And Foundations In General

  • What Is The Point Of A Split Box Spring?

Split box springs are just what they sound like box springs with two halves. They’re made in two sections that, when put together, account for the full size of your mattress. The two halves make a split box spring easier to transport. This is especially helpful if you have a queen- or king-sized bed.

  • Does A Split BoxSpring Need A Special Frame?

Split box springs are built from two separate pieces and are designed to provide support for full, queen, or king-size mattresses. It’s important to know that split box springs require the use of a platform base or bed frame to ensure the pieces don’t move or separate.

  • Can You Get A Two-Piece Queen Box Spring?

They typically come in two separate sections that easily can be pushed or fused together. It’s often, and almost always, with larger bed sizes; a split queen or king split. The make of a split model is the exact same make you’d see in a traditional one-piece, this is just an easier way to connect the box itself.

  • Can You Put A Mattress On A Frame Without A Box Spring?

When a Box Spring Isn’t Necessary. Despite the benefits, sometimes using a box spring isn’t worth it. Many bed frames today are designed to go without them and already provide needed support. Whether you choose to use one is up to you, but keep in mind what type of mattress or bed frame you should use in its place.

  • Can You Use 2 Mattresses Instead Of A Box Spring?

If you think that stacking one mattress on top of another will provide a sturdy base, it won’t. You’d be better putting the mattress on the floor than one on top of the other. That would at least offer a solid foundation.

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