Extremely Heavy Duty Steel Bed Frame



Extremally Heavy Duty Steel Bed Frame Needed?

Our Extremally Heavy Duty Steel Bed Frame is superior to all other so-called “heavy duty frames.” What separates this frame from all others? It can hold a whole lot more than just an ordinary mattress and box spring. It can also support various mattresses like:


  • Memory foam
  • Gel foam
  • Latex rubber beds
  • Softsided Waterbeds

The 9-leg frame (7 legs in twin/twin xl) was originally designed for heavy-duty service like a softside waterbed the heaviest application you would ever need to support. Use it alone standing freestyle by itself or bolt it up to a headboard.

Price Includes:


All bed frames are not created equally, and our Extremely Heavy Duty Steel Bed Frame proves this to be more true than ever. We were asked by customers if anyone built a high-quality bed frame that they would never have to worry about again. Failure was their biggest concern and they simply didn’t want to deal with replacing a weak frame system.


This bed support system checks off all the boxes. Whether it is being used commercially in a bariatric facility, for a waterbed, or for someone that demands the best frame money can buy. This is the frame you’ve been trying to locate!


What Can The Extremely Heavy Duty Steel Bed Frame Be Used For?


The perfect steel bed frame support for your mattress set. Yes, It will work with any two-piece mattress set. The set must include one of three support surfaces to place your mattress. For example a mattress and high or low-profile box spring. It can also be used with a super low-profile platform or bunkie board.  Once you have placed your box spring, foundation, or platform on the frame you are now ready to utilize any kind of mattress made today. Just look at the variety of different mattress types this will work with.


  1. Natural Latex Rubber Mattresses.
  2. Memory & Gel Foam Beds.
  3. Mattresses & Boxsprings.
  4. Softside Waterbeds.
  5. Heavy Duty Frame for Heavier People.
  6. Airbeds and Number Beds.
  7. Hybrids.
  8. Foam.
  9. As long as it is a common mattress size and has a proper supporting “boxspring” you are set.

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Additional information

Weight 55 lbs
Dimensions 81 × 9 × 4 in

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Attaches To

Stands Alone, Headboard Only


Product Features

Detailed Construction For The Extremely Heavy Duty Steel Bed Frame

  • This heavy-duty frame is held together with nuts, bolts, and key-hole notches.
  • Angle Iron Side Rails- The STLF75001 has two extra long steel side rails.
  • Cross Support Bars: Location, head, middle, and foot end of the bed frame. They are bolted to the long side rails are bolted together with nuts and bolts.
  • 9 Total Feet- Each bar includes 3 steel legs and 3 feet per bar for a total of 9 legs. Twin and Twin Extra Long has 7 legs. (Not as shown)
  • Height 7 1/4
  • Length 77″
  • 20% more steel 1½ X 1½ Angle Iron steel for side rails and cross arms.
  • Stronger T-shaped leg interlocks above and below the side rail for maximum strength.
  • Wide Bed Glides- Helps to distribute weight over the larger surface for better weight distribution and easier on your floors.
  • Quick Assembly: This Standard Bed Frame utilizes a plastic insert to assure an easy and quick assembly while providing secure support.
  • Fits More Headboards: Should you decide to attach this to a headboard, our oversized headboard brackets allow this frame to fit nearly all bolt-on style headboards.
  • Safety- The slide-over plastic end caps provide protection for the bedding and your legs when making the bed.

The Universal Frame Can Be Assembled To Fit 6 Different Bed Sizes Including


  1. Twin
  2. Twin Extra Long
  3. Full
  4. Queen
  5. King
  6. California King