Medicoil HD 1000 One Sided Mattress

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Why Buy Medicoil HD 1000 Over Brand Name Mattresses?

  • More Resistant to Body Impressions, Uncomfortably Deep Holes, and Unsightly Sags
  • HD Lasts Longer Than Brand Name Mattresses
  • Tough Tested to Support 350 LBS On Each Side (700 lbs. Combined)
  • Stronger Sides and Ends for Easy Entry and Exits
  • Saves Money: Why Buy & Replace New Mattresses That Don’t Wear Evenly?

The STL Beds Heavy Duty Mattress Guide



1-Sided Easy Care. Do Not Flip Over.

Medicoil HD 1000: One-Sided – Only Rotate From Head to Foot


Why These Mattresses Are Much More Than The Typical One-Size-Fits-All Beds

People of size are fed up with sub par mattresses built by an industry that doesn’t seem to care about their needs. Therapedic™ heard these cries for better built beds. They are now offering consumers the ability to own a better, stronger, more durable bedding option instead of cookie cutter mattresses that crumble and under perform.

They have designed a better bed for buyers that incorporates a much higher level of support, more stability, and overall extended durability. This is in direct response to an outcry from customers saying that their beds don’t hold up under the bigger, heavier sleeper. For those looking for the old school double-sided mattress, you can flip, choose our HD 1500. It is more resistant to body impressions that rob you of comfort and support.


The Only Mattress Built Like A Tank

You wouldn’t put a full-grown adult on a kid’s bike and expect it to hold up. While they might get away with a single ride on a child’s bike, everyday use would result in a broken kids bike. Big boys and girls need big boy and girl bikes… and mattresses to avoid premature failure. Introducing the heavy-duty mattress for Adults who are medically considered overweight or simply want a mattress set that will stand the test of time.


Better bikes have better frames, stronger wheels and tires, and a seat that will support more weight. Super duty mattresses also utilize heavier duty building materials in order to support 250, 300, 350 pounds or more. This kind of construct is a must and every HD Mattress and Foundation includes only the best parts and pieces to ensure long term comfort, support, and durability.


The Medicoil HD 1000 1-Sided mattress was initially made to fit this bill. Since their inception the builders and smart consumers  have recognized the increased value of a longer-lasting mattress that can not only support larger body types, but all body types.


Built to be more resistant to the common problems associated with most brand name mattresses: Quick breakdown, excessive abnormal wear, and deep body impressions.


This Medicoil HD mattress is the firmest mattress within the HD series.  Our Firmness Rating Puts this mattress at a 9 out of 10




3.3/5 (33 Reviews)

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Product Features

Firm Top:

(Hard Surface) Tightly Quilted. Hand-tufted


One Sided:

Easy Care with no flipping necessary


Mattress Thickness:




  • TheraTuft™
  • Stretch Knit with SurfaceFresh™


  • Safe FR
  • 1″ Superior High-Density Foam 1.8 Pound Density

Top Upholstery:

  • 1″ High Resilient Foam
  • 2″  2.5 Pound Density TheraFoam®
  • Firm Insulator Pad

Mattress Spring Unit: Our Toughest Performance System

368 12-1/2 gauge Double Off-Set coils Extend the Life of your Performance System

  • 1626 Twin Mattress- 253 12-1/2 gauge Double Off-Set Coils System 80 lbs. shipping weight.
  • 1626 Full Mattress- 368 12-1/2 gauge Double Off-Set Coils System 100 lbs. shipping weight.
  • 1626 Queen Mattress- 450 12-1/2 gauge Double Off-Set Coils System 110 lbs. shipping weight.
  • 1626 King Mattress- 575 12-1/2 gauge Double Off-Set Coils System 140 lbs. shipping weight.

Bottom Upholstery: Balanced Base Foam


Edge Support: TheraEdge™

Warranty: 25 Years (15/10)


Medicoil HD Heavy Duty Foundation

 Optional and available in 2 height choices:
  • Therability™ MC HD Foundation 9″ Tall
  • Therability™ MC HD Low Profile Foundation 4″ Tall



  •  King #1620 Foundation Shipping Weight with box: 130 lbs.
  • Queen #1620 Foundation Shipping Weight with box: 110 lbs.
  • Full #1620 Foundation Shipping Weight with box: 95 lbs.
  • Twin #1620 Foundation Shipping Weight with box: 80 lbs.



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