Medicoil HD 1000 Mattress

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No One Builds A Stronger Mattress For Less Money!

The Medicoil HD 1000 Mattress is more than the typical one-size-fits-all bed.

People of size have been complaining to our industry for years.

Finally, a manufacturer has listened. Thank you Therapedic™”.

They have designed a better bed for buyers that incorporates a much higher level of support, more stability, and overall extended durability. This is in direct response to all of those customers crying out that their beds don’t hold up under the bigger, heavier sleeper.

Don’t forget it’s made by one of the very best manufacturers in the bed building business.

OPTIONAL FOUNDATION: Reminder to select the Medicoil HD foundation that supports this mattress

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A Mattress Built Like A Tank

You wouldn’t put a full-grown adult on a kid’s bike and expect it to hold up, especially with everyday use, so why do manufacturers not offer an option for a heavy-duty mattress for people who are medically considered overweight?

The fact is that super heavier duty building materials are needed when a mattress set needs to support 250, 300, 350 pounds or more.

The Medicoil HD 1000 Mattress was initially made to fit this bill. Since its inception, however, smart consumers of all sizes have realized the value of a purposefully built and longer-lasting heavy-duty mattress and foundation (optional).

Now everyone can benefit from a bed that is specifically designed to be much more resistant to quick breakdown, excessive abnormal wear, and deep body impressions. As you research common problems with brand name mattresses and boxsprings, you will find that these are the most common problems.

Therapedic™ is here to offer interested consumers a better, stronger, more durable option.

The Medicoil HD 1000 is the firmest mattress in the Medicoil HD series. It is also offered as a 2-sided flippable mattress (Medicoil HD 1500).

Medicoil HD Heavy Duty Foundation- Optional

9″ Tall

Low Profile Foundation 4″ Tall

Pillow Top:

Not Available on this model. See our Medicoil 5000 Pillow Top



Stretch Knit with SurfaceFresh™


Safe FR

1″ Superior High Density Foam 1.8 Pound Density

Top Upholstery–

1″ High Resilient Foam

2″  2.5 Pound Density TheraFoam®

Firm Insulator Pad

Mattress Spring Unit: eXtended Life Performance System

Twin- 253 12-1/2 gauge Double Off-Set Coils System

Full- 368 12-1/2 gauge Double Off-Set Coils System

Queen- 450 12-1/2 gauge Double Off-Set Coils System

King- 575 12-1/2 gauge Double Off-Set Coils System

Bottom Upholstery: Balanced Base Foam

Edge Support: TheraEdge™

Foundation: Medicoil Heavy Duty  HD Foundation

Warranty: 25 Years (15/10)

Total Mattress Thickness-  Approx. 10.5″ for very bottom surface to the very top surface

Edge Support— Excellent Edge™

Foundation— eXtended Life Heavy Duty Foundation Choice of 2 heights

Warranty— 20 Years

Additional information

Weight 117 lbs


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