Medicoil HD1500 Two Sided Mattress

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Nothing Lasts Longer!

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The Medicoil HD 1500 two-sided Mattress from Therapedic® is not a one-size-fits-all bed.

If you are plus-sized, you probably already know that the industry just doesn’t seem to build mattresses that can handle the extra weight that is exerted on a mattress day in and day out over months or years.

The question is – Does anyone make a super heavy duty mattress that can hold me?

Yes, The Bedding Group, Licensee for Therapedic®, does!!

They have designed a bed for ALL buyers that incorporates a higher level of comfort, more support and stability, and overall unmatched durability. This product was built in direct response to all of those customers crying out that their beds don’t hold up under the bigger heavier sleeper. Contact us and learn what makes this bed so different, or see more details below.

OPTIONAL FOUNDATION: Reminder to select the heavy duty Therability™ HD MC Foundation to support your new mattress.
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Some Things Are Just Built To Last

Medicoil Hd1500 Two Sided Mattress

The Medicoil HD1500 2-Sided Mattress is very different from every other mattress being sold today. It can support anyone from the smallest frame to the biggest and does so with ease.

Unfortunately, all mattresses are not designed in this way and do not take in to account the weight of the person who will be sleeping on it. In fact, most mattresses are built to support folks who are of average size and weight.

Let’s be honest.  You wouldn’t put a full-grown adult on a child’s bike – they’ll break it. Mattresses are not different. A mattress designed for the small to average-sized person is not going to hold up under a sleeper that weighs in excess of 200-350 pounds.

The materials that make up your new heavy-duty double-sided mattress and the optional foundation are more durable, longer lasting, and up to this task. Your new bed is designed to be much more resistant to quick breakdown, excessive abnormal wear, and deep body impressions. These are the common problems associated with nearly every brand-name mattress and are especially problematic for people of size.

The Medicoil HD 1500 is the firmest mattress in the Medicoil HD series.

Special Features:


Fabric: Stretch Knit With Surface Fresh™


Safe FR

1″ Superior High Density Foam 1.8 pound density

Pillow Top: None

Top Upholstery:

2″ 2.5 pound density Therafoam®

Firm Insulator Pad

Mattress Spring Unit:

368 12-1/2 gauge Double Off-Set coils Extends the Life of your Performance System

Twin- 253 12-1/2 gauge Double Off-Set Coils System 80 lbs. shipping weight.

Full- 368 12-1/2 gauge Double Off-Set Coils System 100 lbs. shipping weight.

Queen- 450 12-1/2 gauge Double Off-Set Coils System 110 lbs. shipping weight.

King- 575 12-1/2 gauge Double Off-Set Coils System 140 lbs. shipping weight.

Edge Support: TheraEdge™

Warranty: 20 Years Limited

Total Mattress Thickness-  Approx. 12″ for very bottom surface to the very top surface


Optional: MC Medicoil Foundation Heavy Duty Foundation. Choice of 2 great heights!

Therability Foundation 9″ Tall

Low Profile Foundation 4″ Tall

King Foundation Shipping Weight with box: 130 lbs.

Queen Foundation Shipping Weight with box: 110 lbs.

Full Foundation Shipping Weight with box: 95 lbs.

Twin Foundation Shipping Weight with box: 80 lbs.

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