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Capital Bedding set out to build a budget-minded bed for the most affordable price and they did it. In fact, it even checks off the 4 most important boxes consumers demand.


  1. Price
  2. Value
  3. Durability
  4. Comfort

Ideal Use: Kids, Teens, Guest Room, or Limited By Fixed Income.


Introducing the Capital Select Two-Sided Mattress. It is unique because it is not only firm but, is also 2-sided. That’s right this is a firm double-sided mattress. In this price class, apples to apples, it is the longest lasting and most comfortable mattress you can buy for a few hundred dollars.


The Capital Select Two-Sided Mattress Firm is made in the USA in Verona Mississippi. Why buy a Chinese import bed in the box that was crushed to fit in a box and ship cheap by online conglomerates who all but own the online shopping world.

Price Includes:


  • Looking for a mattress to get your child through grade school and into high school?
  • Are you having no luck with cheap mattresses?
  • Needing a better quality mattress that has a little thinner profile that can be used on a bunk bed, daybed, or an under-bed trundle unit?

The Capital Select Flippable Mattress Firm is the answer to your question.

This mattress is 9 inches thick. Perfect for these applications. Be sure to check your thickness tolerances to be certain of the correct fit with a bunk bed, daybed, or an under-bed trundle unit?


All of these applications beg for the Capital Select Flippable Mattress Firm Mattress. It’s low profile, it’s strong, and best of all it’s comfortable and low cost. This affordable bed is perfect for teens, tweens, and smaller adults every day or in a spare bedroom set.


Capital Select Flippable Mattress Maintenance Is Easy!

All mattresses need proper care, but not all mattresses give you these care options. With regular care, like rotating and flipping it over, our flippable design can offer years of additional surface wear and will add many years of life to your bed. In fact, some people say it doubles life.


Compare life expectancy to our one-sided competitors. They only offer half the bed and perhaps half the life…

Keeping your mattresses vacuumed with an upholstery brush is a great idea. Use a waterproof mattress protector and clean your sheets regularly.


We all know what you get when you spend $150.00 on a mattress. Less steel, less foam, less durability, less comfort, less life. We get what we pay for… For just a few dollars more invest in what is important. You, your family, your guests. Keep your money right here in the states instead of cheap imports. We don’t crush and compromise your brand new mattresses into a box 1/7 its original size so we can ship it cheap.


Compare our building specifications to theirs. We challenge our guests to investigate why the Capital Select Two Side Mattress and optional foundation are the very best mattress set for such a meager price.


If this isn’t what you are looking for check out the Pillow Puff Two Sided Flip.

Additional information

Dimensions N/A

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No Foundation, Twin, Full, Queen, King


Product Features

Capital Select 2 Sided Mattress Specifications

  • 396 Open coil Bonnel innerspring unit.
  • Coil Spring Thickness 13 gauge.
  • Flippable / 2 sided / double side / flip mattress. What were trying to say is that this bed has 2 useable sleeping surfaces. Now that is a great value.
  • FR fiber on each side that meets federal safety standards.
  • Edge supports help transition in and out of bed with ease.
  • Cover flanged to prevent slipping of materials.
  • Luxury Quilted Pattern on both sides.
  • ¾” quilt cover on both sides.
  • 1” Comfort foam on both sides.
  • 1″ Soft comfort foam on both sides.
  • Deluxe continental wrapped foundation (optional).
  • 1-year limited manufacturer’s warranty.


Model Numbers, Sizes, & Measurements

  • 1625T Twin 38 Wide x 75 Long x 9” Thick Profile
  • 1625F Full 54 Wide x 75 Long x 9” Thick Profile
  • 1625Q Queen 60 Wide x 80 Long x 9” Thick Profile
  • 1625K King 76 Wide x 80 Long x 9” Thick Profile

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