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The T1 Hybrid Gel Foam Mattress Firm is a very different kind of memory foam mattress, in fact, we don’t like to call it a memory foam mattress at all. Our professional mattress-building pros consider this sleep system to be a hybrid, and so that is what we named it.


This unique HYBRID has a mixed bag of awesomeness that simply uses nice things. Awesome building components that are not only a good feeling, but also really good quality. Our Hybrid Gel Foam Mattress Firm doesn’t feel like the competition. Why? Because we use unique steel coils, a technologically advanced surface fabric, copper-infused gel foam, and a whole lot more.  All of this is supported by a solid natural wood foundation that is Amish made. Each part of this unique mattress is handpicked to work with the other for unmatched durability, support, and feel.


Price Includes:


This is the T1 Hybrid Gel Foam Mattress Story otherwise called or known as the Hybrid Gel Foam Mattress Firm. It’s what is NOT in our bed that makes the difference. Not built with the same ol’-same ol’ layer upon layer of ordinary foam and fabric on coil springs. Our out-of-this-world sensational feel is exactly what you would expect from the NASA-inspired pressure-relieving copper gel memory foam. What is the result? Far less tossing, Far less turning, and incredible comfort. Additionally, you will have peace of mind in knowing that your new mattress is built with superior building materials.


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The T1 Hybrid Gel Foam Mattress Story Continued


Our story is one of pride, and our craftsmen make our hybrid mattresses right here in the states. Built by The Bedding Group in Rock Island, Illinois each and every mattress is handcrafted from beginning to end with the satisfaction of knowing it was done right.  We believe you will agree that this is a very special kind of mattress because from concept to completion, the dreamy idea of a perfect hybrid mattress has been brought to life. Making this dreamy mattress concept come to life was the real challenge. Many of the Bedding Group’s competitors sell gel memory foam hybrid beds built for the masses with nothing more to offer than visual appeal that makes these beds cheap and profitable for them.  


TBG conceptualized a mattress that is very different. They used not only the most popular and luxurious building materials, but some of the most supportive, durable, and comfortable building components and melded them into the perfect mattress. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup figured this hybrid concept out years ago with a snappy slogan “Two great tastes that taste great together”. We agree there is NOTHING better than an RPC, but when it comes to the mix of mattress flavors we know you will agree that the T1 Hybrid Gel Foam Mattress Firm includes the best ingredients for the perfect hybrid mattress.


The Story Of The Perfect Bed


Pressure Relief

Technologically advanced for the displacement of pressure along the entire length of your body. This is done using multiple unique layers of foams like Copper Gel Memory Foam spelled out specifically in our Product Features tab.



Includes the conformance of a waterbed, but without the hassle, feel, or water problems.



Our Therawrap Active Edge Encased Coil System is the tried-and-true remedy for support needs. Nothing else compares. Each coil works independently of one other for a smarter mattress that supports your entire body. This unmatched coil spring design allows each and every coil to respond independently to fit your unique body weight, shape, and height.


Less Disturbance

There is a significant reduction of the joint movement & jostling found in ordinary innerspring coil mattresses.


Not linking coils together allows for the best reduction of unwelcomed mattress movement & motion disturbance.  This alone can significantly minimize the number of times a partner is awakened throughout the night.



We are looking out for you by using only CertiPUR-US® foams in this mattress.


Each and every layer of foam in this bed (memory foam, gel foam, polyurethane foam) meets CertiPUR-US® standards for content, emissions, and durability, and has been analyzed by independent, accredited testing laboratories.


Read and learn more about CertiPUR-US® by watching the videos below or visiting their website:


This certification pertains to memory foam, gel foam, and polyurethane foam only used inside this mattress.


Strength & Durability

10 Year warranty to back up this phenomenal mattress


Adjustable Base Friendly

Not all mattresses are strong enough to be sat on, bent,  and flexed day after day after day. Mattresses are NOT built like chairs. These specially built mattresses are up to the task.



No flip design. Rotate head to toe for more even wear and longer life. Vacuum occasionally to help remove dirt and dust. Recommended, waterproof mattress protectors like our ProTec Delight™ True Protection Mattress Pad.

Additional information

Dimensions N/A

Twin, TwinXL, Full, Queen, King, California King


High Profile, Low Profile, No Foundation



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Product Features



    • Cool-to-touch Soft Stretch Knit with Moisture Wicking Technology
  • Upholstery
    • 1″ Copper Gel Memory Foam which carries CertiPUR-US® Certification.
    • 1″ High-Performance Support Foam which carries CertiPUR-US® Certification.
  • System Support Unit
    • Therawrap Active Edge Encased Coil System
    • 789 Quantum Edge Individually Encased Coils
    • 536
    • 681
    • 789
    • 975
  • Edge Support
    • Steel Encased Coil Edge Included
  • Base
    • Support Base Foam
  • Foundation
    • Natural Wood Foundation or Adjustable Bed Base: Optional


Hybrid Heavy Duty Natural Wood Foundation (Available in two thicknesses) OPTIONAL
Made By The Amish.
9 Inch Standard Height Foundation.
5 Inch Low Profile.



10 Year Non-Prorated


  • Twin 38” Wide x 75” Long x 11” Thick
  • TXL Twin Extra Long 38” Wide x 75” Long x 11” Thick
  • Full 54” Wide x 75” Long x 11” Thick
  • Queen 60” Wide x 80” Long x 11” Thick
  • King 76” Wide x 80” Long x 11” Thick
  • California King 72″ Wide x 84″ Long x 11″ Thick


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