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What Kind of Foundation is Best for Hybrid Mattresses?

October 1, 2018
In the Bedroom

If you have been mattress shopping recently, you have seen the newer hybrid types that are the best of both worlds. The perfect foundation for this type of mattress is fully adjustable.

To truly get the most out of a hybrid mattress, it needs to be paired with the best foundation that gives you all the options you seek. Adjustable bases and foundations allow you to raise your head and your feet for the perfect position in bed.

What are Hybrid Mattresses Made From?

Hybrid mattresses are the latest and greatest options for getting quality of sleep. They include at least two materials in the construction but can include several others also. One of the items in the construction is the coil springs. They are like the really old style innerspring mattresses made of coils, but they’ve been reinvented. They are each wrapped in their own pocket of material and there are micro coils in the structure also. The micro-coils are smaller and spread between the larger coils to give you a refined level of precise pressure relief to the entire mattress. The advantage of the coil springs is that you still get the springiness in the bed that so many people love. The springs also give a hybrid mattress the traditional shape of a mattress and the spring coils are very supportive. The second layer is most often memory foam. Memory foam layers provide that feeling of an enveloping embrace as it contours to your body. A mattress of memory foam alone doesn’t have as good of support system as a hybrid mattress. Memory foam mattresses are also low profile and have straight lines, which are not common to hybrid mattresses. Hybrid mattresses are often less expensive than the lower end memory foam mattress and they perform much better than the budget memory foam counterparts.

Hybrid mattresses may also include several different types of specialty foams that are not found in a traditional inner spring mattress. Some of them include traditional memory foam, HD memory foam, individually pocketed innerspring coils, high resiliency base foam and heat dissipating high-density bamboo infused foam quilting. Other alternate types of foam that you may find in a hybrid mattress include gel foam and latex.

Why Choose a Power Adjustable Mattress Foundation?

A power adjustable mattress foundation is the ultimate in comfort when you combine a hybrid mattress with it. The best model on the market is an Ascend brand because it has many more features than the average adjustable bases. You can change the elevation of your bed to view your television better, it properly supports your hybrid mattress for longevity and it has an automatic tilting feature to alleviate acid reflux and to elevate your head as prescribed by heart doctors.

You can enjoy a full range of positions for the head and foot of your foundation to raise up and lower as well as the phenomenal elevate feature. The elevate feature has an extra powerful motor that can tilt the entire mattress up while you also can combine the head and foot lifting features in conjunction with it for the best performing power base you can possibly find. The elevate feature also works very well for side sleepers to lift their head at night and make the mattress conform to your exact specification. Many people discover the benefits of perfect positioning to get the best night’s sleep in their lives.

The power base is designed with a premium deck on deck design that is stylish with stone gray upholstery on the outer edges to match any decor you may have in your bedroom. The premium base is lightweight, but made with German designed angle iron and a steel tubular frame with recessed legs for style, comfort and durability. The motors are German engineered and have a motor noise displacement feature so that the motors are very quiet compared to the competitors.

Safety features incorporated into this design include pinch free zones when you raise the head or foot so that the folds in your mattress don’t pinch you as it moves. The power surge protection is also in this foundation so you won’t need to buy a separate one to plug it in to it. It also includes an emergency power down feature that activates in a power outage so your foundation’s electrical functions are protected at all times.

The sleep enhancement feature has many benefits. You can set a single vibration motor to pulse in your mid back section to soothe muscles and nerves in your back. You can instead use the total body vibration that soothes your entire body at once and it is shown to have medical purposes of increasing muscle strength, circulation and flexibility. These items can promote muscle recovery after any type of surgery or injury so you can get back on your feet quickly and stay stronger. The total body vibration can also ease you into a deep sleep by relaxing all of your muscles with pulses of energy. The vibration functions are also accompanied by white noise so that you don’t hear the pulses and you can drift off to dream as it allows you to fall asleep faster, drowns out other noises and helps you to stay asleep longer. Choose from low, medium, high or constant wave modes with four levels of intensity and three timer options to lull you to sleep quickly.

The foundation’s remote control has a backlight so you can see to use it even if you sleep in a totally dark bedroom. You can operate the remote control to raise your upper body from 1 to 65 degrees and the foot raises from 1 to 35 degrees while the mattress supports keep your hybrid mattress perfectly in place on the base. You can also elevate the base and return the foundation to the flat position with one touch of a button on the remote control. You have two pre-programmed positions of zero gravity to elevate your head and legs slightly for proper blood circulation, as the astronauts experience while in space or you can press the anti-snore program to raise your head and open your airway so you don’t snore and disturb your sleep at night–or your partner’s for that matter. You can also program in two of your favorite positions easily in the remote control’s memory to allow you to simply press one button to return to them.

These are all the many reasons why you should consider an Ascend adjustable foundation for your hybrid mattress. All the features work together to give you the absolute best sleep experience in your life and it offers great support to get more life out of your hybrid mattress.