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Bariatric Mattresses

What is a Bariatric Mattress?

The common thought is that bariatric mattresses are only for people who are bed ridden, obese, or overweight, this just isn’t true. If not exclusively used for medical purposes then what is a bariatric mattress? The truth is the word really covers and defines a wide variety of mattresses which are simply built to a higher set of standards .This is done by designing sleeping surfaces in a way that will stand the test of time and hold up under the most extreme conditions, daily use by very heavy and even obese individuals. Recently we defined bariatric in our bariatric bed frame article.

Bariatric surgery is a commonly used word in the medical industry for weight-loss surgery. Since the words inception the name bariatric seems to have stuck to a variety of services and products including bariatric beds, frames, and bariatric mattresses. The fact is these products while originally designed for medical purposes alternatively are ideal choices for those of average size and weight. Heavy plus size individuals are also very good candidates for bariatric bedding or those who just demand an all-around better quality mattress.

Can I buy a bariatric mattress in stores?

Yes and our hope is that people will take notice and research the typical brand name mattresses being produced today and take notice of the pattern developement of underperforming beds. One can only imagine the failure rate and problems reported by mattress owners that weigh in excess of 250, 300, or 400 pounds. It’s sad but today’s mattresses just don’t pass the daily use test increasing the need for bariatric mattresses to go main stream in retail stores.  Some mattress manufacturers are recognizing that nothing but poorer quality is being forced onto the public via mattress and furniture store and the companies that build them. Companies like comfort solutions have stepped up to plate by building and offering substitutions like the Extended Life Brand and others which are built with a higher criteria making them significantly stronger, longer lasting, and more resistant to body impressions.

How are Bariatric Mattresses Different From Other Beds?

It is important to define and understand the use of the mattress first and foremost before purchasing one. First most medical bariatric mattresses do not come with boxsprings or foundations. Super heavy duty bed frames or adjustable bed frames like hospital beds are the norm. Additionally mainstream sizes like queen and king are rarely  available or need to be special ordered. Twin extra long, full or standard extra-long are the common sizes making them less practical for couples.

Bariatric sized people are going to require mattresses built with special construction features that are not found in ordinary mattresses. Traditionally built mattresses cannot withstand the constant extreme weight exerted upon the sleep surface causing the coil springs and padding to fail prematurely, bed frames to collapse, and motors to fail on light duty adjustable position beds. Super heavy duty gauge springs are the heart of any bariatric mattresses. They start with adding more total steel making this feature the key for added strength. These super strong mattresses are not thick and over stuffed with low quality foam like store bought mattresses. Less foam means less settling of foam layers. In addition these layers are very dense to minimize compacting.

Some bariatric mattresses can suspend a bariatric patient on a cushion of air that can be either raised or lowered to shift pressure and weight to help reduce bed sores. Medically designed bariatric mattresses can make inspecting and turning bariatric patients easier even help maintain cleanliness to maintain dignity and health. For those needing a bariatric mattress without the above mentioned features and only require a stronger longer lasting product, a stripped down bariatric mattress may be a great substitute that eliminates the excessive cost related to medical versions of bariatric bedding.

If  you are tired of mattresses that don’t last, quickIy develop body impressions, and want an  alternative to mainstream mattresses there are other choices.  Look to mattress builders like Medicoil and their Extended Life Mattresses and Foundations available without a prescription in stores like STL Beds.