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doug belleville stl bedsFamily Owned Since 1986, STL Beds prides itself in having the most knowledgeable staff and most diverse selection of beds online. We offer a complete line of mattresses and box springs. Select from various levels of Soft, Medium, and Firm mattresses to support your back. Browse our Heavy Duty HD Mattresses from Medicoil or compare latex mattresses from Savvy Rest and Pure Latex Bliss.

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3 Cross Rails & 3 Adjustable Legs Center Support System

$119.00 $107.00

fs_prod1 (1)

Our Best-Selling center support system

The Glideaway GS-3 XS Universal Center Support fits the following sizes: Double/Full, Queen, King, or California King.
The ground-breaking design of the GS-3 XS Center Support system makes it very strong and is designed to retrofit and strengthen existing wood beds that include wooden side rails. The additional bracing is easy to install. The 3 cross support bars and 3 legs included adjust from bed heights as low as 6½ inches, up to 15½ inches tall. This measurement is taken from the bottom of boxspring to the floor. (Headboard and footboard not included and are shown for illustration purposes to demo how the 3 center support connects).
This product typically ships within 2-3 Business days.
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Steel Super Duty Heavyweight Bed FrameSteel Super Duty Heavyweight Bed Frame

Queen Steel Super Duty/Heavyweight Bed Frame – Q33


 What can this frame be used for?

  1. Memory & Gel Foam Mattresses
  2. Latex Beds
  3. Softside Waterbeds
  4. Mattresses & Boxsprings
  5. Split Queen Foundations / boxsprings
  6. Heavy Duty Frame Plus size People
  7. Someone who simply expects a superior strength bed frame

The Q33 Steel Waterbed Frame is a super heavy duty Queen size support system. STL Beds recommends this 9 leg frame for heavy duty service like a queen size softside waterbeds, memory & gel foam beds, and natural latex rubber mattresses. As and example of this incredible bed frame’s strength it can support a deep fill softside waterbed that is known to exceed over 900 pounds + the bed weight + the weight of an adult couple. Last but not least this frame is often used by people who are concerned about frame durability and people who surpass weight limits on regular bed frames. The Q33 WB Metal Waterbed frame can be used with a bed that has a bolt up headboard or no headboard at all. Read more important fit criteria about this bed frame below on this page.
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medicoil hd 1000 or 1500 cornermedicoil

Medicoil HD1500 Two Sided Mattress

From: $1,289.00

Nothing Lasts Longer!

fs_prod1 (1)

The Medicoil HD 1500 two-sided Mattress from Therapedic® is not a one-size-fits-all bed.

If you are plus-sized, you probably already know that the industry just doesn’t seem to build mattresses that can handle the extra weight that is exerted on a mattress day in and day out over months or years.

The question is – Does anyone make a super heavy duty mattress that can hold me?

Yes, The Bedding Group, Licensee for Therapedic®, does!!

They have designed a bed for ALL buyers that incorporates a higher level of comfort, more support and stability, and overall unmatched durability. This product was built in direct response to all of those customers crying out that their beds don’t hold up under the bigger heavier sleeper. Contact us and learn what makes this bed so different, or see more details below.

OPTIONAL FOUNDATION: Reminder to select the heavy duty Therability™ HD Foundation to support your new mattress.
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Versalegs Bed Frame Alternative

Versalegs Bed Frame Alternative


fs_prod1 (1)A Smart Solution To Your Current Bed Frame Problem

They are different. They are stylish.They strong.

Use them to replace your existing steel bed frame.

Sit them inside you current headboard and foot board with wood or metal side rails.

Free stand the mattress set with NO head or footboard

Use with a headboard only. NOTE: Headboard Mounting brackets required and are optional.

Bed stands come in 4 heights allowing you to have your bed sitting at the height you desire.


ProTec Delight™ True Protection Mattress Protector


Thin, Durable, and Defends Your Mattress!fs_prod1 (1)

Looking for mattress protection that isn’t hot and won’t interfere with the way your mattress feels? The ProTec Delight™ True Protection Mattress Pad checks off all of these boxes and many many more. The bathing cap skirting design keeps it on your bed even if it is 18 inches thick. Memory foam, latex, mattresses and box springs, no matter the kind of bed it will fit and is guaranteed protection that will steadfastly defend one your most expensive purchases, a mattress. Learn about all the benefits and features below.

Click here to view our complete mattress pad selection.

Quick Assemble Foundation Box Spring 8.25 Inch High Profile


Solid Wood and Ready to Assemble Foundation

fs_prod1 (1)

  • Heavy Duty Wood Foundation. Designed to support Latex Beds, Memory Foam and Gel,  Coil Spring, and Hybrid Mattresses.
  • The Slats are no more than 3” apart providing total mattress support and allowing for breathability.
  • Fashionably neutral gray cover. Zippered to encase the entire foundation for a sleek finished look.
  • Why buy an expensive Split Queen Boxspring? Ideal for tight stairways, hallways, or any spaces where a ridged one-piece box spring doesn’t fit.
  • Fast & Free Shipping. Estimated Assembly time approximately 15 Minutes.

Mattress Optional: 
Still Need the Mattress? Click Here

Organic Shredded Latex Pillow


Customizable Comfort

fs_prod1 (1)

You’ve never experienced a pillow like this before. How? It’s uniquely yours by customizing it to fit your needs. Your customizable Savvy Rest shredded latex pillow is deliberately overstuffed so you can remove any amount of soft, shredded natural latex (blended Dunlop and Talalay). Create your own height, firmness or softness for the perfect personal fit. Simply unzip the outer and then inner casings and take out any amount of natural filling you desire. This will allow the comfort you seek while  fully supporting your head and neck throughout the many enjoyable nights to come. Make it soft or firm and anything in between. It’s up to you.

Details about this pillow below on this page.

Monterrey Plush Double Sided Mattress

From: $885.00

Flipping Mattresses is Back!

It seems what’s old is what’s new again and here’s a great example, double sided mattresses you can flip over are back.fs_prod1 (1)

Therapedic’s Monterrey Plush Mattress is 2 sided so your mattress will last you longer. By flipping the mattress over and spinning it end to end on a regular basis you can promote better mattress wear. The result is fewer body impressions. Firm sturdy coils offer you unmatched core support while luxury comfort layers cradle you with comfort through out the night. A Best Seller!

Don’t for forget to choose the Innergy 2 Foundation below to complete your set.
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Pure Talalay Bliss

Talalay Active Plush or Firm Latex Mattress Topper


fs_prod1 (1)Why buy a mattress topper?

1. Perhaps your current bed too firm or a little too soft?
2. Maybe you want enhance the feel of your new bed to make it feel even better.
3. Possibly your old mattress has just seen better days and needs a little pick me up.

Three excellent reasons to choose either the plush or firm option in a 2″ or 3″ thickness. It’s your choice! Both of our Talalay Active Toppers come with the sleep cool feature for the best temperature throughout the night. Customize the feel with the highest quality support for your mattress without breaking the bank for a custom fit.  Experience uplifting buoyant support of talalay latex from Pure Talalay Bliss. Our Talalay Active Plush 19 ILD is the best seller. It lets your entire body rest down into the sleeping surface without the mushy feel. The Talalay Active Firm  32 ILD is the other option and is considerably firmer resting the sleeper more on top of the the sleeping surface rather than down into it. Both support you  from head to toe while giving you uplifting support found only in talalay latex

Learn more below

The Afton


Hand built in Virginia

No boxspring needed

Space Saver

Natural Wood- Including Maple framing and posts. Poplar bed slats (closely spaced to comply with all mattress warranties.

Your Choice of Unfinished or 4 zero-VOC finishes

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