Tips On How To Prevent & Fix Mattress Indentation Problems

How To Fix Mattress Indentation Problems

June 22, 2021
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Mattress indentations are normal effects that occur over time from everyday use. It’s not uncommon to see mattress indentations, because oftentimes, mattress materials become worn or older. Cheaper mattresses may not be created with high-quality materials, thus showing vulnerable points much sooner than the average mattress. Today we will talk about how to fix mattress indentation problems.

Having indentations in the mattress can cause sleep discomfort and other pains. Indentations might appear near the hip or shoulder areas – especially for those who sleep on their sides. Learn how to fix mattress indentation problems with STL Beds.

How To Fix Mattress Indentation Problems

Tips On How To Prevent & Fix Mattress Indentation Problems

There are many cost-effective ways to ensure longevity in your mattress and fix indentations that are starting to form. Each one of these suggestions on how to fix mattress indentations can be accomplished at relatively no cost.

  • Rotate Your MattressRotating your mattress or flipping it twice a year will help avoid specific areas from being worn down by constant use. Each time you flip it, turn the mattress so that you’re not always sleeping on the same sides.
  • Use A Mattress TopperMattress toppers are comfortable, thick sheets used to protect your mattress. A memory foam mattress topper can help by redistributing the weight over and around your mattress so that the pressure is not central to a single spot.
  • Use A Vacuum Cleaner To Move Mattress Filling Around – Mattress filling can get dispersed when you sleep in the same spots and positions year after year. Utilize a vacuum cleaner to help push the filling around the mattress- filling up the indentations with filling. It can also help to smooth over some parts that are sticking out. 
  • Place Pillows Under Your Mattress – Another great way solution on how to fix mattress indentation problems is to place pillows under your mattress. By placing them under the spots that are indented or dipping, you can prop the mattress up and make it more even.

It Might Just Be Time For A New Mattress

An indentation in your mattress isn’t extremely uncommon. We see it often and sometimes, no matter what you do, you might just need to purchase a new mattress. Here at STL Beds, we offer a variety of mattresses, bed rails, and other accessories. Learn more about sagging mattresses with our blog: Sagging Mattress.

If you want to avoid having to search: How to fix Mattress Indentation problems, then we suggest purchasing a high-quality mattress that will last you 4-5 years. Take care of it by rotating and flipping annually so that you do not wear it out. If you do, however, find yourself needing to understand how to fix mattress indentation problems, then call STL Beds located in St. Louis, MO and we’d be happy to help.

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