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Free shipping in 1-2 business days from STL Beds in St. Louis, MOThe W Silver Product’s  (WSP) F71002 Steel Bed Support is the perfect new or replacement rail system and fits 2 different bed sizes;  King and queen-size beds that have wood side rails that hook into a wooden headboard and hook in the footboard.


The F71002 metal bed frame includes 2 heavy-duty steel side rails, two hardened steel cross support bars, one beam running the bed’s length. Lastly, it includes 6 long-lasting legs that can easily support the weight of a mattress set, the bed, and the entire family when the little ones come looking for some support from mom and dad when a storm pops up. Legs adjust to fit more beds.


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Why would I need A Hook-On Frame With Headboard & Footboard Brackets Queen/King F71002 Rail System?


Reasons you might need a hook-on frame with headboard & footboard brackets rail system:


  • Do you have a Queen, Eastern King size mattress set and bed?
  • Perhaps you’ve lost or damaged your old wood side rails?
  • Maybe the sides have cracked – or even worse split and broke?

The hook-on frame with headboard & footboard brackets or F71002 in most cases can be used to replace your existing bedside frames, rails, and center support. The great thing is they are beefed up and loaded with extra middle support not found with ordinary railing systems. They are connected on each side this keeps the side railings from spreading, bending, or bowing.


Measurements And Fit Of The F71002 Hook In Bed Frame


W Silver’s rail system is a patented, slat-less hook rail bed frame and evenly distributes the boxspring for perfect bed support.  The rails hook into virtually any bed with a headboard and footboard. Be sure to test the hooks for proper fit by printing off our down hook template. W. Silver’s bed rails are built and shaped from 1 1/2 wide angle iron that is made from high carbon steel, This provides the support and strength required by every mattress-making company. The down hooks have flattened ends that allow just enough flex in the sides for a snug and safe fit.


The F71002 has an L shape design of angle iron for even support along the entire length of your boxspring making the need for wooden slats unnecessary unless your down hook slots are spaced more than 61″ apart. These replacement steel rails also have 2 additional needed cross arms that open up and span the bed’s width at the head and also at the foot end. When connected they will also be keeping the side rails from spreading.


There is also center support running head to toe down the middle for even more needed middle support. There is a total of 6 feet. The adjustable glide feet are threaded and can be positioned for the proper leveling to support a wide variety of box springs, mattresses, and beds with a sturdy solid hook in connection.


The rails measure approximately 83″ long leaving plenty of space to get your hands between the mattress at the headboard and footboard ends while making it.

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Important Notes:

  • Do not slide the bed when moving it can cause damage to the bed frame.
  • Queen Measurements over 61″ from left leg hook in the slot to right leg hook in slot may require the addition of wood slats. (Not included)
  • King Measurements over 76″ from left leg hook in the slot to right leg hook in slot may require the addition of wood slats. (Not included)
  • Will NOT work with sleigh-beds
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Weight 23 lbs
Dimensions 85 × 5 × 4 in
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Headboard & Footboard

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3 reviews for Hook-On Frame With Headboard & Footboard Brackets Queen/King – F71002

  1. Steve Polson (verified owner)

    This is a very high quality and beefy frame, and the claws fot both headboard and footboard, the only issue I found was that the headboard and footboards were not rigidly attached when done and would wobble a bit. However, I saw that there were two holes in the face of the frame that I was able to use to firmly attached the headboard and footboard to the frame that produced a very rigid attachment. Just required getting the right size panhead screws and drilling the wood to the correct size. I thought that this could be included in the instructions as a option, as I suspect others might not come up with the idea.

    by the way, I was impressed with how quickly the frame shipped and arrived (2 to 3 days after ordering), in time for me to put it together before our guest arrived.

  2. Douglas Belleville

    Hi Steve, We appreciate the review of this frame. Hopefully this can help others. We will definetly consider this on installs in our local area. People do need to remember with a frame like this that headboards and footboards are decorative and do not support the bed weight. Also because they attach approximately 7″ off the floor and their is often several feet of post extending up from the attachment point where it is bolted. Simply because of leverage there will be some flexibility. The taller the headboard the more movement, the shorter it is there will be less movement. Hope this helps. Thank you Doug

  3. Linda

    Legs bent, no support. Really disappointed. Why doesn’t someone make pyramid shaped solid supports? I WILL

  4. Douglas Belleville

    Linda, We offer some very stout supports that can hold waterbeds. If they can hold that they can hold about anything. Two things: They are NOT pyramid shaped and they are not solid. We use recycled high carbon railroad steel some of the hardest, strongest, steel available. We would be happy to assist you in fitting a support system to your current bed and solving whatever issues might be going on. Doug

  5. Deonte L.

    Bed frame came really fast. Was called to make sure my headboard and footboard fit. Was really easy to set instructions were on point ,one of the hooks was a little bent but I fixed it. Overall I’m happy with it so far.

  6. Douglas Belleville

    That is great news Deonte. Enjoy! Doug

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