LB 34 Low Profile Queen Bolt Up



LB 34 Low Profile Queen bed frame
allows you to lower the height of your Queen size mattress by 3 ½ while still bolting up to the original mounting holes in your headboard. It can also be a free standing or stand alone style bed frame. Easy to assemble: Insert the four feet, unfold the heavy duty angle iron ends and insert male rivet into female keyhole slot. Use the bolts, nuts, and washers that came with your current headboard. It is that easy. The best part is that is made right here in the USA!
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Made in America

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Why would I need a LB 34 Low Profile Queen Bolt Up Frame?


If you currently have a bedroom furniture set that matches but the mattress set just sits to tall, you will want to consider the LB34 bed frame. It is a low profile or sometimes called low boy frame assembly and is the perfect solution to lower any mattress and boxspring foundation.Perhaps your mattress is blocking out the appearance of your headboard? Maybe your feet are just a couple inches shy of touching the ground when you go to put on your shoes in the morning, whatever the height issue 3 1/2 inches is a big deal in a bedroom and this lower bed frame is the great fit for your problem.

Measurements and fit of the LB34 Low Profile Queen Bolt Up Frame Rail System


This frame has headboard only bolt on brackets that are fixed to the bed frame for solid anchoring of your bolt up style Queen size headboard. Frame sits approximately 4 inches off the ground when completely assembled. The LB34 is built using 1 1/2 angle iron not 1 1/4. A total of 1/2 more steel than many other frames. “No wonder their so strong”

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Additional information

Weight 29 lbs
Dimensions 74 × 9 × 4 in

Frame Height

Low Profile

Attaches To

Stands Alone, Headboard Only

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1 review for LB 34 Low Profile Queen Bolt Up

  1. Mark Cummings (verified owner)

    The LB 34 I received is great. A snap to put together and the quality of the steel is noticeable. A few suggestions and observations, if sliding the bed and frame, be sure to lift the center a bit. The center leg may tilt depending on the direction the frame is moved, a quick, small lift on either side should let the leg snap back to vertical. Please do this before putting body weight on the bed. I know shipping has it’s own issues, but the box does get a beating. I am glad it is strong steel. No problems, just an observation. Overall, a quality frame that will last me forever. Thank you.

  2. Douglas Belleville

    Mark, We appreciate that you took the time to share your experience. That steel is high carbon steel and in terms of durability is nearly bullet proof 😉 Yes, the legs must always be in a vertical position. This is so important and is a major reason for bed failures in general. People move / slide bed frames even an inch or two thinking it won’t hurt anything. Thank couldn’t be further from the truth. Always move the frame with not weigh on it or lift it up and set it back down and then reattach the bed. Lastly not many things last forever but I am pulling for your 😉 Take care Doug

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