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3 Cross Rails & 3 Adjustable Legs (Better)

$116.00 $100.00
4.88 out of 5

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Our Best-Selling center support system

The Glideaway GS-3 XS Universal Center Support fits the following sizes: Double/Full, Queen, King, or California King.
The ground-breaking design of the GS-3 XS Center Support system makes it very strong and is designed to retrofit and strengthen existing wood beds that include wooden side rails. The additional bracing is easy to install. The 3 cross support bars and 3 legs included adjust from bed heights as low as 6½ inches, up to 15½ inches tall. This measurement is taken from the bottom of boxspring to the floor. (Headboard and footboard not included and are shown for illustration purposes to demo how the 3 center support connects).
This product typically ships within 2-3 Business days.
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Heavy Duty Center Support Bars Queen/King (Best)


fs_prod1 (1)Glideaway’s BB 8-18K and the BB 8-18Q are universal center support bars. Originally built as Waterbed Center Support Bars they work for many different kinds of mattress sets and are the very best of the best when it comes to queen and king size middle bracing supports. STL Beds has been using these middle braces for the heaviest applications possible including larger heavy couples, queen and king softside waterbeds weighing up to 1100 pounds without anyone in the bed. Most people that buy this support system simply want the strongest middle supports available. Works best with beds that are of 8″ – 18″ tall measuring from the floor to the bottom of the boxspring. More details below.

Photo showing King Size from our showroom floor.
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8a-bedframeMounting plates for bolt-on frame

8A Bed Frame Mounting Plates

5.00 out of 5

fs_prod1 (1)8A Bed Frame Mounting Modification Plates
For adapting and attaching old full size headboards to queen size frames. You can also modifiy a queen size headboard to bolt up to a full size frame. Very easy to install. Only a screw driver and pliers are needed. Slots permit vertical and horizontal adjustments for perfect fit.

2 Modification Plates per package and includes nuts, bolts, and washers.
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Queen Steel Super Duty/Heavyweight Bed Frame – Q33


 What can this frame be used for?

  1. Memory & Gel Foam Mattresses
  2. Latex Beds
  3. Softside Waterbeds
  4. Mattresses & Boxsprings
  5. Split Queen Foundations / boxsprings
  6. Heavy Duty Frame Plus size People
  7. Someone who simply expects a superior strength bed frame

The Q33 Steel Waterbed Frame is a super heavy duty Queen size support system. STL Beds recommends this 9 leg frame for heavy duty service like a queen size softside waterbeds, memory & gel foam beds, and natural latex rubber mattresses. As and example of this incredible bed frame’s strength it can support a deep fill softside waterbed that is known to exceed over 900 pounds + the bed weight + the weight of an adult couple. Last but not least this frame is often used by people who are concerned about frame durability and people who surpass weight limits on regular bed frames. The Q33 WB Metal Waterbed frame can be used with a bed that has a bolt up headboard or no headboard at all. Read more important fit criteria about this bed frame below on this page.
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King Steel Super Duty Heavyweight Bed Frame

4.80 out of 5

No Headboard Required!

The model # K43 WB is a super heavy duty king size steel bed frame that can stand alone by itself or bolt up to a bed that has a head board only. What separates this frame from all others is that can hold a whole lot more than just a mattress and box spring. It can also support various mattresses like memory foam, gel foam, and even latex rubber beds. The 9 leg frame was originally designed for heavy duty service like a king size softside waterbed the heaviest application you would need this type of support for. To put it in perspective a deep fill king softside waterbed weighs approximately 1150 lbs. + the bed weight + the weight of an adult couple. So if you are concerned about usage by plus size people who surpass weight limits on regular bed frames you will be very impressed with the durability of this unit.. The K43 WB Metal Waterbed frame can be used with a bed that has a bolt up headboard or no headboard at all. To learn more about the fit specifications and more please scroll below.
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63CSWB Hook in Steel Super Duty Heavyweight Frame

4.91 out of 5

The 63CSWB Metal Super Duty Frame is the work horse of our hook frame support systems. STL Beds recommends this nine leg hook in type bed frame for the heaviest of services like softside waterbeds or an obese couple. The weight of a queen softsided waterbeds is about 900 pounds + weight of the bed+ the persons using it. If a bed frame is capable of all that, it is strong enough to support larger people who push the weight limits of ordinary regular bed frames. The 63CSWB Steel Waterbed frame is able to be connected beds with hook in slot type headboards and hook in footboards made of wood and will support you safely and stylishly.

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Full to Queen Bed Frame Converter – CV1L

4.67 out of 5

If you have a full size headboard and footboard that hooks in or bolts on to a headboard and you would like to increase your mattress size to a queen, this is the perfect frame. Glideaways CV1L Full-Queen Bed Frame Converter. No need to buy a new bed or bedroom furniture. This will help you increase your sleeping surface tremendously. Our converter rails are made right here in the USA!.
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NO.1 Twin | Full Hook Side Rails

5.00 out of 5

Bed rails are an essential part of every bed and mattress set. Glideaway’s NO.1 Twin | Full Hook Side Rails provide the fit and durability you demand for your twin or full size wood bed. This includeds the old style hook in headboard and hook in foot board with verticle slot connections. No more wood slats needed, just hook in the sides to the head and foot of the bed, replace your mattress set, and it’s time for bed. Oh and it’s made in the USA!

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Down Hooks

5.00 out of 5

fs_prod1 (1)Glideaway Down Hooks
are two ingenius modification brackets that allows you to convert hook in headboards / hook type headboards and foot boards to be used with a bolt up type bed frame. It does this using 2 sturdy steel modification plates that hook in and down over 2 standard pins in the vertical slots of your headboard. You will need to order a quantity of 2 for a total of 4 brackets when using your headboard and footboard.

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Queen Heavy Duty Bolt-Up Steel Super Duty/Waterbed Frame

5.00 out of 5

fs_prod1 (1)The BBQ33WB steel base frame is our strongest heavy duty queen size bed support system. This system works best when used with both a head and footboard that bolts up. If you do not have both the headboard and foot board our suggestion is to consider the same frame without foot board brackets found here. STL Beds recommends this 9 leg frame for heavy duty service to support mattresses made from latex, memory foam or even queen size softside waterbeds. One of its most popular applications if for people who are above average or plus size. The BBQ33 WB is much much more than just a metal frame, it can also be used with a bed that has a bolt up headboard and footboard for the look you want and the strong bed frame support you demand. Read more important Fit Criteria Below.
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