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Bed Frames In St Louis, MO

December 26, 2011
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STL Beds Is The Place To Buy Bed Frames In St Louis, MO

There are tons of places to find steel Bed Frames in St Louis MO but the place with the lowest prices is right here in St. Louis MO at STL Beds. You can order online here on our website and have it shipped directly to you by UPS. The other option is to pick it up in our local STL Beds store where we stock virtually every frame you can imagine. Please call us for in-store current specials on select frame support systems. 

While selection and price are important the most essential thing about buying a new bed frame is making sure that it fits so it does not have to be sent back or returned to the store and exchanged for the correct one. We carry hundreds of different steel bed frames to choose from and would be more than happy to share our knowledge. The knowledge will assure that your headboard or headboard and footboard connect properly and safely without damaging your bed.

Bed Frames in St Louis, MO

Types Of Bed Frames Carried By STL Beds

Visit one of these links or call us toll-free 1-888-785-2337 or locally at 636-296-8540 (We sell them all)

Frames that bolt to the headboard only

Frames that bolt to a headboard and footboard

Frames that hook up into a headboard only

Frames that hook up into headboard and footboard

Side hook rails only for Twin and Full and Twin Extra Long

Center supports for Full, Queen, and King size Frames

Steel Frames that bolt up for waterbeds

All Frame Parts and Accessories

What size bed frames do we sell?

Twin, Twin Extra Long, Single, Full, Double, Queen, King, California King, and many many other special sizes.

What Is A Bed Frame?

A bed frame can mean many things to different people some believe it is the whole bed but by industry definition, it is the supporting metal or steel framework that supports the box spring or foundation. This necessary support in turn then keeps the mattress from sagging prematurely. Bed frames can either stand-alone Hollywood style or connect to a decorative headboard or headboard and footboard.

No matter which you have you will find that most metal, iron, or brass style beds utilize a bolt-up connection to the frame while wood versions have vertical slots with horizontal pins inside the slot that hook side rails rest on and hook in to. Center support is a must for king or queen-size beds and either type of frame connection.

How Much Do Bed Frames Cost?

Frame cost varies depending on the amount of steel used to build a particular support system. As with most steel, it is sold by the pound. The more steel needed to build a frame the more it will cost. Models that stand alone or attach to headboards only usually cost the least starting around 30.00- 40.00. Models with headboard and footboard attachments use much more steel and typically start around 50.00- 60.00

Where To Buy Bed Frames in St. Louis

STL Beds has a local St. Louis area showroom located in Arnold just  5 minutes south of South County Shopping Center. Click this link for the exact location map and contact info. Click Link to See our Bed Frame Prices they are the lowest cheapest prices around we guarantee it. Don’t see what you are looking for?

Give us a call – we carry it. 1-888-785-2337 or locally 636-296-8540 (We sell them all)

STL Beds is the place to buy Bed Frames in St Louis MO.

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